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Jesus  People  Movement

Back to the LINK list.

History  -  Seattle / Pacific Northwest  -  Publications  -  In the News  -  Festivals  -  JP Studies

Ministries/Personalities  -  Music  -  Artists  -  Recordings  -  Videos  -  Commercial


Entries in bold designate a Site with a link back to the PoetPatriot
The PoetPatriot attends
Bible Chapel of Auburn                                                  Last Updated - December, 2008


Jesus People Movement Page               Christian Link Page               Link Pages Index

Jesus People History
To research all the history links is in itself a study of the Jesus People Movement
Some entries are on contemporary events with references to the Jesus People Movement.

A New Song in Eden - Indiana - One Jesus Freak's trek thru. time.
Berlin Jesus People Movement of the 70s
Berkeley Protests Generate Big Publicity
Canton Jesus People reunion - article, gets into the history
Children of God - The Inside Story - daughter of David Berg
Church People vs. Jesus People - 21st Century Hippie
History of the Jesus Movement - by David de Sabatino
The Jesus Movement - 21st Century Hippie
The Jesus Movement - Cephas Ministry / Library
The Jesus Movement - Our History, Our Roots - 1970
Jesus People - Anderson, Indiana
Jesus People  - Berlin 1970'S
Jesus People - Canton Ohio - Shepherds Inn
Jesus People  - Germany
Jesus People - Milwaukee 1971
Jesus People - San Francisco Bay -1972 - History
Jesus People Europe
Jesus People Movement
Jesus People Movement - Seattle, Auburn, WA - PoetPatriot
Jesus People? - - or Revolution
JP-USA - Chicago - Jesus People commune, began 1972
  JP-USA -
Commune's Iron Grip - Critical Article, Chicago Tribune
Life in the Children of God - the daughter of a cult leader
"One Way": Billy Graham, Jesus Generation... Youth Culture - Various Categories of History
Our History, Our Roots
PoetPatriot is a Jesus Freak
Remembering the Jesus Movement
Remembering Keith Green
Revival of Love - 1970 - Anderson, Indiana
A Shiloh Sister's Story

      See Also the Pacific Northwest - Publications - Music - Artists
                             and other categories below.

The Jesus People Movement - Seattle and the Pacific Northwest
To research all links is in itself is a study of the Jesus People Movement in the Pacific Northwest.

Abbot Loop Comm. Ch. - Alaska - under "Rapid growth"
Always Jesus People - Kodiak, AK, An Ongoing Revolution
Bob Birch - BC, Canada, 19th paragraph
Hollywood Free Paper - Seattle, half way down page
Children of God - The Inside Story - Seattle, Van, 34th parg
Children Of God - NationMaster
Children Of God - Wikipedia
History of the Jesus Movement - Seattle, 2d paragraph
History of the Jesus People USA - Seattle, 6th paragraph
Jesus Movement - Child of the Sixties - Portland, 11th paragraph
Jesus Movement - On the Streets - Spokane, 7th paragraph
Jesus Movement - Seattle, 6th paragraph
The Jesus Movement - Seattle, 7th paragraph
The Jesus People -Pacific NW - bottom, page, 4th paragraph
Jesus People Milwaukee - Meissner, 2nd paragraph
Jesus People Movement - Seattle, Auburn, WA - PoetPatriot
Jesus People Movement - Seattle, 5th paragraph
"Jesus People" Seattle - articles - requires subscribing
Life in the Children of God - Seattle, just above mid section
Police Files/ Spokane Experience - book excerpt -Googlebooks
The Promise Keepers -Google bks -Seattle, Pg21, 5th paragraph
Servant Story - Seattle, 3rd paragraph
Seattle Myth Exposed - PoetPatriot
TIME mag - Spokane, Voice of Elijah, 6th paragraph
Wilson McKinley  - below mid page.
Whose Children? - Time -Seattle, pg2of3 - 6th paragraph

PoetPatriot is STILL a Jesus Freak

Faith Home Page at

Jesus People Publications

Accounts differ on which group published the "Agape" Jesus People Army newspaper.
Agape - The Jesus People Movement - 7th paragraph
Agape - Were the Jesus People...    - 46th Paragraph
The Born (Again) Free Paper - Atchison Daily Globe
Cornerstone - now a magazine
Cornerstone- JPUSA - Milwaukee 10th paragraph
Cornerstone - Chicago Bands Now - 26th paragraph
Harmony Magazine - Cornerstone - 191st paragraph
(Harmony Magazine was not Jesus People but played a part.)
Harmony magazine covers
Hollywood Free Paper
Lampstand - JPUSA L-2 - 49th paragraph
One Way Berlin Jesus People - Berlin, Germany, 11th paragraph
Right On - A Different Sort Of Christian - 5th paragraph
South Bay Fish - Jim Eagleson - San Jose, CA, 6th paragraph
Street Level - JPUSA L-1 - Milwaukee 10th paragraph
Street Level - JP Milwaukee - 2nd paragraph
Truth - TIME mag - Spokane, 6th paragraph - click on "Jesus Tracks" in left Column - click on "Sign of the Times" in left Column
  Bumper Stickers - Posters - newspapers - buttons - cartoon

Jesus People Festivals / Concerts

Agape Festival 1979
The Beginnings Concert - The Jesus Music Reunion
Cornerstone Festival - History of the festival
Festival of the Son - 1973-75
Ichthus Festival - an original Jesus People festival
Kamperland festival 1978 - Netherlands? - Not English - click on "Jesus Festivals" at left.
Jesus Cheer at the Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood bowl on Easter Sunday
Road Home Celebration - 1975 - Colorado
Love Song Festival - Manila, Philippines
Creation '79
Explo '72 - Dallas, Tx - click on Explo '72 at left of main page.

Jesus People  in the News  & Other Sources
Some of the reports only make reference to the Jesus Movement or Jesus People (Freaks),
 a testimony to the effect the movement had on Christianity and American society.

"10,000 'JESUS PEOPLE'...Former Hippies...." - 1999
All Square with God - (a pastor's beginning) - Daily Record
Azusa Street Revival - CBN -mentionsJ esus People/Calvary Ch.
Back to the Garden -1990- Dallas Morning News (Children of God)
Billy Graham's roll in the Movement - 2002 - Christianity Today
Canton Jesus People reunion - 2008, article, has  history
Commune's Iron Grip - article, Chicago Tribune, 2001
CT Classic: Jesus' People - 2001 - Christianity Today
The First Jesus Freak - 2005 - OCWeekly
God, Ethics, & Journalism -ChicagoTimes
Greg Laurie - 2008 - Press Enterprise
Groovin with God... Jesus People still... - 2007 - The Gazette
He was only Visiting This Planet:... - 2008 - Harp Magazine
Jesus Christ Superstars--Creation '98... -1998 - Seattle Times
The Jesus Evolution  - TIME mag  - Sep.24, 1973 article
Jesus People Revolution...  - 2005 Assist News Service
Jesus People Revolution Returns... - 2007 - Assist News Svcs
Larry Norman Dies at Age 60 - 2008 - TransWorldNews
L.Norman,Christian Rock Legend, Dies -2008-ReligionNewsBlog
Looking back at Lonnie Frisbee and ... - 2008 -
Memories of the Jesus Movement -1993- Charisma Mag. -A Must
A New Beginning - Greg Laurie - 2008 - World Net Daily
The New Rebel Cry: Jesus is coming! - 1971 - TIME - 1 of 11 pgs
New Jesus Movement Sounds Off - 2008 - Montclair Times
No Longer so far out - 1989 - Chicago Sun Times
Phil Wickham - 2007-Upcast Mag. (Parents were in group Parable)
Rocking for Jesus - 2006 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Rebels With A Cross - 2006 -
... Reunion? They Never... left - 1999 - Los Angeles Times
A Second Coming of Jesus People  - 1999 - LA Times
Flocking Together - 1999 - Los Angeles Times
Revolution & Eschaton: Images of... - 2005 - Trinity Journal
The Two Sides of Jesus People JPUSA - 2008 -Chicago Radio
Whose Children? - TIME - Jan. 24, 1972 - Children of God cult
Whatever Happened ...  - 1995 - Christianity Today

--  Encyclopedia Articles - Book Reviews  --
Christian Retailing - book Material Christianity - pg 247
Concise Oxford Dictionary; Christian Church "Jesus Movement"
Concise Oxford Dictionary; World Religions "Jesus People"
Counter Cultural Christians - Hippies of Religious Right -Bk Rvw
The Early Church - Sean Dietrich
Jesus Freak - Wikipedia
Jesus Movement - Fact-Archive
Jesus Movement - (a great global overview) Kids Encycl.
Jesus Movement - NationMaster
Jesus Movement -
Jesus Movement -
Jesus Movement - Wikipedia
The Jesus People - a book review - (fills many gaps-must read)
Jesus People - Encyclopedia of Christianity, pg 28
Jesus People Mvmt: Annotated Bibliography -Book Review
JP:Historical Jesus;Beginnings Community - Book review
Walking with God, Day by Day -(China) -February 22 -Book Review

For more, 'Google' "JesusPeople" News, jump to page 51 to begin.
I've gone through the first 500 entries, skipping much of JPUSA,
Jesus People Army in Europe, Jesus People Church and references
to other contemporary organizations.

Jesus Movement Studies
Jesus People studied or included in a study.

Aquarians & Evangelicals - an evaluation of the counter-culture
Children of God  - Rick Ross Institute -
Heavenly Hootenanny -folk music/counterculture in Catholic Church
The Jesus People - A Different Sort of Christian - Essay
Jesus The Only Way to Heaven - an essay
Jesus People USA - Rick Ross Institute -

   Reply to Rick Ross - Site About JPUSA - refuting
Self-consciousness... study of New Religions - 2 mentions
Thoughts on "The Emerging Church"
Were Jesus People Pentecostals? - A Review of the Evidence
"What Would Jesus Do?" - Tied to the Jesus Movement

Jesus People Ministries / Personalities
Although contemporary, origins began in the Jesus Movement. Information on the movement can be found on the sites.

David Di Sabatino - authored books on the Jesus People
The Family - formerly the Children of God (a cult)
JPUSA - Chicago - Jesus People commune, began 1972
Glen Kaiser
Larry Norman - excerpts 1988
Last Days Ministries - founded by Keith & Melody Green
Lonnie Frisbee - and death...hippie preacher - Emmy Nomination
Lonnie Frisbee - an early figure of Calvary Chapel. - click on "Leaders" in left Column
Rick Ross Institute - study of cults
Vinyard Christian Fellowship - Saskatoon

Jesus People Music
About and where to find, the music, the artists and more.

The Beginnings Concert
Christian Music Archive
Chrisitian Music Memories - Jesus Movement
Chrisitian Music Memories
Feel the Power - 2003 - Willamete Week Online
Harmony Magazine - Cornerstone - 191st paragraph
Jesus Music - wikipedia
Jesus Music Oldies  - from the 60's, 70's & 80's
Jesus Music That We Dig - 21st Century Hippie
Jesus People Music - Andrae Crouch - 1970s - video
Joshua Records and Christian Oldies
Journey through history of Christian Music ...
Larry Norman - wikipedia
Love Song - Home Page
Love Song - Welcome Back -remake w/most original members.
Maranatha! Album Discography
Multiply - I found Andrae Crouch There
The Official Rez Band Situation! - What's Up...
One-Way Christian Music - at Ebay - click on "Where Are They Now" at left
People of the Highway - beginning of the band Servant
Petra Rocks my World!
Servant Story - the band
Sounds of Calvary Chapel  - during the Jesus Movement
Unsung heroes of Jesus Music
Where are they now?
Wilson McKinley  - below mid page.

Early Jesus People Artists (with influence before 1980)
Some hyperlinks are the Artist's website, others have information.
(* ) denotes the artists of which I have one or more albums. (by memory; the albums are in storage until I am able to copy to CD)
During the late 1970s you mentioned it and I had it; if not, Randy Adams, a friend of mine did. He had the Maranatha Lps.
There were few neither of us had. (Of those we had heard of; I've learned there were more, although lesser known.)

*2nd Chapter Of Acts
*Amplified Version
Sherman Andrus  - Imperials - Andrus, Blackwood & Co.
*Archers - See Steve or Tim.
Steve Archer  - Archers
Tim Archer  - Archers
*Bob Ayala
Brown Bannister   - Wiki
Bethlehem  - Look for them @ - click "Choose An Artist"
*Debbie Boone  - Boone Girls
*Boone Girls - I own "Glass Castle", side 1 stamped both sides of LP.
Pat Boone
*Scott Wesley Brown
*Brush Arbor
*Wendle Burton  - Look for him @
*Candle  - Look for them @  - click "Choose An Artist"
Gary Chapman
*Paul Clark
*Terry Clark
Tommy Coomes - Love Song
*Denny Correll  - Love Song - Manna - Solo
*Andre Crouch  - and the Disciples
*Children of the Day
*Bruce Cockburn
Daniel Amos  - a group
Bob Dylan
* E - (Where Greg Volz began) -  History @ JCU Music Dept.
*Farrell & Farrell
Fred Field -Love Song -Solo -& Friends -Look for
*John Fischer
Oden Fong  - Mustard Seed Faith - Solo
*Don Francisco 
Richie Furay
*Gentle Faith
*Chuck Girard  - Love Song
*Good News 
*Amy Grant
*Keith Green  - Last Days Ministries
*Janny Grine
* Pam Mark Hall
Mark Heard
*Annie Herring  - 2nd Chapter of Act
*Nancy Henigbaum  - Honeytree
*Bruce Hibbard
*Tom Howard
Isaac Air Freight
*Madeline Manning Jackson
*Mike Johnson  - Solo - Mathews, Taylor and Johnson
*Phil Keaggy  - Glass Harp - Solo
*Dana Key  - Degarmo & Key
Mylon LeFevre Ministries  - Broken Harp
*Liberation Suite
*Limpic and Rayburn
*Kerry Livgren  - Kansas - Solo
*Love Song
*Malcolm and Alwyn
*Darrell Mansfield  - Gentle Faith - Solo
Pam Mark-Hall
*Randy Mathews - Wiki
*Barry McGuire  - New Christy Minstrels - Solo
*Phil McHugh
*Lewis McVay
*David Meece
*Mustard Seed Faith
Eric Nelson - The Misfit
*Tom Netherton 
*Larry Norman  - People - Solo
*Nutshell - Wiki
Oak Ridge Boys - Gospel - Country Music
*Michael Omartian - Stormie Omartian
*Jamie Owens-Collins
  - Look  for them @ - click "Choose An Artist"
*Leon Patillo  - Santana - Solo
*Sandi Patty
*Gary S. Paxton
*Dan Peek
Billy Preston - Wiki
*Michele Pillar
*Resurrection Band  -  Article - Early Resurrection Band
*Rick Riso  - Messenger - Solo
The Renaissance  - Look  for them @
*Austin Roberts  - Solo - Look  @ - Sonlight Orchestra
Scott Roley -  Albrecht, Rolley & Moore
Kim Rose  - Look  @ - Sonlight Orchestra
Salvation Air Force - Wiki
*Sonlight Orchestra  - Look for them @
*Tim Sheppard
*Randy Stonehill 
*Noel Paul Stookey  - Peter, Paul and Mary & Solo
*Sweet Comfort Band
*Russ Taff  - Imperials
*John Michael Talbot  - Mason Proffit - Solo
*Terry Talbot  - Mason Proffit - Solo
*Pat Terry
*Bili Thedford
*BJ Thomas
Greg X. Volz  - Petra
Alwyn Wall  - Malcolm and Alwyn
*Mathew Ward  - 2nd Chapter of Act - Solo
Mike Warnke - Christian Comedian
Wayne Watson
The Way
*Fletch Wiley
*Marijohn Wilkin  - Wiki
*Kelly Willard
*Wilson McKinley
Christine Wyrtzen

Jesus Movement Recordings

Little Country Church - Love Song - 1972
Great Victory - The All Saved Freak Band - 1973
Easter Song - Second Chapter of Acts - 1974

Videos of/from the Jesus Movement

Andrae Crouch Videos - God†ube
     Soon and Very Soon - 1970s - Multiply
     To God Be the Glory - Andrae Crouch - God†ube
  - Through it All - Andrae Crouch  - God†ube
John Fischer
- - Save the World w/our Guitars - John Fischer - God†ube
Amy Grant Videos - YouTube
  Amy Grant Videos - God†ube
- - Amy Grant on health and a charity - YouTube
- - Amy Grant  - TV on Billy Graham Show - God†ube
     My Father's Eyes - Amy Grant - YouTube
     El Shaddai (Live) - Amy Grant - YouTube
Chuck Girard Videos -YouTube
  Chuck Girard Videos - God†ube
     A Love Song - Chuck Girard - YouTube
     Waves & Reflection 2 - Chuck Girard - God†ube
Honeytree Videos - YouTube
     Honeytree Pioneer (Rare, Can't be found anywhere) - YouTube
Keith Green Videos - God†ube
- - Keith Green - Documentary Clip - God†ube
- - Keith Green story 1of 7   2-7   3-7   4-7   5-7   6-7   7-7  - God†ube
     Born Again - Keith Green -unrealeased -  God†ube
     Grace by Which I'm  Saved - Keith Green - God†ube
     He'll Take Care of the Rest - Keith Green - God†ube
     I Can't Believe It - Keith Green - God†ube
     Oh Lord You're Beautiful  - Keith Green - God†ube
     You Put This Love In My Heart - Keith Green - God†ube
     Your Love Broke Through - Keith Green - God†ube
Janny Grein Videos  -YouTube
---Clips from Beginnings Concert - Janny Grein  - God†ube
     Stronger Than Before - Janny Grein  - YouTube
Phil Keaggy Videos  - YouTube
Phil Keaggy Videos - God†ube
- - Video Chat - Phil Keaggy  - God†ube
- - Interview w/ Phil Keaggy -World Renound Guitarist -YouTube
- - Tips From Phil Keaggy - You Tube -
     Above All things - Phil Keaggy - You Tube -
     Legacy - Phil Keaggy - You Tube -
Time - Phil Keaggy - God†ube
     Your Love Broke Through - in concert PKeaggy - God†ube
Darrell Mansfield Videos - God†ube
- - A Jesus Music Pioneer - Darrell Mansfield - God†ube
     Stand by Me - Darrell Mansfield - God†ube
Barry McGuire Videos - YouTube
Barry McGuire Videos - God†ube
- - Barry McGuire's Testimony - God†ube
     Cosmic Cowboy - Barry McGuire   - YouTube
Rich Mullins Videos - God†ube
Mustard Seed Faith
     Sail on Sailor - Mustard Seed Faith - God†ube
Larry Norman Videos -  YouTube
Larry Norman Videos - God†ube
     Great American Novel - L Norman - God†ube
     I Wish We'd All Been Ready? -L Norman  - YouTube
     Why Should Devil Have all Good Music - L N - God†ube
 -  Goodbye Farewell - - YouTube
Love Song - K.Kulhman-ChuckSmith intro -Welcome Back - God†ube
     Two Hands - Love Song - 1972 - YouTube
     Little country Church - Love Song - YouTube
Love Song - YouTube
Randy Stonehill Videos  - YouTube
     Keep Me Running - Randy Stonehill  - YouTube
John Michael Talbot Videos - God†ube
  - John Michael Talbot in concert
Matthew Ward Videos - YouTube
Matthew Ward Videos  - God†ube
- - Matthew Ward - A Jesus Music Pioneer -God†ube
Petra Videos - YouTube
Petra Videos -  God†ube
---Petra: A Tribute - 33 Years of Christian Rock - God†ube
     Coloring Song - Petra - YouTube
     First Love - Petra - God†ube - click on "Video Vault" at left column

Jesus People - Philippines - God†ube
Jesus People Medlly - God†ube
Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher - at Amazon
The Music Group "Jesus People" - Videos of the members.

Commercial - click on "One-Way Store" in left Column
Nifty Music - Find that old album here.
The Rock Revival  CD -Norman,Agape,Crouch...
Wilson McKinley Downloads

 To submit your site simply contact me @ - Remove "REMOVE".  
The addition of your link is at my discretion, providing a reciprocal link is preferred.

                                                  The PoetPatriot is Still a Jesus Freak

© 2008, Roger W Hancock, - all rights reserved.

History  -  Seattle / Pacific Northwest  -  Publications  -  In the News  -  Festivals

JP Studies  -  Ministries/Personalities  -  Music  -  Artists  -  Recordings  -  Videos


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