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     Prolife Poetry       

Supporting the Right to Live.

Life Defines Life - article You're Next Baby Killer’s Vote ~ ~ ~
Peace Not Choice Baby Waste Life or Not ~ ~ ~

Last updated January, 2016   -  Request to use Materials

Life Defines Life
By Roger W Hancock

Life does not begin at conception.  Life begins before conception. Without life there is no life. Life is transferred through the reproductive process from living parents to the offspring. There must be a live sperm from a live male that then must impregnate a live egg of a live female before a, so called 'new,' life can begin. Life is continuation of life. The individual is only the inhabitant of the reproduced life and cannot exist with out the requisite of living life. Remove any one step of life from the reproductive cycle and there is no life.

Pro-abortionist have duped the courts. The pro-death proponents came up with ad-hoc assumptions to concoct 'scientific sounding' definitions that would sound plausible to an ignorant court.

Whether you believe in God or not, life is dependent on life and to say life is not life for the sake of the abortion agenda, simply, are lies and deception.

Human Life is dependent upon the living transference of life, for it's very existence. The individual cannot exist without the life of the previous individuals. You would not be, you would not exist, without the life transference from your parents.

The individual cannot exist or become self-sufficient without the transference of life. Self-sufficiency does not define life, self-sufficiency is dependent upon life and the transference of life.

Life begets life. Life defines life. Life is dependent upon life. To purposely stop life at any developmental stage is to kill that life. Human life is not confined to any human individual. Life can only be defined by "life."

© 1-21-2016  Roger W Hancock -


You’re Next
by Roger W Hancock

Democrats care not for baby rights,
they will kill them in the womb,
kill a baby being born,
kill live babies, abortion botched;
intended killing of baby born.
Attempt to mask as women’s rights,
actually for a selfish convenience.
Whore oneself without the caring,
of responsibility or consequence.
Responsibility for one’s actions,
required for secure society.
Right’s infringed on another’s right;
next step… to kill our Granny!

© November 1, 2008

Baby Killer’s Vote
by Roger W Hancock,

Killing babies right from the womb,
while the head still in canal.
Jabbing scissors at base of skull,
vacuum brains before full birth.

Some will say it is for the mother,
though procedure endangers her.
C-section much more safer,
than to twist the baby backward.

So while the baby is being born,
meditated killings everywhere.
In the name of women’s rights,
we’ll kill the baby’s right to life.

Even when a baby lives,
survival of attempted killing,
placed alone in tortured pain,
in a cold dark room, alone to die.

Obama claims women’s rights,
to kill their newborn babies.
To put the mother in further danger,
in the name of women’s rights.

Obama voted against a law,
required comfort for a baby’s pain.
All to claim for women’s rights,
will allow abortion after birth.

© November 1, 2008


Without thought of Child,
Innocent of wrong doing,
Inconvenient babe.

   Peace Not Choice

Planned Parenthood had put out a
Christmas Card with "Choice On Earth."

    Peace Not Choice

                by Roger W Hancock


“Peace on Earth”

Is not politically correct,

These times in Christmas season.

“Choice on Earth”,

Really means a baby’s solemn death.

Demand our rights,

Deny their rights,

That our selfish wants be granted.

“Peace on Earth”

To all on earth will not, this day fit,

Today’s enlightened self-interest.

Should… liberalism still progress,

The “A Christmas Carol” will abort,

The cheerful Tiny Tim.

Peace on earth, good will to men,

For all with open ears to hear:

Responsibility is the key,

For peace on earth good will to men.

Roger W Hancock  © - Dec. 8, 2002


Life or Not

by Roger W Hancock

Abortion kills, you cannot deny.

Be it life or be it not, yet will die.

A fetus, a start of life, but is not a life?


Remove the embryo halt the pregnancy.

Terminate the fetus before infancy.

Then nonetheless you stop a life.


Inconvenienced, so kill the fetus.

It is not a life, so kill the fetus.

How can you kill, if it is not life?


With Mom’s love, a life to preserve.

Unwanted, not a life to observe.

A double standard is, to be or not a life.


An embryo lives, to abort it dies,

into a fetus an infant to recognize.

What value we give to this issue of life?


Abort the American holocaust,

an atrocity in this land so great.

The argument pales… compared to life.

Roger W Hancock  ©  6-18-2001  


 Baby Waste  

           by Roger W Hancock


A life conceived, a human be,

within the womb, but not a life?

Development proceeds, nine months to term,

then once born, develops more.


Unwanted life a fetus be,

termination, when one can’t see.

Selfishness proclaims false rights,

discard mistakes as though just waste.


Life when loved a baby be,

loving fully when one can see.

Selflessness proclaims no rights,

responsibility in love foretaste.


Convenience now, the guilt will come,

when little thought beyond oneself.

Ever shameful always thinking,

of the life that was snuffed out.


Joys abundant, Love abounds,

when love prevails and gives of self.

Never shameful always loving,

of the life from womb birthed out.


© 6-3-2001  Roger W Hancock


The 'right to choose' is the right of the woman to hire a contract killer to kill the baby inside her.
- John Hess


Prolife Poetry   -  Supporting the Right to Live.

 -  Life Defines Life  -
You're Next  - 
Baby Killer’s Vote  -  Peace Not Choice
Baby Waste  -  Life or Not

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