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~~~~~~~~~~~~ t t t ~~~~~~~~~~~


   by Roger W Hancock

At Plymouth Rock the pilgrims land.

The first winter tough, over half had died.

New found friends of the Indians made,

the Wampanoags generosity provided aid.


Seeds were sown, harvest reaped by hand,

the tribe teaching ways to work the land.

Fish to richen earth, for the corn to grow,

cooperation proof for a great land to show.


Invite of the tribe to show them care,

who came with their own food to share.

Living together that first experiment,

shows it possible, gave encouragement.


Thanksgiving for the harvest filled,

thankfulness to God who multiplies.

Their gratitude for having survived,

thanks for friends and God’s supplies.


Holiday tradition now in America,

turkey, dressings, and all the trimmings.

Family, friends, employment all,

we give our thanks to God for life.


Roger W Hancock © 11-22-2001 


Pray for Me

   by Roger W Hancock

God knows the circumstances,
God is in control,
He knows our every need.  

We need not know the matter, 
but to hear thy brother's cry,
for heart-felt prayer to intercede.

Prayer to Him; for us did bleed,
the price was paid before the need,
up on the cross of shame.

For up upon that rugged tree,

for you and me, our failings,
shame to die, victory came.


Roger W Hancock © 1-27-2002 




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Hope from

           by Roger W Hancock


It is from within my God

that ableness to overcome;

any grief or trying time,

that makes this life so sublime.


The woefulness in hopelessness,

that one might in bondage be.

Can strangle the happiness

the victory for light to see.


Gloom of darkness in the soul,

a lie of one who would destroy.

He seeks your soul to control,

lies persuade your fear employ.


Darkness thick all hopelessness,

why is life worth living?

The pain so great in lifelessness,

what’s the use to go on living?


There can be victory, greater gain,

a Love to fill that soul within.

Turn to Christ who felt your pain,

who died for you to cleanse from sin.


Jesus Christ the Lamb sacrificed,

whipped and stripped, carried cross.

From broken heart he cried for you;

To cross the void, He will carry you through.   


I have been there so I do know,

I feel the wretchedness inside.

I’ve been given from God the Hope,

to know there’s more of Life inside.

Roger W Hancock © 2-02-2002 


Morning                     (Part One)

      by Roger W Hancock


Morning comes I live again,

a purpose waits for dawn.

Dark still lingers to submit

to sun’s light upon dew lawn.

Chance to start a new life,

this dawning of new day.

Troubles past solvency,

new thought shows the way.

Crispness, fresh morning air,

invigorates fresh optimism.

The darkness near gone of…

last day’s decay, of pessimism.


Roger W Hancock © 3-19-2002 

Morning                    (Part Two)

     by Roger W Hancock


Life anew, in righteousness,

Let your darkness die.

Allow light of morning Christ,

to rid your heart of Satan’s lies.

Do not follow your own heart,

lest your dark to lead astray.

Follow only the heart of God,

His Son died to show the way.

For the darkness of your sin,

Christ the Lord does morn.

First begin, confess your sin,

in Christ new life, reborn.


Roger W Hancock © 3-19-2002 


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Angels Angles

by Roger W Hancock


The day man’s towers fell, tears fell.

The day the angels cried, angels played the angles.

Some say, “Where was God?” they do not see.

Thousands more not there that day,

the day the tears on towers fell.

Many did not fly that day,

the planes were light with load.

Brave men on one flight were placed

to save our nation’s throne.

Angels may have cried that day,

elated joy for those now saved.

A second chance to live God’s ways.

Others, angels guide to ‘Judgment Day’,

 forever gain or eternal pain.

Ready or not their time had come,

Tears for those who’s gain is pain.

Greater joy for those saved in death to eternal life.

They are the ones, now in paradise.

Roger W Hancock © 9-21-2002 



Angels Are ...
                           by Roger W Hancock

Some say angels are the dearly departed,
but the dearly departed they guide to judgment.
Some say Angels are good demons,
rather, demons are bad angles with Lucifer fallen.
Angels are not beloved pet animals,
Angels, God's messengers protectors of creation.
Angels, servants of the master potter,
Serving God in serving those redeemed by the Son.

Roger W Hancock copyright 11-24-2002







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  Little White
            by Roger W Hancock

Small or large still stay the same,
Long or short, yet still a shame.
The blame you claim your aim,
Truth defamed, exposed in flame.

Little white, fiddle trite
Concealed light creates blight,
Slight deceit when recite,
Incites, invite… death indict.

Truth is truth, takes no sleuth,
Reveal fib’s fame, of uncouth youth.
Word of truth to cleanse the mouth,
Lies will die, against truth’s worth.

© Roger W Hancock 2-26-06


          by Roger W Hancock

A friend dies for a friend,
with out a second thought.

Mother tries to save the child,
instinct drives her actions.
Father dives to save the son,
Duty to protect the family.

Strangers die saving others,
The moral thing to do.

God had sent his son to die,
For the sake of righteousness.
Christ the Son stood instead,
Though Humanity betrayed.

God gave His Son, Himself,
The sacrifice of prime.

© Roger W Hancock 2-26-06


Three Love
       by Roger W Hancock

Love the Father
Life’s first author,
Who gave His Son,
Himself for us.
Spirit Truth,
Three in one.

Love the Son,
Author’s light,
With the Father,
Who is the Father,
Holy Spirit
All in one.

Love the Spirit,
Word’s first life,
Father’s truth,
Son’s delight.
Comforts this,
Created one.

© Roger W Hancock 2-26-06


Better Than Others?
                                         by Roger W Hancock

Pond scum of the local slum,
Unscrupulous lord of  serfs.
Oil, grease, decayed food,
Floating atop, a stagnant pool.
Narrow, darkly lit, alleys, lurk,
Scoundrels, rapists, murderers.

What makes me, much more than these?
Which sin more worthy, over others?
What man is better, than any of these?
When life belongs, to a greater other?

Unworthy within, blessings given,
Undeserved, the love received.
Yet within the heart of God,
Solace love within forgives.
This unworthy wretched slime,
Cleansed, by sacrifice of love.

© Roger W Hancock 2-26-06


      Beside Me
         by Roger W Hancock
Christ lives with us, every day,
In each and every way.
When I’m sad he comforts me,
His righteous words I see.
Depression lurks, shadow’s night
Dissipates in Son’s light.
Morning passing parent’s death,
Comfort in Spirit’s breath.
Stress of a work day’s service,
Calm, when on Him I rest.
Temptation within my sight,
Life’s plight subdued by might.
Prince of peace, walks every day,
Beside me, lest I stray.

© 09-02-06 Roger W Hancock


    Living Death
        by Roger W Hancock

Oh, the wench of wretchedness,
narcissistic life she lived.
Sitting at the open well,
Tears for her many mussy sins.

Through the drudge of selfish wants,
Lived her life without much thought,
Of Him who died that she might live,
In Him; living well of forgiving life.

The man so proud of accomplishments,
Does not cheat, lie, or steal.
Wretched pride undoes his deeds,
Unaware of his one lone, vile sin.

Stealth of sin within each life;
Devolves the soul away from God.
Obedience to Son sacrificed,
Cleans the stench of living death.

Please the Lord in righteousness,
Disobedience brings eternal wrath.
God forgives sin, fellowship within;
Spurn His life, death will be your gain.

No sin fine or course escapes,
Need for cleansing sacrifice.
Simplicity, evading death,
Yield ones life into God’s love.

©  10-14-06 Roger W Hancock,



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