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 Meditations on Creation
Poetry and thoughts of creation by Roger W Hancock

Design  of  the  Most  Intelligent
Origins Big Bang Wonders Earth
What is Life? Court's Ignorance Life Abounds Leap of Faith
Cosmic Concert Intelligent Teaching Masterpiece

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    Meditations on Creation

by Roger W Hancock

Without God creation fails to those without a faith.
Evolution is the god of the godless,
for the man without, who knows not God's word.
Without the alpha, explanations lack with words.

Depleted theory to behold of hypothesis dearly held.
Evolution is the god of his gospel,
for the man who seeks, recognizing not the course.
Origins to find, few distinguish varied courses.

Science with little fact a religion it becomes.
Evolution is the faith of lore,
to man's godless faith, believing in unproven thought.
Genesis alone, reveals God in all the thoughts.

The man who has no hope when he is lifeless,
has a void in spirit and soul.
He does not know and so he does not care,
of a God who knows him, of a living God who cares

by Roger W Hancock

Chaos of a blast?
Universe of order set,
wonders of the stars.

 by Roger W Hancock

Looking, viewing, wondering,
of all the stars, all the universes;
Man to find meaning,
plots the constellations.

Looking, searching, wondering,
all the suns, and planets be,
Man still looking to the stars,
surmise our origins.

Looking, studying, wondering,
all on earth and in the sky,
Man’s belief in a godless faith,
chose unproven thought.

by Roger W Hancock
Earth is set precise,
among the heavenly stars.
"Happenstance," they say.

More Creation Haiku

What Is Life?       ---------------------

What is life? That is the beginning of unanswered questions.  Man knows what will sustain life. Man knows how life procreates.  Man cannot answer the question, “What makes life?” Man has explored the minute matter of life in attempts to find the origin of life.  Though much information is discovered, learning what is necessary for life to exist, more questions arise.  As man studies the smallest, “simplest” components of life he finds much more complexity exponentially expanding the unknown.

Within that vast unknown of the minute building blocks of life are complex design programs that specify species, sex, race, breed, size, skin pigmentation, hair color and other genetic attributes and frailties.  The complexities of those programs have been compared to the complexities within the many infrastructure systems of New York City.  The systems within a city may have been designed by man, however, the principles they are based upon were not.     The  whole of  New York City was comprised of many various systems that  were  designed  and  built as a  need arose without much foresight of future needs.  As a result we have New York City as it is, not designed as a whole but evolving as man’s needs and wants developed.

Within the complexities of DNA is a vast program that man cannot duplicate.  The DNA program is so complex the likeliness of it evolving has the odds of infinite proportions.  Without DNA, man, animals, foul, and fish could not exist.  Just consider the odds that two different sexes would develop simultaneously to continue a species. Adding to that consider the odds that the life would have lived procreating until the event of two sexes.  Sounds pretty preposterous to me, yet that is what the evolutionist scientists want us to swallow. No evidence exists to support a happenstance existence yet the folly of the theories are taken as truth by our teachers, and courts to the exclusion of the only viable explanation; Intelligent Design.

Yes,  faith would be a factor in  the consideration  of Intelligent   Design,   just  as  it   takes  to  believe  in  a happenstance beginning of life or an evolutionary development that fails to account for the impossibilities of life leaping from one stage to the next.  The believability of our children’s fairy-tales comes to mind when I consider the fables I am expected to believe, created by the evolutionists. Some will say that my belief in an existence created by God is also a fairy-tale;  however God cannot be disproved, whereas  evolutionary  theory  often   disproves   itself.

As man’s discoveries show more and more design in life the increasing evidence points to Intelligent Design.  The denying of the evidence to exclude God,  as even a theory, lies in the corrupt nature of man.  To acknowledge the possibility of God is the beginning of knowing the corruptness within ones self.   Man’s nature, without God’s intervention, is anti-god and from there comes man’s agenda.

Life… summed up, is man’s struggle within himself to reconcile with God or embrace his own eternal  demise.

- Roger W Hancock © 2005 


Responding to an internet post about a court judge deciding that Intelligent Design is not science.

The Court’s Ignorance   ---------------------------------

In banning Intelligent Design the courts show their ignorance in law and science.
The U.S. Constitution is misquoted claiming "Separation of Church and State." The 1987 Supreme Court ruling banning the balance between creationism and evolution usurped the court's authority by evoking the nonexistent phrase.

Science began with the premise that all was created by God and that man had only to discover the principles God set in motion. Isaac Newton held the premise of God's providential role in nature. Science is built upon belief in God. Modern Science has built an agenda, attempting to dispel God as a consideration. Science without God has more questions requiring a far greater stretch of one's imagination.

Evolution as a theory is not a fact. If Intelligent Design cannot be taught in our schools because it is not "scientific fact" then the schools also cannot teach evolution, for evolution is not "scientific fact." Were evolution a fact there would be no discussion. Evolutionists hold to their religious beliefs of atheistic evolutionary theory. The court has upheld one religious belief to suppress another.

- Roger W Hancock © January 09, 2006


Life Abounds In Nature’s Sound
by Roger W Hancock

River flow past rocks and logs, 'round the bend it rushes by;
The water flows it doesn't stop, ever moving ceasing not.
Forking 'round rocks it roars, babbling in the still it soars;
Ever giving life to all, it's cries, its soothing hydrous call.
   Life abounds in nature's sound.

Trees some long and some so wide, branches reaching to the sky,
Swaying to and fro to stretch; providing shade and forest mulch.
Ruffling leaves softly float; snapping goes the twigs that broke;
Nutrition to the forest floor; the leaf and branch gives gentle roar.
   Life abounds in nature's sound.

Birds they flit into the sky, wings outstretched on wind they fly;
Darting here and dodging there; swiftly soaring through the air.
Flight long, wings do flutter; beak tuneful as they twitter;
Seeds, pollen, job of sowing; sweetly humming, chirping, cooing.
   Life abounds in nature's sound.

Deer and elk and other game, through woods they romp, run and play;
Trouncing free through dense meadow, the buck seeks pursuing doe.
Dashing through wooded brush, thinning thickets as they rush;
Nibbling, foliage pruning back; neighing, mooing through the flat.
   Life abounds in nature's sound.

Eco systems so complex, what power can withstand the flex?
Moons, planets, comets and stars, what contains to bind them there?
Electrons, protons, nucleus; God's power is marvelous.
Creation came by God's own work, to make it so He gave His word.
    God abounds in His own sound.

In response to comments found on a posting board on the Internet.

Evolution - "Leap of Faith"      ----------------------

Some say a theory is based upon repeated and proven phenomena. Evolution uses convenient examples to exclude others. Take just one instance, the Bomb Beetle...
The bomb beetle (see note below this paragraph) when threatened will turn to face away from the threat to pass a gas that is then ignited by a spark created by the rubbing of its hind legs. Evolution claims the evolving of nothing to the complex beings found on earth. What possible stages could be created through natural evolution that could result with the igniting of a gas? That result could only be achieved by a predetermined result, thus, intelligent design. The legs that create the spark had to be developed to enable the ignition, but since there was no need initially to make the spark, what would drive the natural selection to continue to develop to an unknowing end of spark ignition? Then there is the development of the explosive gas to be available at any moment of perceived threat. Two separate processes that had to ‘evolve’ without the benefit of the other.
--- Further research failed to corraborate the existence of the Bomb Beetle ---
The bombardier beetle has two chambers that create two chemicals that when combined produce a caustic chemical and will build enough pressure to be ejected onto the subject of a percieved threat. The two chambers produce hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone. When the beetle perceives a threat the two chemicals are pushed into a third chamber where a chemical reation occurs with other catalase agents making water and oxygen that oxides the hydroquinone into benzoquinone. The chemical reaction builds pressure and when sufficient the beetle will release it in a stream, spraying its enemy. Upon release the chemical volatiliazes creating a 'puff of smoke.'
Considering the complex sytems to produce the chemicals in proper sequence and quantity many of the steps could not have evolved without a predetermined objective (result).
Then there are the other many processes that allowed its life.
Some could still argue in stages of coincidence the existence of the bomb beetle, but that would take a “leap of faith”. If all life on earth had evolved through natural coincidental evolving of the complex systems to create all life on earth, then where are the failed examples of evolution? Without intelligence there should surely be some evidence of failure.

© February 05, 2006, November 7, 2010 -  Roger W Hancock,

          Intelligent Teaching
                         by Roger W Hancock

How can one justify, teaching fact without evidence?
Teaching fact without substantiating facts?
Without truth is not a premise false?
How can consideration of ad-hoc assumptions,
be purported as more than fancied theory?
Intelligence begat design of architect,
nature’s architect in infinite design.
Theories without founded basis,
questioning more with each discovery!
Fear man has, hoping no God,
places his faith, in another’s whimsy.
How can one justify exclusionary teaching?
Teaching without including all possibilities?
Teachers teaching with closed minds!
Minute architect, universal design,
beyond man’s mind, a greater intellect

© 2-10-07 Roger W Hancock,


Cosmic Concert
Music of the stars,
planets circle orbit dance,
masterpiece of God.

© December 1, 2008 Roger W Hancock


Not a canvas of modern art,
splatter, slash, paint tossed about.
Sky backdrop of night,
planet’s reflection and star’s projections.
No disrespect of orthodox,
no distortion by man’s perversions.
Purity in set movement,
earth revolves for all, vantage view of all.

© October 20, 2007 Roger W Hancock

The Missing Link ?
 The evolutionists have faith in their conjectured theories that a 'missing link' will be found to concisely prove evolution. However, there is not one link that will accomplish their fantasy. There are thousands, or more precisely millions of 'missing links'. Nature has not one example of evolutionary development from one species to the next. The examples displayed by the evolutionists are different species that have a million 'missing links' between them. Even in the fossil record there are no examples to conclusively prove their evolutionary theories. All fossils found that correlate to contemporary species are of the same species. The lies begin by taking a fossil of an extinct species or even an existing species to imagine or theorize a connection to another living species without the benefit of proof or specimen to suggest such a theory. The evolutionary scientist cannot rely on sound scientific proof, as none exists. They take an extinct or other species and imagine a link to an existing species to build their 'scientific theory'. Then that 'theory' is taught as fact in our schools and universities.
 One of the more evasive theories but obvious are the lies in the suggestion that birds came from reptiles. It is said that the scales became the feathers. There are neither similarities nor intermediate examples to prove or to even provide evidence to support the suggestion of such a theory. No evidence, yet it is taught to our children as though it is fact.
 Another lie told is that the Grand Canyon formed over millions of years. The sedimentary layers of the walls of the Grand Canyon are very distinct, proving a rather sudden event while disproving the formation over a million years that would have blended the layers to more obscure definitions between the layers.
 In disciplines where a look back through time allows a look beyond 10,000 years a global catastrophic event is suggested between 6,000 to 10,000 years back. Carbon Dating is inaccurate beyond 10,000 years as other evidences suggest the level of radiation within our environment had changed substantially after the global event. The levels of radiation prior are thought to be very minute compared to today’s levels yet Carbon Dating depends upon a consistent degradation of carbon without catastrophic changes. The "Global Event" theory is supported by the distinct definitions of the layers at the Grand Canyon and by the layers high up on the mountains that include oceanic fossils. Both suggest a global flood at between 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Those evidences often are conveniently ignored to promote the more 'politically correct' fallacies of an earth millions of years in development, with life evolving over millions of years.
 Evolution cannot be proved, but the lies will deceive some to believe that God does not exist; errantly believing that evolution is fact. Evolution of Man and Study of the Universe has too many holes and 'missing links' to believe it by any other method than that of faith. Many scientists have more faith in their 'religion of evolution' than do many believers of the Christian faith. In fact, the evidences of an intelligent design of the universe and creation of life would provide more evidence to believe in God with less faith than the great faith that is required to believe in the missing 'missing links'.

If evolution is true, where is the proof?

© November, 2010 -  Roger W Hancock,

Greater Faith without God

Evolutionary theory is only a theory supported by prior ad-hock theories. Evolution is not a fact with millions of missing links between alleged evidences. Evolutionary theory has zillions of missing links without one single proven link. Evolutionary theory holds, without supporting fact, that all evolved perfectly to allow life as we know it. Evolutionary theory discounts the possibility of God yet fails to account for the proven designed systems that allow life as we know it. Evolutionary theory holds to a godless happenstance of accidents that happen in perfect order with perfect precision. Evolutionary theory does not account for the fact that there are no examples of failure. Surely happenstance would not accidentally be perfect every time. To believe life exists through development of accidental happenstance without any failures takes a far greater faith to believe, than it does to believe God created it all.

© 01-01-2012 -  Roger W Hancock,



Haiku Poems
- Enjoy the art of haiku poems, poetry that originated in Japan.
Haiku poems of Creation - Creation, Intelligent Design, 'Evilution'.

Chart of Evolution  - Leakey's words melded with imagined charts.
Leakey's Chart of Evolution   - "... would look like a Question Mark."
Links of God's Designs --- Intelligent Design -- Creation -- Evolution?


Sources (Not complete)
D.J. Aneshansley and T. Eisner (1969) in Science Vol. 165: 61-63.


- Roger W Hancock,  The top poems and "What is Life"
were first compiled on a handout, August 4, 2005

© 2005,06,07,08, 09, 10, 12 Roger W Hancock


Liberty is maintained by Responsible Freedom.  -  Roger W Hancock


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