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Holy Purpose Beulah Land Judas’ Lament Arrival of a King
Scarlet Rose Yet He Loves Open  Arms Life’s Death
Two Beams Passion of the Lamb Crown of Glory The Gift
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Looking at the LOVE of GOD by the PoetPatriot


Principle of flight.

Into far horizon shrinks flock of flapping wings
flight principle of God's own breath.
Upon same Love my spirit soars.

© 9-10-2014 Roger W Hancock

Holy Purpose
by Roger W Hancock
What is our purpose? Need we ask?
To love, to hold… to cherish God.
Hearing God, who cannot be seen,
not too much, a difficult task.
Talk to him in prayer, in praise,
pray to Him in simple talk.

We see Him in the rustling leaves,
fluttering wings among the trees.

In all life are miracles
wonders of creation.
Newborn babe reaches out,
wonders of existence.
Babbling of a baby cooing,
sounding words heard by God.

We hear him in the rustling leaves,
fluttering wings among the trees.

In the quiet simple times,
we hear the voice of God.
Not to much, a difficult task,
cherish God, In all be seen.
Loving, holding, hearing seeing;
‘purpose be, His Holy being.

© September 30, 2008 Roger W Hancock



Beulah Land
    by Roger W Hancock

Our land a barren desert,
wasteland of selfish sin,
Lost alone among many,
no consolation within death.
Crossing swollen Jordon waters,
preparations by the Father.
Enter into Beulah land,
with the owner of all life.
Leaving bond of death behind,
arise into His light!

© 9-21-2008 Roger W Hancock

   Judas’ Lament
    by Roger W Hancock

My closest friend, a rebel leader,
I thought would be a king.
Over run the Roman King,
I thought would be his aim.
talked of love and world peace,
without oppressive slavery.
Simple man of high intelligence,
rivaled the synagogue priests.
Surely this would be the man,
to deliver Israel’s rule.
The words he spoke I barely heard,
action plan I thought be soon.

He began to speak of death,
of impossible things to come.
Disillusioned and depressed,
of this I’ll make the best.
Of the priest at the synagogue,
I offered up this man.
Simple plan, simple placement,
a kiss upon his cheek.

I did not hear his kingdom taught,
would be within my heart.
I did not try to understand,
Heaven would be his thrown.
Saw him on His way to Calvary
crucifixion tree he carried.
I think, begin to understand,
the burden that he spoke.
How unworthy, 30 pieces,
of silver, to understand.
Lamb to altar, for my sin,
our betrayal, caused his death.

© 03-01-08 Roger W Hancock


Arrival of a King
    by Roger W Hancock

King’s arrival, a grand entrance,
Elegance of gold trimmed lace,
Homage paid to heads of State.

A King arrives, so very soon,
Messiah’s arrival to deliver?

Elegance of humbleness,
arrival in low estate.
Humbled King arrives,
upon a donkey’s mount.

Deliverance delivered,
the King will die… victoriously.

© 2-24-08 Roger W Hancock

Scarlet Rose
    by Roger W Hancock

Scarlet Rose,
of a broken heart.
White rose purity
to restore our heart.
Scarlet stained,
by a bleeding heart.
White rose, sacrificed,
of the Father’s heart.
Scarlet Rose,
from a loving heart.

© 2-16-08 Roger W Hancock

Yet He Loves
    by Roger W Hancock

God who loves
Loves me yet.
Though I sin,
And yet repent.
So undeserved,
He loves me yet.
God yet…
        be for me,
Though I ,
        myself condemn,
Yet I repent,
Holy veil rent;
Son’s blood let,
God, loves me yet.
© December 11, 2006  Roger W Hancock



Open  Arms
                by Roger W Hancock

Open arms embrace,
Returned hearts, from a prodigal voyage.
Open arms embrace,
Though my wretchedness of sin be great.
Open arms embrace,
Insecurities, pride reversed to overcome.
Open arms embrace,
Lonely hearts, comforted by Spirit arms.
Open arms embrace.

Copyright May 23, 2004 Roger W Hancock


  Two Beams
         by Roger W Hancock

Two beams roughly hewn,
One shorter than the other,
Destined for a purpose.
Two beams roughly hewn,
Together fastened forms a tree,
A purpose designed.

Two beams roughly hewn,
Atop a hill erected,
Upon purposed foundation.

Two beams roughly hewn,
An altar for a sacrifice,
Sanctifying purpose.

Three entities together be,
The Son upon that tree,
Purpose be for me.

Copyright March 7, 2004 Roger W Hancock 


Life’s Death
by Roger W Hancock

What was to be,
Death of shame,
Of ridicule,
Scourging pain,
Dishonored death,
Of thieves, killers,
Guiltless man,
Same to suffer.
Death of shame,
Glorious design,
Life from death,
Salvation mine.
Copyright April 4, 2004 Roger W Hancock




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 Passion of the Lamb
                                 by Roger W Hancock

Bruises not seen for all the blood,
Betrayal kissed, a guiltless man.
Thorns pressed to His brow, now red,
Placed to torment; innocent crown.
Onlookers jeer as, to death He staggers,
Mortal man’s strength goes just so far.
Crack ! . . of the whip then, crack ! . . again,
Each followed by piercing pain.
”Wounded… for our transgressions,”
“Bruised . . . for our iniquities.”
Cat-of-nine-tails, as if, not enough,
Rips through flesh, tears to bone.
Bread broken, blood wine, now served,
Innocence to remember . . . our guilt.
Nails stake feet, pierced hands outstretched,
Condemned by man, sacrifice of self.
Beginning time foretold love’s death;
Slaughtered Lamb, for me. . . sacrificed.

Copyright March 7, 2004 Roger W Hancock 


Crown of Glory
                    by Roger W Hancock

Crown of Thorns,
Crown of disrespect,
Crown of Glory,
Crown of forgiveness.
King’s crown signatory,
Exalted above all others.
King’s Crown sovereignty,
Exalting God of all.

Thorny crown for a king,
Humbled before men.
Arrogance of ignorant men,
Ragged crown… God’s Love.

Copyright November 28, 2004, Roger W Hancock,




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The Gift

by Roger W Hancock


Christ’s eternal life,

The gift of bread,

Born a babe,

God on earth,

To pay the price,

For you, for me.


On Christmas day,

The price for sin,

That we may live.

Looking towards,

The returning Christ,

As anticipating the...

Bread in the oven.

In breaking bread,


The gift God gave,

As gifts we place,

Below the tree,

in tinsel wrap.


The tree, the cross,

On which he hung,

Gifting his death

Bread of life broken,

Conquering to give,

The gift of life,

To you, and me.


The gift of Him,

Just let Him in,

Partake of bread,

Baked in love,

Christmas blood,

The gift wrapped,

In scarlet red.


© December. 17, 2002 Roger W Hancock  


               by Roger W Hancock


From out our love, give we Gifts,

to family, friends in carefulness.

God's gift blood shed, seals the rift,

'tween man's guilt ... God's righteousness.


Gifts we give to those we love.

God's gift to me, He gave to you.

He gave His gift to us He loved.

All we give to Him, ourselves.

Our gift to Him because... He loves.


His gift to clean, our souls enrich.

To live our lives, example led.

He gave his gift without a hitch,

His gift to us, our sin to shed.


God gave his son from paradise,

to serve the sentence for, our crime.

His blood poured out, the sacrifice,

atonement be of God's design.

His gift to us because... He loves.


© 3-3-2001 Roger W Hancock

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Love is the Essence     

         by Roger W Hancock

The lack of love reveals its need,
love shown teaches love.

Love scorned shows man’s frailty,

man is nothing without love.

In love, man and woman are one,

man is fulfilled when in love.

Love is thicker than kinship blood,

love protects love forgives.

Death is love if God’s love received,

love is the origin of all that is.

God gave of love, His son for us,

to give in love is sacrifice.

Love is the essence of Love itself,

love is God… God is love.

© 3-14-2001 Roger W Hancock


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     Love, Love Not  
             by Roger W Hancock

Petal by petal, to pluck the flower

love… love not… love… love not.

Do not know if love or not.

petal love, petal not,


Do not know if love or not

so stay just friends the petals say.

The petals cannot future see,

but flower whole can cultivate.


Time and prayer to foresee,

the one who will be right for thee.

A lifetime match by God alone,

to blend two lives into just one.


Let the flower stay intact,

watch until the flower wither.

Whimsy notion in the blooming,

luck of flower, or of the thistle.


© 2-10-2002 Roger W Hancock


Through The Veil

by Roger W Hancock
How can one be so blest?

So undeserved, the care,

With all this wretchedness,

God’s love still surrounds.


The Love of God,

given though not deserved.

To fill the void of darkness,

He gave the light to overfill.


Darkness deep inside myself,

the depth I thought I knew.

Perceptions I have held,

shadowed… dark inside.


Dark entwines throughout,

the light to force it out.

If seen through eyes clear,

not with clouded veil.


A brother true,

his honesty in God’s purity.

To help me see the real me,

those years of darkness hid.


I am not as I perceive,

from you, and me concealed.

Darkness veiled down inside,

misperceptions or just plain… lies.


There is the me I let you see,

though honesty I seek.

Allowing God’s light to shine

overshadowing the dark inside


The me that I perceived

I thought I knew so well.

Overwhelmed I am,

that who I am… I‘m not.


The real me for God to clean,

He knows my wretched sin.

God chose to only see,

His results of cleansing me.


Light faithfulness to reveal,

the darkness cloaked within.

If be God that we desire,

every void must fill with Him.


I need… we need each other,

to view ourselves correct.

Brothers, we need the other,

to help each through the veil.


God is faithful though we not be,

His love enwraps with just.

Sacrifice of blood to rent,

to bring us through the veil.


© 12-02-2001 Roger W Hancock


 Angel Aware  
by Roger W Hancock

What should happen come my way,

just when needed most.

No one knew the need I had,

when I needed most.


Food to come from neighbors care,

just when cupboard linings bare.

They did not know.

How could they know?


The dog chewed my last good pair.

Just before the interview.

Then came my friend with old in hand,

to show his new brown shoes.


How could it be?

How can it be, my need be met so soon?

I barely prayed to God for help,

then a knock upon the door.


Coincidence, just plain chance?

Too often are the chances met.

The little bird that tells my needs,

is my angel guarding me.


© 2-09-2002 Roger W Hancock


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        by Roger W Hancock


Angels are all around.

You do not see them,

but they’re all around,

you can trust they’ll be.


Do not pray to them but God;

Only God can answer your prayer.

Angels to perform His will,

as guardians of us to care.


Angels, spiritual bodyguards,

with unseen weapons of peace.

They watch and protect us,

from our own…  mistakes.


When you want answers,

It is to God you should speak.

It’s the love of the Father,

That answers your prayer.


Angels may do wondrous works,

It is not to them we praise.

All glory to the living God,

of His son He gave us grace.


Angels, angels so you may see,

that life abounds within God’s love.

Praise to Him for His care,

of our lives with Him to share.


©  2-14-2002 Roger W Hancock

Your Love  
by Roger W Hancock

Lord teach me to hear you,

teach me to listen.

How many lessons have I not learned?

What inspiration that now is lost,

because, your voice I have not heard.


To hear you I must know you,

to know you I must learn of you.

Your character to know,

brings trust to build upon love.

Teach me to hear, to know you Lord.


To read your word I learn of you,

your character is truth you cannot lie.

Justice displayed in all your ways.

Your presence so real, I love you so,

to love you is my embrace.


I learn of you in many ways,

relationship grows within your love.

Worthy not I am of your love.

True justice is not how I would judge,

so I rest in you within your love.


© 2-14-2002 Roger W Hancock






Angel Over Me

by Roger W Hancock


Angel guarding,

Angel, sentry, post,

helps when earnest,

I seek to care.

Angel watching,

Angel, caring,

tears withholding,

when deliberate,

sinful walk.

Protecting angel,

of God’s love,

love soft, love tough.

Free choice,

to listen, to not.

Yet, still….

Angel, watching me.


 ©  9-28-2002 Roger W Hancock     




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