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Poetry - Alphabetical Index

  Poems by the PoetPatriot, Roger W Hancock  

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#   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z
Updated December 2008  -   Category Index
A.S. = American Sentence   -   PL = ProLife   -   X = Christmas Poems
    The first poem "Life Abounds In Nature's Sound" began January, 2001 and was completed March, 2001.   
 Over 450 original poems, many more if you count each individual Clerihew, Haiku, Lune, Quio, Rhyme, and American Sentence.
The individual shorter poems of the styles just mentioned are not listed individually.
# 1973

 - - - 

 - - - 

 - - - 
A Activist Aging  Love All Are Bad Drivers  American Alphabet
A A.S. Adaptations A.S. Ginsberg A.S. NonConforming A.S. Originals
A A.S. Unintended American Storm American Thanksgiving American Hero
A Angel Aware Angel Over Me Angels Angels' Angles
A Anguished Mind Another Hero Appointment with Ice Arrival of a King
A Artificial Display The Art Of Snow The Art Within Art - Haiku
A Assembly of Liberty

Astronaut  Tribute

Auburn - Haiku Auburn's Grace
B Baby Waste - PL Baby Killer's Vote - PL Baghdad Tears Bare Imagination
B Bells / Christmas Morn - X Be Mine?  Beside me Better Than Others?
B Beulah Land Beyond

Beyond Words 

birthing a poem

B Blame Blue Star Moms Bright Decibels Broken Writ
B The Bus Ride Butterfly Life  - - -   - - - 
C Cadence the Boot Candied Leaves Captive’s  Pledge Carefree
C Chief Children’s Toys  Christian - Haiku poems Christian Soldier’s Prayer
C Christ is King Christmas Bread - X Christmas Celebrates - X Christmas Celebration - X
C Christmas Dog - X Christmas - Haiku poems - X Christmas Light - X Christmas Morning - X
C A Christmas Poem - X Christmas Season - X Christmas Son - X Christmas Spirit  - X
C Christmas Thoughts - X Christmas Tree - X Civilized Compassion CLERIHEWS
C Cleansed The Cleansing Clear As Fog Clichéd Critique
C Close to You Colors Fast Commitment Come to the Cross
C Cowboy's Worth Crazy Lie Created for Us Creation's Big Bang - Haiku
C Crimsoned Clover Crown of Glory Cry  - - - 
D Daddy's Smile Dawn Sleep Death's Glorious Life Death’s Glory
D Demonstrators S.O.T. Diaper Discipline The Doubts
D "D. R." Dreamscape Drift  (Part One) Drift  (Part Two)
D Duct (Duck) Tape   Dungeon Duty Valor  - - - 
E Eagle Scout Honors Easter Gift easy Echoed Past
E Epitaph Espionage Jungle Essence of Dad Evergreen Home
E Ever Looming Ever Victorious Exalt Him  - - - 
F F A I T H Fall’s Recall Family Christmas - X Family Soldier
F Fields of Brave Field of Dream Final Farewell FireWall 
F First Mark First Response First Thoughts Flagstaff Road
F Flying High Forgetting Thanks Forgiven Founding Liberation
F Four Mood Swing Fourth of July Fox Hole University Freedom
F Freedom Is Not Free Freedom Rang Freedom's Colors Friendship
F Frontier Frontier Dream   - - - 

 - - - 

G GIFTS - X Gift of Rhyme The Gift - X Glory's Blossom
G Glow the Obvious God Forgotten God's Gift - X God's Beat
G Gradie's Cafe' Grandson and Angel - X Grave Towers Green Day?
G - Greener - Guard Liberty Gypsy Magic

 - - - 

H Haiku - Art Haiku - Christian Haiku - Christmas - X Haiku - Creation's Big Bang
H Haiku - Love Haiku - Life Haiku - Nature Haiku - Veterans
H Haiku - Patriotic Hambone Jr. Hands of a Soldier  He Is
H He Loves Her Hero Braves Hero Least The Heroes
H Heroes’ Risk Hero Rider Hero's Day Hero's Price
H His War Holy Purpose Home Sweet Hot Spot
H Howl  Now


 - - - 

 - - - 

 I   I Am Liberty I Applaud for Liberty I Cry to Him  If Now Then
I'm A Whirly Gig I'm Falling Independence Day Indian Stand
Innocence Innocence of War Inspiration Inspired Truth
 I   Intelligent Teaching Internal Control  The Island Within I Think I know?
 I    It’s The Veteran It’s You, My Love  - - -   - - - 
J Joint Effort Journalist’s Creed Just A Man Just a Nobody
J Judas’ Lament  - - -   - - -   - - - 
K  Know Him  'KUZ   K-9 Rank  - - - 
L Land of Am Leap Leap Day Baby Leap Day, Birthday
L Leaves, Breeze, Heaven... Let It Bloom Letter to a Soldier The Liberal 
L Liberty Be   Liberty Cry Liberty Eagle Liberty Hue
L Liberty Ride/Dawes, Revere Liberty's Call Liberty’s Security Liberty Symbolic
L Life Abounds . . .   Life Leaves Life Lessons Light's Invite
L Life or Not - PL Life's Death Life - Haiku Life's Shelter
L Listen for the Lesson Little Belle Little Girl's Prayer Little White
L Lives Together Living Death Long Flight to Eagle Long Last, Laid to Rest
L Lore of Might Lost Words Love Betrayed Love Burst
L Love Dance Love - Haiku Love is the Essence Love Lives
L Love, Love Not Love Multiplied Lover’s Touch Love’s Air
L Love Sense Love's Moment Love Waltz LUNEs
M Martin Luther King Mascot, Boot Masterpiece Medicine Woman
M Men of the Air Merry Bread - X Merry First Season - X Me the Key
M Miscarried Love Missing Grandma Mommy's Smile Monkey's Tree
M Moral's Reprieve Morning Morning Crowed Mother's Love
M Mother's Prayer Mothers Worry The Moving Wall Muckleshoot Tribe
M My town, Auburn My Town My Youth Your Youth  - - - 
N Nation Quote Nature's Flight Nature Tempter Never Forget the Shame
N Never Learn New Beat  Newborn Jewel New Generation
N New Year's Day Night's Light Not Free  Not me but He
N Nature - Haiku  - - -   - - -   - - - 
O Old Soldier Hero One Flag One Great Love One More Hero Gone
O Open Arms  - - -   - - -   - - - 
O Opinion Puzzle Origins Our Dichotomy Our Flag
O Our Pride, Our Flag Our Stephanie Our Wedding Outside Perch
P Past Dance Passion of the Lamb Past, Present, Future Past Teachers / 2007 In progress
P Patriotic - Haiku Patriotism Peace Not Choice - PL Pedigree of the PoetPatriot
P The Poem Poem Not Poetry Poem’s Purpose Poet Brush
P P O E T R Y Political Operations Prayer for a Brother Pray for Me
P Pressing Vanity The Price Pride’s Flag Prime
P Pride Tears - haiku Profanity Pro-Life Poetry  - - - 
Q QUIOs   - - -   - - -   - - - 
R Reach Out Reality Check  The Reason - X Reasoned Season - X
R Red White and Blue Respect Owed Responsibility Raised The Rest
R Riddles -by PoetPatriot Rhyme Roger's Rhymes / Animals Roger's Rhymes / Christian
R Roger's Rhy. / Chr.Names Roger's Rhymes / Fuzzy Roger's Rhymes / Life Roger's Rhymes / Misc.
R Roger's Rhymes / Names Roger Rhymes / Patriotic Roger's Rhymes / Zander Ronald Reagan
R Rose of Liberty Rose’s Way Rosie Rush to War
S Sailor Salute Samuel Adams Sand Some Scarlet Rose
S Scotland Bemused Season’s Reason - X Season Thoughts - X Seattle's Past Below
S Secret of Self Secure Liberty Self Portrait Sentinel
S Shining Flight Signaled Wait Similarity S I N
S Sin Decay Slaughtered Name - rhyme Sleep Tight Snipper’s Mark
S Snow Snow Birds Society’s Dichotomy Soldier’s Boot
S Soldier Brother Soldier Sleep Soldier's Note Soldier's Resolve
S Soul of A Poet Space Frontier Spinach Star-Dust of Love - rhyme
S Step into the Light Strained Yet Stronger Still to Learn Stuttered Endurance
S Striped Water Poets Surprised Infamy  - - -  - - - 
T Tall and Free Tamed Meander Tax Master Techno Blues
T Terror Watch Thanks Always Thanksgiving Thanksgiving - Rhyme
T Thanksgiving Prayer Thank Him Thank... Remembrance Thanks to Them
T Thirteen Folds This Poet’s Voice Those Now Gone The Three for Us
T Three Love Through The Veil Time Time . . .
T Time to Kill Time's  Love Today's Battleground To my Wife
T Tool  Rule Town to City Town Pillars Truth's Fiction
T True Love 21 Gun Salute 21 Gun Respect Twisted Politics
T Two Beams Two To One  - - -   - - - 
U Uncle John - Rhymes Unique Image Unseen Soldier Up-Town Nose
U Up Wish  - - -   - - -   - - - 
V Valentine Valiant Peace Vessel Me Veteran’s Day
V Veteran - Haiku Veteran's Honor Veterans We Owe A Vision’s Price
V Voice Melodic Volunteer Soldier VOTE  - - - 
W “ W “  W A R War - Haiku Wars Win
W Watermelon Weapons of Peace Wed-locked Hugs We Will Remember
W What, Me? Where I Am Which, What? Willowed Sentry
W With With God Wonders Wonders Wander
W Word Word Wind Word Works Word Yoke - a word simile
W Worship  Lives  - - -   - - -   - - - 
X X'd  - - -   - - -   - - - 
Y Yet He Loves Young Heroes Young Patriot Your Love
Young Naiveté
Your Next - PL  Your One Vote  - - - 
Z Zander and Angel Zoned Out   Zander Rhymes  - - - 
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