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Commitment comes from knowing Him.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~ t t t ~~~~~~~~~~~

                   by Roger W Hancock

Oh so wretched, so unworthy,
Within myself no hope be found.
Some power beyond myself,
Must surely set the cause.

To live then die no worthy purpose,
Within myself no hope of glory.
Beyond myself a higher power,
Must surely be divine.

The secret of existence,
Is not within myself.
I now know that God exists,
Within my heart to guide.

Copyright November 28, 2004, Roger W Hancock,


  Crimsoned Clover
                          by Roger W Hancock

Three leaves upon one stem,
Nature’s clover, three in one.
Few are chosen, few are called,
To join as forth, the three.
Four leaf clover, a rarity,
Trinity takes us, as fourth.
One of three, a sacrifice,
Enables us upon the tree.
Adopts us fourth,
At Calvary.

Copyright May 23, 2004 Roger W Hancock


Know Him

  by Roger W Hancock


Do you know the one true God?

Felt his presence when alone?

Feeling His forgiveness,

Son’s death that atoned.

Do you see the miracles,

or dismiss as coincidence?

Trials that may make crazy,

living life today,

in Him become so easy.

Knowing there is a purpose,

without the definition,

makes the trials bearable,

makes it all worth living.

Though I may not understand,

hindsight will reveal,

so here in faith in God I stand,

enjoy redemption seal.


Roger W Hancock  ©  9-29-2002   



  by Roger W Hancock


Be it small or be it large,

of our indiscretion… time will tell.

Size of sin, still sin to cleanse,

we may fail but Christ prevails.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  5-17-2001

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                                          by Roger W Hancock

Commit yourselves one to another,

not to your own selfish wants and desires.

Commit unto Him for he committed to you,

His life, your life a good trade to desire.


The sacrifice, the great commitment,

what little commitment from us to He.

He asks for life in exchange for life,

what little we give is pleasure to Him


To the mountains we go, missing Church.

To justify our time away from the fold,

we say God is there wherever we go.

But where is the commitment to Him, his church?


God is still there, but where’s the church?

The church is His people to whom we commit.

Where’s our commitment when at the mount?

Where is the family to whom we’re a part?

Roger W Hancock  - ©  5-17-2001

The Cleansing

                        by Roger W Hancock


Temptation leads to condemnation,

price of sin is death.


Crucifixion for redemption,

paid the price to give us life.


Confession of corruption,

required of repentance.


Restoration to salvation,

sins forgiven by sacrifice.


Consecration, sanctification,

wretchedness now cleansed.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  5-27-2001 

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First Thoughts   

  by Roger W Hancock

Temptation thoughts do come,

rebuke the thoughts and they are gone.

When you succumb to second thoughts,

they become your sin.


Sin are thoughts beyond the first,

dwell not upon the thoughts that come.

Do not act upon those thoughts,

that becomes your sin.


There is no sin when rejected,

that first thought that came.

Be not condemned by first thoughts,

the sin has not prevailed.


Temptation has no power,

over you who love the Lord.

Dwell upon the things of Him,

let sin condemn you not.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  5-27-2001


  Past, Present, Future

  by Roger W Hancock


The future is made from now,

the Present is from the past.

Results future, from what we do,

as past actions result in now.


Responsibility for what we did,

builds character in what we are.

Thoughtful actions of today,

builds reputations for tomorrow.


Truth as truth remains the same,

when now, tomorrow, becomes the past.

Actions made this time when past,

have repercussions into future lasts.


Sins of yesterday and future, can be erased,

by the sacrifice made long ago.

Past price paid cleans sin today,

to provide life’s future into eternity.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  5-27-2001

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Anguished Mind

  by Roger W Hancock


Sanity… a state of mind?

Insanity afflicts when without faith.

Though trials yield thoughts to bind,

pray victory over inner wraith.


When in anguished mental pain,

a step off ledge… to ease the mind?

Love’s presence to keep you sane,

when your thoughts on Christ in kind.


Darkness clouds the mind’s reason,

when depression, sense detract.

Contemplate with God’s own Son,

sanity… is kept intact.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  5-29-2001

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The Rest  

by Roger W Hancock

If we are in Christ and He in us,

and all our labors in Him, not us,

the Sabbath rest exists in us.


Rest in the Lord in all we do,

our labor in Him, to us be rest.

The Sabbath rest exists with Him.


God’s peace provides the rest,

if our struggle in Him not us.

The rest exists when He’s in us.


Wait not until one day each week,

for the Sabbath rest to seek.

Rest in Christ this day when weak.


Roger W Hancock  - ©  8-19-2001


Listen for  the Lesson

                                      by Roger W Hancock


Our lives have meaning,
when God directs the path of life.

He speaks to us in many ways,

from his word and daily living.


In every task however large or small,

we must listen with our minds on Him.

His voice be bold or softly spoken,

a lesson to learn in moments all.


Listen to the ageless friend,

who knows you from beginning to end.

All secrets known and answers be,

hear the voice that you may see.


Life is full, life is free,

trust the one who knows you well.

Life on earth is not the hell,

but lessons learned to be with He.

Roger W Hancock  -
©  8-28-2001

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                       by Roger W Hancock

Blame the Lord for your trials now?

We do not seek the truth when weak.

We do not trust when He does speak.

You know He has a purpose now.


Why on Him we put the blame,

selfish thoughts on us be lame.

In His time do answers come,

that perfect work in us become.


We must learn in Christ to trust,

He does not lie He is surely just.

In His sovereignty our lives,

death conquered that we survive.


The Lord is God, the Son who paid,

all He does is for our good.

For relationship with you, not fade,

trials be for strength in brotherhood.


Spiritual freedom paid with blood,

God’s son sacrificed, for us renew.

Price paid and sin be bound,

He paid the cost, his purpose for you.

Roger W Hancock  - ©  9-22-2001 



  by Roger W Hancock


I’m free, I’m free,

so free indeed.

Price paid in blood,

of the sacrifice,

to set me free.


My filth is cleansed,

now white as snow.

From blackened dirt,

now my soul is white;

pure as snow.


Freedom in bondage,

to the Son of God.

I now live for him,

not unto myself.

He has set me free.


My sin is cleansed.

a new creature to be.

The old to pass,

a new life to live;

Righteous life in Christ.


In obedience to Him,

and not my sin,

I now submit,

my life to Him.

I am not my own.


To show the world,

my commitment made.

Down under the surface,

to show the old me dead.

The old now drowned.


Up from the water,

a cleansing pose,

to show the world,

I’m its, no more…

I belong to God.


Roger W Hancock   ©  - 3-17-2002

Gift of Rhyme

  by Roger W Hancock


To me God gave a gift,

a talent of words to rhyme.

Talent to write a great surprise,

to me who could not write.


Some may say I had the skill,

Dormant lay ‘til now awake.

Little difference as to why,

I did not have ‘till now.


Whether given to me now,

or given years ago.

The ability is new to me,

a gift from God above.


Now the words come fluently,

responsibility be mine.

I must hear the words of God,

to put them into rhyme.


Roger W Hancock   ©  - 4-18-2002

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