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Roger's Rhymes of Liberty
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Roger's Rhymes - Index

America's Founding Fathers - Rhymes
Short Rhymes about America's Founding Fathers. - Several Founders fall into more than one category.

Index:   Prominent   -   Presidents   -  
-   First Presidents   -   Declaration   -   Confederation   -   Other   -
Black Patriots        -        Women Patriots        -        Child Patriots  -
Prominent Founding Fathers
Samuel Adams George Washington John Adams
Thomas Jefferson Jefferson & Adams John Hancock Andrew Jackson
Benjamin Franklin Patrick Henry Nathan Hale Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Paine Ethan Allen Paul Revere Benedict Arnold
Daniel Boone John Paul Jones Marquis de Lafayette ~ ~ ~
  Prominent Founding Mothers  
Not on this Page* Abigail Adams* Betsy Ross* Martha Washington*
Founding Fathers who were President under the U.S. Constitution
George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison
  James Monroe Andrew Jackson  
First Presidents, before George Washington
First Continental Congress
  Payton Randolph Henry Middleton  
2nd Continental Congress
  Payton Randolph John Hancock  
2nd Continental Congress:  After Adoption of Articles of Confederation

Henry Laurens

John Jay

Samuel Huntington

2nd Continental Congress:  Under Articles of Confederation

Elias Boutinot

Nathaniel Gorham

Cyrus Griffin

July 4th, 1776 - John Hancock - Signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The following were after the signing.

John Hanson Samuel Huntington
Richard Henry Lee Thomas McKean Thomas Mifflin Arthur St. Clair
Signers of the Declaration of Independence
John Adams Samuel Adams Josiah Bartlett Carter Braxton
Charles Carroll Samuel Chase Abraham Clark George Clymer
William Ellery William Floyd Benjamin Franklin Elbridge Gerry
Button Gwinnett Lyman Hall John Hancock Benjamin Harrison
John Hart Joseph Hewes Thomas Heyward Jr. William Hooper
Stephen Hopkins Francis Hopkinson Samuel Huntington Thomas Jefferson
Francis Lightfoot Lee Richard Henry Lee Francis Lewis Philip Livingston
Thomas Lynch Jr. Thomas McKean Arthur Middleton Lewis Morris
Robert Morris John Morton Thomas Nelson Jr. William Paca
Robert Treat Paine John Penn George Read Ceasar Rodney
George Ross Benjamin Rush Edward Rutledge Roger Sherman
James Smith Richard Stockton Thomas Stone George Taylor
Matthew Thornton George Walton William Whipple William Williams
James Wilson John Witherspoon Oliver Wolcott George Wythe

Founding Fathers who signed Articles of Confederation
Those in smaller font are listed among the other categories above.
Andrew Adams Thomas Adams Samuel Adams John Banister
Josiah Bartlett Daniel Carroll William Clingan John Collins
Francis Dana John Dickinson William Henry Drayton James Duane
William Duer William Ellery Elbridge Gerry

John Hancock

John Hanson Cornelius Harnett John Harvie Thomas Heyward Jr.
Samuel Holten Titus Hosmer Samuel Huntington Richard Hutson
Edward Langworthy Henry Laurens Francis Lightfoot Lee Richard Henry Lee
Francis Lewis James Lovell Henry Marchant John Mathews
Thomas McKean Gouverneur Morris Robert Morris John Penn
Joseph Reed Daniel Roberdeau Nathaniel Scudder Roger Sherman
John Bayard Smith Edward Telfair Nicholas Van Dyke John Walton
John Wentworth, Jr. John Williams John Witherspoon Oliver Wolcott

Other Founding Father Patriots
Richard Bland Elijah Clark George Rogers Clark George Clinton
Oliver Ellsworth William Eustis Christopher Gore Nathanael Greene
Edward Hand Nicholas Herkimer James Iredell Thaddeus Kosciuszko
John Langdon Harry Lee Henry Lee III Jeremiah Lee
Thomas Sim Lee Robert R. Livingston Francis Marion John Marshall
George Mason Philip Mazzei Hugh Mercer John Parker
Andrew Pickens Benjamin Pierce Charles Pinckney Israel Putnam
John Rutledge Haym Salomon Philip Schuyler Friedrich von Steuben
Thomas Sumter Charles Thompson John Trumbull Francis Vanderkemp
James M. Varnum Anthony Wayne    


Tribute Poetry

Imagine the Vision

Boston Massacre

Black American Patriots

Woman American Patriots

Children of Liberty

Top of Index

Patriotic Rhymes   -   Patriotic Poetry   -   Patriotic Haiku Poetry
TimeLine - Early Presidents   -   Veteran Poetry   -   Children Rhyme Links

America's Founding Fathers - Rhymes
- Alphabetical Order -

 A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N  O  P  Q  R   S   T   U   V   W  X Y Z

Imagine the Vision
by Roger W Hancock

Can you imagine living two hundred years ago?
Living as one of our honored founding fathers?
Those who fought, won, and built a government,
having documented American liberty?
Knowing in their latter days, remembering,
‘twas they who built the American nation.
We owe much to those who had the vision,
for our . . .  American liberty.

© 11-19-2011 Roger W Hancock,

Boston Massacre
by Roger W Hancock
Black man Crispus Attucks,
first dead, shot upon the docks,
with Samuel Gray that day,
one more bid well, James Caldwell.
All died that day on impact.
Two more would later die,
Young Samuel Maverick,
Along with Patrick Carr,
would later die from wounds.
British soldiers who fired shots,
made those five men, heroes.
On the docks of Boston town,
massacred by soldiers, British,
first skirmish, first heroes,
of the American Revolution.

© 11-19-2011 Roger W Hancock,


A                  Index

~ ~ ~

Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams, lawyer, leader,
delegate to Continental Congress.
He served on, Committee of Safety,
later in the, Connecticut House.
© March 28, 2010 Roger W Hancock
John Adams
John Adams, political philosopher,
American peace negotiator.
First Vice President, second President,
John Adams, United States of America.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams was a great orator,
an advocate of freedom.
Success as a founding father,
found failure as a brewer.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams, Virginia businessman,
was member, House of Burgesses.
Signed Article of Confederation,
when member, Continental Congress.
© March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen led the charge
against Fort Ticonderoga,
Ethan Allen demanded surrender,
forced the British to deliver.
© February 14, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold a patriot hero,
in the Battle of Saratoga.
Then betrayed the patriot cause,
became a traitor, not a hero.

© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

B                  Index

~ ~ ~

Colonel John Banister
John Banister became a Colonel
in the American Revolution.
Banister used his own wealth,
to support the war success.
Articles of Confederation,
he signed as member of Congress.
© March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Josiah Bartlett
Joshiah Bartlett cast first vote,
Independence from Great Britain.
Joshiah signed the Declaration,
for the American Revolution.
© February 21, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Richard Bland
Richard Bland wrote an “Inquiry,
into the Rights of the British Colonies.”
Views expressed, expressed again,
in the first Continental Congress.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Elias Boudinot
Elias Boudinot, fourth president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
Signed the treaty to end the war,
between United States and Britain.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Elias Boudinot


Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone the mountain man,
blazed the wilderness road.
Fought the war in the wilderness,
in Kentucky’s wild woods.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Daniel Boone for Liberty
Daniel Boone an American hero;
fought for liberty, tamed Kentucky,
Daniel Boone served three terms,
Virginia General Assembly.
© November 6, 2009 Roger W Hancock

Daniel Boone became a legand in his own time.
He was the most celebrated of the wilderness heroes that fought for liberty.

- - -

Carter Braxton
Carter Braxton, signer of Declaration,
used his wealth to support the cause.
Braxton lost all his wealth,
lived out his days with only his health.
© February 21, 2008 Roger W Hancock

~ ~ ~

C                  Index Charles Carroll

Charles Carroll, strong American Patriot,
too late to vote, but signed the Declaration.
Member of the first Federal Congress,
lived longest of all Declaration signers.
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Daniel Carroll
Family of Daniel Carroll a Catholic,
held a motto, 'Strong in Faith and War'.
Signed Articles of Confederation,
supported government of the people.
As member, Constitutional Convention,
added the phrase, 'by the people'.
© March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Samuel Chase
Samuel Chase for Maryland signed,
Declaration of Independence.
Only Supreme Court Justice,
to be impeached, later aquitted.
© February 21, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Abraham Clark
Abraham Clark had a knack for math,
yet a lawyer to serve the poorer.
Declaration signer, is honored by,
Clark Township of New Jersey.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Elijah Clark
Elijah Clark, fought with Pickens at Augusta,
wounded in battle at Alligator Creek.
Forced British withdraw of Atlanta,
defeating twice his force, at Kettle Creek.
© February 16, 2008 Roger W Hancock
George Rogers Clark
Young George Rogers Clark,
proved himself a leader sharp.
Even Daniel Boone in friendship,
looked to Clark, for leadership.
© April 11, 2008 Roger W Hancock
William Clingan

Delegate William Clingan
was a Justice of the Peace.
Signed Article of Confederation,
at the Continental Congress.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

George Clinton
George Clinton voted for,
Declaration of Independence.
No support for the Constitution,
‘till after the Bill of Rights.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

George Clymer
George Clymer, statesman, inventor,
invented the iron printing press.
This man, patriot and leader,
had signed the Declaration.

© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock

John Collins

John Collins confired with Washington,
on views for Rhode Island's defense.
Signed the Articles of Confederation,
as member, Continental Congress.
Supporting Constitutional Convention,
decided vote; Rhode Island's acceptance.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

~ ~ ~

D                  Index Francis Dana
Francis Dana, Continental delegate,
Articles of Confederation signed.
To John Adams a secretariate,
treaty with Britain nogotiated.
  © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
John Dickinson
John Dickinson independence resistor,
yet became a founding father.
Member of the Constitutional Convention,
wrote essays promoting the Constitution.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
William Henry Drayton
William Drayton was a tory,
writings gained favor of John Bull.
Changed position, wrote for liberty,
lost all favor with… Governor Bull
  © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock (rewrote, original of 2008)
James Duane
James Duane many years served,
serving his state, New York.
As member, Continental Congress,
Articles of Confederation signed.
Judge in U.S. District, New York;
last assignment duty served.
  © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
William Duer
William Duer a Protestant Christian,
supported Liberty supported justice.
Signed Articles of Confederation,
in service of Continental Congress.
  © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
E                  Index William Ellery
Active in the Sons of Liberty,
was young William Ellery.
This signer of the Declaration,
advocated abolishment of slavery.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Oliver Ellsworth
Oliver Ellsworth, administrator of rebellion,
over the armies of Connecticut.
Contributor to the Constitution,
suggested title, “United States.”
© February 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock
William Eustis
William Eustis was a Doctor,
who fought in the American Revolution.
William was surgeon for the rebel army,
wounded at Bunker Hill.
Held a Boston medical practice,
became the Surgeon of Shays Rebellion.
   © April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock
F                  Index ~ ~ ~
Benjamin Franklin
Printer, philosopher, scientist, inventor,
versatile was Benjamin Franklin.
Known also as a founding politician,
helping write the Declaration.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock
William Floyd
William Floyd lost the farm,
to the British in the war.
Signer of the Declaration,
then to farming, his truest passion.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
G                  Index Elbridge Gerry
Elbridge Gerry, first to gerrymander,
designed the districts to his advantage.
Signer of the Declaration,
refused to sign, Federal Constitution.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Christopher Gore
Christopher Gore was deemed a Tory,
Citizenship restored by Congress.
With John Jay and William Pinckney,
helped settle the final treaty.
© February 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Nathaniel Gorham
Nathaniel Gorham, eighth president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
Chair of the Constitutional Convention,
Nathaniel influenced our Constitution.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Nathaniel Gorham
Nathanael Greene
Nathanael Greene, youngest brigadier general,
met George Washington on July fourth.
Becoming friends with Washington,
would later become a Major General.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Cyrus Griffin
Cyrus Griffin, tenth president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
Last president of confederation,
before our Constitution.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Cyrus Griffin
Button Gwinnett
Button Gwinnett, enthusiast,
colonial rights of citizens.
Declaration, his legacy,
false honor, dueled death untimely.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
~ ~ ~
H                  Index Nathan Hale
The only regret said Nathan,
was only one life to live.
Only “one life to lose for… county”,
hailed Hale, that countrymen live free.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Lyman Hall
Lyman Hall revolutionary partisan,
provisioned food, supplies for soldiers.
was one who signed the Declaration,
returned to his plantation.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
young and precocious.
Serving under Washington,
his bayonet charge ferocious.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Hancock
John Hancock, richest in all the colonies,
influenced people for independence.
First to sign the Declaration, prominence sure,
"John Hancock" synonymous with “signature.”
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See John Hancock
Edward Hand
Edward Hand was intrigued,
by America’s self-governing experiment.
Joined the service of rebellion,
Planned the siege of Yorktown.,
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Hanson
Thomas McKean, third president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
Established coinage, Post Office department,
national bank and first national census.

© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See John Hanson
Cornelius Harnett
Cornelius Harnett resisted British taxes,
Served Chairmanship, Sons of Liberty.
A member of Continental Congress,
he signed the Articles of Confederation.
In defence of town of Wilmington,
during British occupation, his capture.
Three months later, liberty's servant,
Cornelius, would die as war prisoner.
  © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
John Harvie
John Harvie, Delegate of Virginia,
signed Articles of Confederation.
Harvie spent half his life,
In service of liberty for Virginia.
  © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Benjamin Harrison

Refused British Executive Council,
declared support for republican principle.

Benjamin Harrison with George Washington,
Planned future of America’s army.

  © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Rewriten Original :© February 17, 2008 Roger W Hancock

John Hart           
John Hart, called “Honest John”,
testimony of his worth.
Signed the Declaration,
then the British destroyed his wealth.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry a radical patriot,
who wore the title well.
Strongest orator of all the founders,
“… give me liberty or give me death!”

© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Nicholas Herkimer
Nicholas Herkimer, German citizen,
fought in America’s revolution
Horse killed, his leg had been shot,
from under a tree his orders he’d shout.
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Joseph Hewes
Joseph Hewes earned his wealth,
shipping on the seas.
One who signed the Declaration,
provides a navy, for his new nation.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Thomas Heyward Jr.
Thomas Heyward studied law,
yet served the Yankee bylaw,
to sign the Declaration.
Charleston siege, began his apprehension.

© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Samuel Holten
Samuel Holten, President Pro Tempore,
later signed Articles of Confederation.
From his district in Massachusetts,
he was elected to the Third U.S. Congress.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
William Hooper
William Hooper was a signer,
of the Declaration of Independence.
Gave his fortune to fund revolution,
a war of independence.
© February 22, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Stephen Hopkins
Early supporter of colonial rights,
Stephen Hopkins rebel leader.
Declaration signed with shaken palsy,
Hopkins wrote rules for a rebel navy.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Francis Hopkinson
Francis Hopkinson poet, artist,
Declaration of Independence signed.
Designed first American Flag,
and Great Seal of the United States.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Titus Hosmer

Titus Hosmer, American Lawyer,
Connecticut practice in Middletown,
Delegate to Continental Congress,
Signed Articles of Confederation.
© March 28, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Samuel Huntington
Samuel Huntington, first president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
First leader of our new nation,
under Articles of Confederation.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Samuel Huntington
Richard Hutson
Richard Hutson, American Patriot,
in Charleston, captured by the British.
Delegate in Constutional Congress,
signed Article of Confederation.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
I                  Index James Iredell
James Iredell, once a British tax collector,
became an American patriot,
Appointed by George Washington,
to the first U. S. Supreme Court.
© February 16, 2008 Roger W Hancock
J                  Index Andrew Jackson
Young Andrew Jackson,
joined the army at age 13.
British captured young Andrew,
who grew to be a President.
© February 16, 2008 Roger W Hancock

John Jay
John Jay, fifth president,
of the Continental Congress.
Jay helped write the Federalist Papers,
later helped Franklin negotiate the peace.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See John Jay

John Paul Jones

Captain John Paul Jones had a way,
fighting all the way, refusing surrender.
Sailing straight into harm's way,
“I’ve not yet, begun to fight!”
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson & Adams
Thomas and John, political adversaries,
in freedom became close friends.
Same Independence Day, each man died,
lived their lives in liberty.
©  April 1, 2010 Roger W Hancock  rewritten - original February 13, 2008

 Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson took to pen,
writing our foundation.
Declaration of Independence,
founding of our nation.
© February 11, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Thomas Jefferson and John Addams both died on Independence Day.

- - -

K                  Index Thaddeus Kosciuszko
Thaddeus Kosciuszko from Poland,
came to join the liberty cause.
Became a Colonel, that engineered,
fortification of battle sites.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
L                  Index Marquis de Lafayette
Lafayette loved the liberty concept,
reading the Declaration.
Bought arms and wares for liberty's cause,
fought with George at Valley Forge.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Langdon
John Langdon, influential founder,
supported a constitution.
Member of Constutional Convention,
of New Hampshire's Delegation.
© January 28, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Edward Langworthy
Patriot Edward Langworthy,
Served his country worthily.
As a member of the Congress,
signed Articles of Confederation.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Henry Laurens
Henry Laurens, fourth president,
of the Continental Congress.
Later captured by the British,
was exchanged for General Cornwallis.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Henry Laurens
Francis Lightfoot Lee
Francis Lee despised British Stamp Act,
silent on Congress floor, privately impressive.
Gentleman supporter, firm and steady,
signed the Declaration of Independence.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Lt. Colonel Henry Lee (Harry Lee)
Light Horse Harry” they called Harry Lee,
for surprise attacks on British outposts.
Washington approved plans, by Lee,
to capture traitor, Benedict Arnold.
© February 16, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Jeremiah Lee
Jeremiah Lee, wealthy shipping merchant,
smuggled weapons for liberty’s fight.
A pivotal role as war merchant,
loosing his wealth and life.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Richard Henry Lee
Thomas Mifflin, sixth president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
Opposed adoption of the Constitution,
then proposed the 10th Amendment.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Richard Henry Lee
Thomas Sim Lee
Thomas Lee, Maryland’s patriot.
Articles of Confederation,
held ‘till western land claims ceded.
His approval birthed a nation.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Francis Lewis
Francis Lewis signed Articles of Confederation,
to the founding of a new nation.
British warred, destroyed his home.
after Lewis signed Independence of Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Philip Livingston
Philip Livingston, contributor to rebellion,
working for independence cause.
Livingston signed the Declaration,
lost all holdings to the British.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Robert R. Livingston
Robert Livingston was on the committee,
to draft the Declaration.
Advocated the Federal Constitution,
administered the oath to Washington.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

James Lovell
James Lovell, teacher statesman,
Father was a Tory, he became a rebel.
In the Continental Congress,
signed Articles of Confederation.
Lovell was captured as a rebel,
in exchange of prisoners gained release.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Thomas Lynch Jr.
Thomas Lynch patriot leader,
South Carolina company commander.
Lynch had signed the Declaration,
voyage at sea brought his termination.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

~ ~ ~

M                  Index

History teaches from where we've been,
that we might learn from past mistakes.
History teaches proven premise,
that we may project, into the future.

                                                                                   - PoetPatriot
James Madison
James Madison was one of three,
who the, “Federalist Papers”, helped to write.
James helped to frame the Bill of Rights,
later elected fourth, U.S. President.
© February 17, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Henry Marchant
Signed Articles of Confederation,
did patriot attorney, Henry Marchant.
Washington appointed, Senate confirmed,
Judge Marchant; Rhode Island U.S. District Court.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Francis Marion
British called him Swamp Fox,
Francis Marion’s elusive tactics.
Battle of Eutaw Springs, did Marion,
drive British back to Charleston.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Marshall 
John Marshall, our fourth Chief Justice,
Strictly held to the Constitutional law.
Established the view of Judicial review,
longest term served to foundational law.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
George Mason
George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights,
became the bases of our Bill of Rights.
Mason long supported less restriction,
by Britain’s oppressive taxation.

© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock

John Mathews
Statesman, John Mathews,
served in House, of South Carolina.
When a member of the Congress,
signed Articles of Confederation
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Philip Mazzei
Italian Philip Mazzei, American patriot,
wrote of independence and equality.
Mazzei’s writing, influenced profoundly,
writings, of Jefferson and Paine on liberty.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Thomas McKean
Thomas McKean, second president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
Received notice of Cornwallis’ surrender.
McKean was last to sign the Declaration.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Thomas McKean

Hugh Mercer
Hugh Mercer, physician soldier,
served in the Continental army.
Wounded in the battle fought,
hero fallen in battle at Princeton.

© February 17, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Arthur Middleton

Arthur Middleton, bold in radical thought,
Succeeded his father to the Congress.
righteous judgement, solid resolution,
of purest patriotism his charater sound.
Signature of Middleton found upon,
Declaration of Independence.
© March 28, 2010 Roger W Hancock

See Arthur Middleton

Henry Middleton
Henry Middleton second president,
of the Continental Congress.
Declared a traitor by the King,
encouraged independence.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Thomas Mifflin
Thomas Mifflin, fifth president,
United States in Congress Assembled.
Received George Washington’s resignation;
final treaty with Great Britain, Mifflin signed.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Thomas Mifflin
James Monroe

Battle of Trenton, James Monroe began,
service to liberty, fought for free land.
Delaware crossed with Washington,
followed George, to be fifth president.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Gouverneur Morris
Gouverneur Morris, articulate,
expressing views as a patriot.
Signed Articles of Confederation,
Helped to draft the Constitution.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Lewis Morris

 Lewis Morris supported independence.
Tho’ his brother warned of ensuing consequence,
Morris signed the Declaration of Independence.
Died upon estate rebuilt, British had burned down.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Robert Morris
Robert Morris successful merchant,
wealthy and influential patriot.
Morris contributed to liberty’s cause,
and signed the Declaration.

© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

John Morton
Arriving late, John Morton, cast.
deciding vote for independence,
Though not last, he came to sign,
Declaration of Independence.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

N                  Index Thomas Nelson, Jr.
Thomas Nelson an early rebel,
organized an independent militia.
From Congress to Virginia’s Convention,
returned to sign the Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
P                  Index Robert Treat Paine
Acquired gunpowder for rebellion,
authored the Olive Branch Petition.
Debated the greatest resolution,
then signed the Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,”
an influential book,
Paine became known to all,
an advocate of freedom.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

William Paca
Chief Justice of his home state of Maryland,
a patriot movement leader.
First Federal Congress member,
and one of the Declaration signers.
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Parker
Captain John Parker exclaims,
if to be war, "... let it be here."
Standing there upon the green,
seventy minutemen on Lexington Green.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Penn
John Penn rarely spoke in congress,
though privately talkative for independence.
Votes consistent for separation,
signed the Declaration of Independence.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Andrew Pickens
Andrew Pickens, with the rebel militia,
rose to Brigadier General.
Fought the Battle of Cow Pens,
and the Battle of Eutaw Springs.
© February 17, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Benjamin Pierce
Benjamin Pierce distinguished veteran,
of the American Revolution.
Serving under General George Washington,
became a Brigadier General.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Charles Pinckney 
Charles Pinckney, citizen soldier,
valiantly fought ‘till his capture.
After the war continued service,
three terms in Continental Congress.
© February 17, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Maj. Gen. Israel Putnam
by Roger W Hancock
Major General Israel Putnam,
French & Indian War veteran,
decided to fortify Breed’s Hill,
commanded soldiers to his will,
“Don’t fire until you see,
   the whites of their eyes!”

© 11-19-2011 Roger W Hancock,

R                   Index Peyton Randolph
Founding father, Peyton Randolph,
first President of Continental Congress.
Highest office of revolt,
chairman of the Congress.
© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Peyton Randolph

George Read
Delegate from Delaware,
in Continental Congress
George Read signed the Declaration,
also signed United States Constitution.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Joseph Reed
Joseph Reed aide-de-camp,
General George Washington.
A Continental Congress member,
signed Articles of Confederation.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Paul Revere
Paul Revere told tall stories,
of his midnight ride of liberty.
British captors turned their tail,
from Paul Revere’s victory tale.

© February 14, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See the poem "Liberty Ride of Dawes, Revere"
Daniel Roberdeau
Daniel Roberdeau served as General,
for liberty, fought rebellion.
Daniel also served in Congress,
signing Articles of Confederation.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Ceasar Rodney
Ceasar Rodney, with a most horrid disorder,
rode eighty miles through stormy swollen streams.
Arrived in Philadelphia to cast one vote, yes.
later signs the Declaration of Independence.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
George Ross
George Ross once a Tory,
becoming supportive of independent assembly.
A Militia Colonel, elected to Congress,
signed the Declaration of Independence.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Benjamin Rush
Doctor Benjamin Rush in the press,
Colonial rights of independence.
“Britain … America … be distinct empires,”
Rush signed the Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Edward Rutledge
Edward Rutledge, young delegate,
to Continental Congress.
Rutledge signed the Declaration,
returned home to fight the British.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Rutledge
John Rutledge took a moderate stance,
hoping for self rule.
Returning home, South Carolina,
helped prepare for independence.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

~ ~ ~

S                   Index Arthur St. Clair
Arthur St. Clair, ninth president;
United States in Congress Assembled.
St. Clair had crossed the Delaware,
when Washington marched on Trenton.

© February 13, 2008 Roger W Hancock

See Arthur St. Clair
Haym Salomon
Haym Salomon, patriot spy,
Solemn loyalty to freedom’s cause.
Helped to purchase patriots’ release,
spent all his wealth on liberty’s cause.
© February 16, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Philip Schuyler
Philip Schuyler was rich man,
who valued market freedom.
Philip fought against the British,
as Major General in a growing rebellion.
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Nathaniel Scudder
Nathaniel Scudder was a doctor,
lieutenant colonel in New Jersey Militia.
In Continental Congress served,
signed Articles of Confederation.
Nathaniel died in duty to liberty,
defending against an invading army.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman at a cobbler’s bench,
would have an open book.
Sherman signed the Declaration,
Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
James Smith
James Smith had great zeal,
rally others to liberty’s cause.
Promoted boycott of English goods,
Smith signed the Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
John Bayard Smith
John Bayard Smith, civic leader,
early American independence advocate.
In Continental Congress served,
signed Articles of Confederation.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben
Freidrich von Steuben, Prussian trained soldier,
whose skills were noticed to be great value.
Building, training an American Army,
Freidrich created, the American drill-master.
© February 18, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Richard Stockton
Richard Stockton, moderate on autonomy,
New Jersey instructed, for independence.
Stockton insisted to hear both arguments,
then proceeded to sign Declaration.
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Thomas Stone
Thomas Stone, though little known,
had signed the Declaration.
Member of the Congress committee,
that framed, Articles of Confederation.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Thomas Sumter
Thomas Sumter had served the militia,
prevented the invasion of Georgia.
Drove Lord Cornwallis out of Carolina,
to the defeat of Cornwallis, in Virginia.
© February 17, 2008 Roger W Hancock
T                  Index George Taylor
George Taylor an Ironmaster,
an “independence” supporter,
Arrived too late to cast his vote,
though signed the Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Edward Telfair

Edward Telfair, immigrant from Scotland,
moved to Virginia then moved to Georgia.
Signed the Articles of Confederation,
when member, Continental Congress.
© March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson resisted the British,
over many years before the war.
Secretary Thompson of the Congress,
throughout all its 15 years.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Matthew Thornton
Matthew Thornton had draft State constitution,
was delegate from New Hampshire State.
Arrived too late to join debate,
but signed the Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

John Trumbull
Colonial poet was John Trumbull,
Satirized extravagance of Britain.
Wrote impressions of resistance,
freedom’s spirit of liberty. 
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock

V                  Index Francis Adrian van der Kemp
Francis Vanderkemp, Dutch patriot,
invited by Washington to United States.
Francis’ friends American patriots,
Franklin, Hamilton and Jefferson.
© February 24, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Nicholas Van Dyke

Nicholas Van Dyke of Delaware,
delagate to Continental Congress,
signed Articles of Confederation.
Nicholas served in house of Delaware,
then elected President, of Delaware.
© March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
James Mitchell Varnum
James Varnum revolutionary,
advocating slave enlistment.
Varnum was an eloquent orator,
outspoken against slavery.
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock
W                  Index John Walton

John Walton was a farmer,
elected to Georgia's Congress.
later signed Articles of Confederation,
as member, Continental Congress.
© March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
George Walton
George Walton in Georgia State,
directed the Patriot movement.
As delegate to Congress signs,
the Declaration of Independence.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Anthony Wayne
Anthony Wayne a determined soldier,
fought, retreat, then fought again.
“Mad Anthony” turned the war to victory,
in the fight for independence.
© February 19, 2008 Roger W Hancock

George Washington


General George Washington,
led the Armies of Revolution.
He did not wish, be King or Czar.
George Washington our first President,
of first U.S. Constitutional bar.  

© January 12, 2010 Roger W Hancock

George Washington
George did not chop the cherry tree,
though his honesty held high.
George held the votes of all,
as first President, stood tall.
© February 14, 2008 Roger W Hancock

George Washington was the first U.S. President elected under the authority of the U.S. Constitution
Previous Presidents were 'Chairmen' of the Continental Congress, elected by the members of that body.

- - -

John Wentworth, Jr.
John Wentworth, Jr. distinguished,
citizen of New Hampshire.
Articles of Confederation signed,
as Continental Congress member.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
William Whipple
William Whipple, Patriot leader,
eagerly signed the Declaration.
Led the battles, Saratoga, Stillwater,
successful expeditons.
© 2008, March 28, 2010 Roger W Hancock
John Williams
John Williams practiced law,
founded University of North Carolina.
As a member of the Congress,
signed Articles of Confederation.
Last service before his death,
Supreme Court Judge of North Carolina.
 © March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock
William Williams
William Williams, successful merchant,
yet held various public positions.
In Congress signed the Declaration,
then served on the Board of War.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

James Wilson
James Wilson wrote a pamphlet,
argued Parliament’s authority.
Demanding Britain’s separation,
signed the Declaration.
© February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

John Whitherspoon
John Whitherspoon, an Englishman,
voyage to America to educate.
Caught by liberty’s cause, voted then signed,
Declaration of Independence.
© February 24, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Oliver Wolcott
Oliver Wolcott missed debates,
'though signed Declaration of Independence.
Brigadier General of Connecticut Forces,
in Washington's Continental Army served.
© March 29, 2010 Roger W Hancock

Rewriten - Original © February 23, 2008 Roger W Hancock

George Wythe
Lawer, Judge and law professor,
versatile was George Wythe.
Quiet dignity left little to history,
though he signed the Declaration.
© February 16, 2008 Roger W Hancock

1800 Names of other American Revolution Patriots

There are multitudes more than are listed here.
In honoring these my intent is to honor all patriots of the American Revolution.

A Coll... Han... McE... Sc...
Major John Adair William Collard Daniel Handly William McElheney Thomas Scantling
William Adair Michael Collen Philip Handly Andrew McElroy Captain Scott
Bartholomew Adams .. Colonel John Collier Thomas Handly Captain David McFarland James Scott
Maj. Daniel Jen. Adams William Collings Charles Haney William McGarity Patrick Scott
David Adams Charles Collins Patrick Hannagan Charles McGee William Scott
Peter Adams James Collins Lt. Isaac Hanson Major Charles McGill William Scott
William Adams John Collins Joseph Hardee Major McGill Cpl. Charles Scoudrick
Alexander Adamson Thomas Collins Captain William Harden Patrick McGinity Francis Scroggy
Isaiah Adkins Joseph Conger 2nd Lieut. Henry Hardin Captain McGlauhn John Searcy
William Ahern James Conn John Harding Lt. Col. McGriff Lt. Sears
Agent 355 (Woman) Patrick Connelly Captain John Hardman Peter McGuire Ensign Seay
William Ake Edward Conner Elias Hardy James McHargers Joseph Seaburn
Moses Aleut George Conner John Hardy 1st Lt.William McKennan Lt.Col.JohannChristianSenf
Abram Alexander Major Henry Conway John Hargedine Lawrence McKenny Colonel John Servier
B. William Alexander Hugh Conner Henry Harley William McKindly Jacob Seth
Dan Alexander James Conner Joseph Harmer Col. McKissick Sgt. John Sewell
Col. George Alexander John Conner Edward Harmon Henry McLain John Sexton
Lt. James Alexander Thomas Cooenah Kader Harold Captain Robert McLain Sgt.Maj. William Seymour
Sgt. James Alexander Henry Cook Sgt. Robert Harpham John McLaughlin Daniel Shays .
William Alexander Richard Cooke Jardin Harrel Robert McLeod Major Joseph Sharp
Captain Julious Alfred Thomas Cooke Captain Harris James McLiney Cpl. Patrick Shean
Adam Allcock Mordecai Cooley Lt Arthur Harris James McLone Timothy Shean
Martin Allcock John Corker Edward Harris Barney McManis David Shepherdson
Barna Allen John Cormine Henry Harris James McMillan Captain Thomas Shelby
Lt. Enanuel Allen John Cornwall Isham Harris Lt. John McMullen Samuel Shepherd
Captain John Allen Charles Couch James Harris Moses McNew Jonathan Shipley .
Jacob Allen Matthew Coulter John Harris Joseph McPeters Jacob Shoemaker
John Allen John Courts John C. Harris Daniel McPhaul Peter Shoemaker
Gilbert Allen Joel Coward Richmond Harris Joseph McReynolds Edward Short
Corporal William Allen George Cowling Stephen Harris 2nd Lt.Stephen McWilliam Archibald Shortt
Thomas Allibon Michael Coyle Major Thomas Harris David McVay John Shottin
Bastin Allice Captain Cox Thomas Harris James Meadows Peter Shulmear
Lt. Robert Allison Daniel P. Cox William Harris Captain Mathew Mead Gen. Gold Selleck Sillman
Thomas Allison George Cox Barzilla Harrison Massy C. Medaris James Silver
William Allman Moses Cox Col. Charles Harrison Major James Meek Sgt. Daniel Simmons
Benjamin Alson Richard Crabtree Jesse Harrison Peter Meissenheimer John Simmons
William Anderside Samuel Crafton Cader Harrol William Mellone William Simpson
Mjr.Archibald Anderson Capt. William Craddock Thomas Harry Captain William Meredith Captain Singleton
Capt. George Anderson James Craig Jacob Harst Nicholas Milburn John Sitzgreaves
James Anderson John Craig Charles Hart Murphey Miles Mathias Skiffington
John Anderson Corporal Michael Craig Thomas Hart Sgt. Thomas Miles Roger Skiffington
Leonard Anderson Robert Crauford William Hart James Miller Elijah Skillington
Col. Richard Anderson Captain Joseph Cray John Hartlove John Miller Lt. Skittington
Captain Robert Anderson George Craycroft Thomas Harvey Samuel Miller Joseph Sloop
Thomas Anderson Lawrence Gregan Zadock Harvey Thomas Miller Cpl. William Sly
William Anderson Andrew Cresson Edward Harvin George Millet Maj.GenWilliamSmallwood
John Andre' Alexander Crispin Thomas Hatton Moses Mills Lieut. Smith
Thomas Andrews Major Croan Henry Hatwell James Mitchell Archibald Smith
John Angel Eli Crockert John Havers John Mitchell Buckner Smith
Lt.Col.Charles Armand Asher Crockett William, Hawe, MD William Mitchell Cam Smith
Lt. Abel Armstrong Ezekial Croft Ezekial Hawes Patrick Mohan James Smith
James Armstrong Christopher Crooks Commander David Hawley Peter Moire Lt. James Smith
Major John Armstrong Richard Crosby Col. James Hawthorn William Molineux Captain John Smith
Col. Martin Armstrong Carter Croston John Hay James Monks John Smith
Robert Armstrong Amos Crouch Thomas Hayes Rice D. Montague Sgt. John Smith
William Armstrong Carter Croxton, Sr. Vachel Hayes Brg.Gen.Rich. Montgomery Cpl. John Smith
John Armsworthy Enoch Crosby Anthony Hayle Patrick Mooney Joseph Smith
Samuel Arnal Carter Croston David Hays Richard Moore Leander Smith
John Arthur John Crozier Moses Hazen Lt. Col. Stephen Moore William Smith
Thomas Arthur Dennis Crowley Lt. Richard Heard 1st Sgt. Thomas Moore Charles Snow
Colonel Ascurn Captain Culberson Major General Heath William Moore John Sobbing
Captain Samuel Ash Robert Culbertson James Hemphill Lt. Col. William Moore David Solomon
Robert Ashley Benjamin Culp Bennet Henderson Thomas Moore Captain James Somerville
John Ashly Lieut. Cunningham James Henderson Azell Moran Frederick Soots
William Asshwell Joseph Cunningham John Henderson William More Edward Sorrel
Alexander Aston Cpt.Matthew Cunningham Lt. Thomas Henderson Captain Daniel Morgan . Thomas Sorrel
James Atkinson Captain Edmund Curd Barna Heney Fifer John Mortimer Alexander South
William Atkinson John Curry David Henley James Morris Daniel Southerland
Henry Austin Peter Curtis John Hennis Captain Jonathan Morris James Southerland
Isaac Austin Reuben Curtis Adam Henry Major Nathaniel G. Morris Sim Southern
Michael Awalt Thomas Curtis Ferrel Hester Thomas Morris William Southern
Federick Ayers Peter Curwell John Hewin William Morris Michael Sowers
B D Thomas Hickey Zadock Morris Lt.Col.Richard D.Spaight
Nathaniel Bacon .. Andrew Daley John Hickory William Morrison Captain Austin Spain
James Bailey John Daniel Ens. Thomas Hickman Samuel Morrow Michael Spainhour
John Bailey Joseph Darnall Levin Hicks John Mortimer Aaron Spalding, MD
Robert Bailey Ensign Robert Darrett Daniel Higdon Lt. Moseley Joseph Speake
Thomas Bailey Sgt Richard Davenport Phillip Higdon Major William Moseley Frederick Speck
Absalom Baker William Davenport John Highway Cruise Moser Jacob Speck
Bowling Baker Capt. Alexander Davidson James Hill Samuel Moser Sgt. John Spenser
Elisha Baker Captain George Davidson John Hill Francis Mosier Lt. Col. Joseph Spenser
Amos Balch Edward Davis William Hill François Henri de laMotte Elijah / Marauchie Sperry
Rev. Ebenezer Baldwin Edward Davis W. P. Hillyer Colonel William Moutrie Abel Spicer
William Baldwin Evans Davis Peter Hines Richard Mudd Cpl. John Spicer
Captain Charles Ball Lt Henry Davis Conrad Hise Dennis Mullen John Spigman
Daniel Ball John Davis Moses Hitchcock Timothy Mullen Mathew Spilliard
Captain Charles Ballon Jonathan Davis Sgt. Henry Hitland George Mundle, MD Daniel Spivey
Edward Bancroft Joshua Davis Peter Hitt Benjamin Munnerlyn Cpl. John Spraight
Captain Jacob Baner Ransom Davis Thomas Hobbee Loftus R. Munnerlyn Captain Richard Springs
John Banes Richard Davis John Hodges John Murphey Fortunatus Stainger
John Bantham Thomas, Davis Conrad Hodibuck Joseph Murphey Thomas Stanford
Dr. John Barker Colonel Dawson Habikuk Holden Michael Murphey Solomon Stansbury
Burwell Barnes Andrew Dawson Captain Holland Thomas, Murphey Captain William Stanton
Chesley Barnes Joseph Dawson William Holland Anthony Murphy Captain Starnes
John Barnett Pleasant Dawson (2nd?) Lt Holland Patrick Murphy Captain John Starns
Corporal Daniel Barrett James Day George Holliday William Murrah Sgt. Moses Start
Colonel James Barrett Silas Deane John Holliday James Murray William Stead
John Barrett John Decorn Lieut. Thomas Holliday Thomas Murray William St. Clair
Joshua Barrett Don Bernardo De Gálvez Gen. John Hollis Avery Mustain Lt. John Steel
Solomon Barrott Mjr. Gen. Johann De Kalb John Hollis Alexander Musclewhite Brig.Gen.Edward Stevens
James Barrow Capt. Jacob De La Motta Tarden A. Hollow N Captain John Stevens
William Barry Nicholas Delaney William Holloway Sgt. Joshua Nailor Robert Stevens  
Thomas Bartley Lt. James Delay John, Hollyday Sr. Major Nalls Lt. Alexander Stewart
John Baxter Captain Jacob De Leon John Holmes Joseph Nash Andrew Stewart
Seth Bayley Sgt. Peter Delon Robert Holmes Captain William Nash Robert Stewart
Banjamin Beach John Demay Thomas Holston William Nash William Stewart
William Beard Sgt John Dennison Lieut. William Holt William Nawls John Stilwell
William Beasley James Denton Darius Home Morris Neagle John Stoaks
Matthias Beaver Major Peter Deveaux John Honeyman John Neighbors Captain Abner Stocking
Amos Beck George Devenish Captain John Hood James Neill Sgt. Jonathan Stone
Thomas Bedfore Darby Devire Richard Hood Lt. Roger Nelson John Stonecypher
Captain Henry Bedkin Daniel Diall Joseph Hoole Roger Nelson Captain Stephen Stow
Major Bedford John Dickenson .. Ennis Hooper John Nelson George Street
George Begley Ebenezer Dickey George Hooper Bethuel Newcomb John Stotts
Bartlet Belcher John Dickey Captain Adam Hoops William Newell Amos Bradford Strange
Samuel Bell Major Joseph Dickson Elijah Hooten Henry Newton Adam Stroup
Thomas Belsire

Count Nicholas Dietrich

James Hopkins William Niblet James Stuart
David Benge John Dill Luke Horsfield John Nicholas Col. George Stubblefield
Peter Bennet Runnels Dill Abram Horton Archibald Nicholl Col. John Stubblefield
Caleb Bennet Samuel Dinwiddie Captain George Horton John Nicholls General John Sullivan ..
Perry Benson Captain William Dix Malachi Horton John Nichols Mark Sullivan
John Bentley "Hal", Lt.Col.Henry Dixon Captain William Horton Major Agripps Nichols Captain John Summers
Patrick Bermingham John Dixon John Hoskins Sgt. Stephen Nickleson Gen. Thomas Sumter
Mordecai Berry Thomas Dobbin 2nd Lt. Joseph Hosman William Nick Robert Surton
Elisha Bethea William Dobbins Edward Houchins John Nicks Daniel Sutherland
Comstick Betts Captain Henry Dobson John Houlder Barney Nisbet Fife Major Abram Sutton
John Beverly Lieutenant Doll James Howard William Nisbet Alexander Swann
Thomas Beveren James Dollar John, Howard, MD John Noble Peter Swanton
John Bias James Dollison Lt.Col.John Eager Howard Martin Noble Thomas Swanwick
Thomas Bibb Peter Dolton Stephen Howard Lewis Sanders Nobles Richard Sweeney
John Bibby William Donaho Captain Josheph Howe Jesse Noland Owen Sweney
Edward Biby Richard Donovan Jabez Howland Patrick Noland Dennis Swiney
Benjamin Biggs Barnaba Doran Joseph Hubbard Thomas Noland T
Samuel Bigham William Dorch John Hudgins Captain William Noll Lt. William Tabor
Major J. Bird Captain Richard Dorsey Richard Hudson Major Benjamin Nones John Allen Tailor
John Bird 1st Major James Dougan General Isaac Huger Zachariah Nook James Smith Talbot
Captain Richared Bird Michael Dougherty Andrew Hughes Lt. Jacob Norris Henry Talley
Nicholas Bishop James Douglass John Hughes James Norris Benjamin Tallmadge
Israel Bissel Colonel Willam Douglas Major John Hughes John Norris William Tanckard
Abram Bizel Pierre Douville Nathaniel Hughson Bazabeel Norman Thomas Tanner
Francis Black Francis J. Dover General David Humphreys Solomon Northern Richard R. Tasker, MD
William Black William Downes 1st. Lieut David Humphries Cpl. Nathaniel Nott Captain Edmund Tate
Willoughby Blackard Captain Thomas Downing William Humpton Sgt. James Nowland Captain Nathaniel Tate
Isaac Blackwelder Colonel William Downman Joseph Hundley Ens. John Nowlin Robert Tate
James Blades Robert Downs Robert Huntley, Sr. O Benjamin Taylor
Captain John Blair John Dowtin John Hutt Benjamin O’Bannon Elijah Taylor
Martin blake John Doyle I James Obryan James Taylor
Richard Blanks Thomas Draper John Barker Ider John O’Bryan John Taylor
Joseph Bleas Lt. John Drening Edwin Ingram Captain Daniel Odum Joshua Taylor
Jacob Bledsoe Captain Thomas H. Drew John Innis Owen Ohern Cpl. Robert Taylor
Lewis Bledsoe

Captain Jost Driesbach

Samuel Ipock Captain Edward Oldham Thomas Taylor
Daniel Blevens

Corporal James Driver

Jonathan Ireland Ens. John Oldham William Taylor
Samuel Blood Lt.Col.DuBuysson desHays Joseph Irwin Captain George Oldham Adam Team
David Bloodworth Corporal Guilford Dudley Thomas Irwin John Oliver Charles Terrier
Thomas Blount Lt. Henry Duff Colonel Elijah Isaacks Boston Ollis Thomas Terry
Thomas Boardman John Duffey Col. Elisha Isaacs Colonel O’Neal Rezin Thackerel
Robert Body William Duley Philip Isley Captain Peter O’Neal Col. Thomas
William Boe George Duncan Henry Ivy William Orchard Aaron Thomas
Patrick Bogan Robert Duncan J Charles Orme Henry Thomas
Ambrose Bohannon Alexander Dunlap Henry Jackson William Osborn John Thomas
Major John Boice George Dunn Levi Jackson Joseph Overcreek William Thomas
John Boisseau William Dunn Ezekiel Jacobs John Owen Ezekiel Thomason
Wright Bond Peter Dunston Robinson Jacobs William Owen Captain Thompson
Lt Bonnet William Durham John James Captain Jesse Owens Benjamin Thompson
Richard Booker Thomas Durnor Thomas James Stephen Owens Stephen Thompson
Lewis Booker Rob Durrett Captain Peter Jaquett P Joseph Thornby
Lewis Booker Captain Edward Duval Emory Jarman Captain Alexander Pagan Lt. Threadgill
John Boon Lt. Isaac Duval Isaac Jenkins John Page Ens. William Thweatt
Edward Booth Ensign Walter Dyer James Jerriot William Pagram Isaac Tipling
Samuel Borden Boston Dyson Nimrod Jester John Blakeney Paid Robert Tongue
Peter Borders Philip Dyson Lieut. Thomas Jett John Painter Thomas Tool
Isaac Boring E John the Painter Col. John Paisley Henry Townley
Absolam Bostick Thomas Eades Benjamin Johnson James Pallet Robert Townsend
Thomas Boughton Samuel Eakin Sgt. Caleb Johnson Michael Palmer James Tracy
Richard Boulton Ens. John Earl George Johnson Lt. John Pamplin Jacob Tragasskiss
William Boulware

Conrad Eartinhousin

James Johnson Major Parker Patrick Trainer
Valetine Boward Aaron Easor Captain James Johnson Elisha Parker Arthur Travis
Leonard Bowars Christopher Eaton Captain John Johnson John Parkinson Sgt. Manuel Trayson
Robert Bowen William Eaves John Johnson Lt. Parks Thomas Tree
George Bowers Lt.Col. Elias Edmonds Captain Joseph Johnson Nathaniel Parmer Michael Trendall
Martin Bowles Captain Elias Edmunds Silas Johnson John Parmly Captain Trice
Captain Bowman Captain Edwards William Johnson John Parsons Christopher Trinkle
Andy Bowman Lieut. Charles Edwards William Samuel Johnson William Parsons Lt. John Trueman
John Bowman David Eirwin Jacob Johnston George Patrick Purnal Truitt
William Bowman Mathew L. Elbon Benjamin Jones Captain Paul Patrick Jonathan Trumbull
Emannuel Bowser Thomas Elliot James Jones Robert Patrick Jonathan Trumbull Jr.
Captain Joust Boyce Samuel Elliott John Jones Alexander Pattern John Tucker
William Boyce Bryon Ellis Major John Courts Jones Alexander Patterson Woodward Tucker
Major Boyd Richard Ellis Jonathan Jones Captain John Patterson Zadock Tucker
James Boyle Richard Ellwood Neals Jones William Patterson Corp. Joshua Tuggle
John Bracket Oliver Ellsworth Samuel Jones Major John Patton James Turner
Francis Brackley Cpl. John Eltham Major Samuel Jones Elias Pea Sgt. Richard Turner
James Bradford Lt. Eli Ely Ens. Samuel Jones Josiah Peabody Richard Turner
James Bradley Joseph England Thomas Jones George Pearce, MD Solomon Turner
John Bradley James English William Jones Joshua Pearce Dennis Turnon
Daniel Bragdon Isaac Eoff Sgt. William Jones Capt. Richmond Pearson John Twiggs
Peter Bragg Lt. Thomas Epperson K Captain Pearson Thomas Tyack
William Brandon Richard Erwin Oreashy Kannon Major Robert Peebles U
John Branffield Colonel Etherington John Keeton William Peers Lawrence Unger
Lawrence Brannan Joseph Eubank George Keiser Captain George Pegram Captain Thomas Upshaw
John Brannon Elisha Evans James Keland Lt. & Adjutant Penvie V
Capt. ASA Brashears Enos Ewer James Kell Major Robert Peoples Christopher Valentine
Thomas Brazenton William Ervin Mathew Kelley Col. Peter Perkins Frederick Vandelip
John Bredding David Erwin Henry Kelly Philip Perrin Joseph Bradley Varnum
John Brent Col. Benjamin Exum Thomas Kelly Abner Perry David Vaughan
John Brewer F William Kelly David Perry Joel Vaughan
Jacob Brice John Fairbanks Sgt. John Kennedy Adonijah Perry Elias Veatch

William Brickell

William Fairburn Captain Kenton John Perry James Veatch

Roger Brickstake

Alexander Faires Michael Kernan Waxel Perry John Venables

Philip Brishington

Lieutenant Falls Cpl. Joseph Kerrick Captain George Person Peter Vendrick
Solomon Brittenham Isaac Fancher Daniel Kersey Richard Petinore Isaac Vernon
James T  Broastux Colonel Farmer Lt.Col.Mitchell Kershaw Abraham Philips Garrit Vinegar
John Brockus Lieut. Samuel Farmer Andrew Keyser Col. Abram Philips CptMartinArmandVogluson
Dennis Broderick Captain James Farr Edward Kibbey David Phillips William Voyles

Robert Bromel

Sgt.David Faulkenberry 2nd Lieut. Charles Kidd James Phillips W
John Bronely Col. Ralph Faulkner James Kidd John Phillips James Wade

John Brookshier

William Ferguson William Kidd Cpl. William Phillips Benedict Wadkins

George Brown

Andrew Ferguson Sgt. John Kiggan William Phillips Col. Jeremiah Wadworth

James Brown

John Furgusson Sgt. Thomas Kilby Asa Pailey Jonathan Wadsworth

James Brown

Captain Benjamin Ferrel Lt. Robert Killpatrick John Piatt Edward Waldroop

Jeremiah Brown

Ensign. Benjamin Fickle Captain John Kincaid Littleton Pickering Captain Sylvanus Walker

John Brown

Captain Charles Fierer William Kilty Henry Pickett Edward Walker
Morgan Brown John Findley Morgan Kinchley John Pierce Jeremiah Walker
Richard Brown John Fitzgerald William King George Pierce John Walker
William, Brown Michael Fitzgerrald Michael Kinleven Lewis W Pierce   Robert Walker
Jonas Bruce Bryan Fitzpatrick Michael Kinzer Captain William Pierce Samuel Walker
William Bruce Stephen Flaharty John Kirby William Pierce 2nd Lt. William Walker
James Broyhill Christopher Flannery Capt. Robert Kirkwood William Pimm John Wallace
Captain James Bruff Johnson Fleetwood Col. Knowles Maj. Thomas Pinckney J. Wallace
Benjamin  Bryant Allison Fleming Col. Thomas Knowlton Philip Pindell Lt. William B. Wallace
Andrew Bryson Hugh Flemnming Benjamin Koik John Brown (Pittsfield) Captain George Waller
Henry Buchanan Frederick Flinn L John Platt Major Walls
Col. Abraham Buford John Flinn Col. Edward Lacey Lt. Francis Pledge Capt. Archibald Walthal
Captain Buis Edward Flowers William Lahea Sgt. Willliam Plumber William Walton

Captain Casey Bulk

Bryan Flynn Michael Lallen, MD Lt. Col. William Polk William Walter, Sr.
Thomas Buller Lt. Hugh Forbes Aaron Laramond Absolam Pollard James Walton
William Bulley Alexander Forbus Thomas Large John Pollerson John Walton
Benjamin Burch John Forbus William Larry Jeremiah Pope Ens. John Walton
Zachariah. Burch William Forbus Samuel Latimer Lt.Col. Charles Porterfield David Ward
Joshua Burgess Lt. Col. Benjamin Ford David Lawler Abraham Potter Ignatius Ward
Josias  Burgess John Ford Colonel Lawson Cpl. John Pound Peter Ward
Ensign Burgis Joseph Ford Randolph Lawson Cpl. Richard Pounder Thomas Ward
Samuel Burkes William Ford William League Francis Powell William Ward

Thomas Burnett

John Forguson Captain John Learmonth Joseph Powell Edward Wardrope
David Burns Colonel Forkner Mitchell Lecatt William Powell James Ware
Corporal Hugh Burns Jacob Forman Lt.JeromeLeBrun deBellecour Captain Price John Ware

John Burns

Robert Fossett Colonel Ledbetter Lt. Benjamin Price James H. Ware

Laird Burns

Sgt. William Foster General Charles Lee Daniel Price Josias H. Ware
Zekial Burns Jonathan Fowler George Lee Cpl. John Price Seth Warner
Daniel Burnside John Foy James Lee Captain John Price Joseph Warren ..
Rab Burnside Peter Francisco Joseph Lee Solomon, Price James Warton
Oneil Burshear Captain Thomas Franaun Lt. Augustine Leftwich Thomas Price Ensign Waters
John Burton Thomas Frazier Sgt. Joel Leftwich William H. Price Lt. Richard Waters
Christopher Busby Major Franklin Captain Thomas Leftwich Primus Primes Lt. Gassaway Watkins

Brig. Gen. John Butler

Charles Freely Captain William Lemar John Pringle Cpl. James Watkins

Joseph Butler

John French Robert Leonard John Proctor Captain John Watlington

Barruck Butt

William Fullwood Colonel Lenoir John Pryday Thomas Watson
Zachariah Butt William Fuson Ambrose Lewis Jacob Pucket Captain Paul Wattington
Joseph Butterworth G Captain Joel Lewis John Pumphry Garret Watts
John, Captain John Byers Michael Gaiffin Joseph Lewis William Purcel Thomas Webster
Charles Byrne John Gainer Major Micajah Lewis William Purchass Samuel Wedge

Thomas Byron

Zachariah Gallop William Lewis Edward Purdie Benjamin Weeks
  Marshall Galloway John Lieuty William Purkins Thomas Weeks
C William Gannon Sr. William Ligon Captain James Purviance James Weil

Edward Cain

John Gardiner Captain Lillared Lt. George Purvis Michael Weirick, MD

Hugh Cain

Nathaniel Gardiner Col. Alex Lillington James Purvis James Welch

Richard Cain

Sturdey Garner Gemeral Benjamin Lincoln General Israel Putnam Joseph Welch
Joseph  Calhoun Henry Garris John Lindsay Samuel Pyle William Welch
Richard Callaway Edward Garrish Sgt. Major John Lindiff Q Henry Wells
Colonel  Calvin John Gasford Francis Linthicum William Queery Thomas Wellmot
James Cambell Lt. Gassaway Anthony P. Lipford 1st Lieut. Paul Quenoualt John Welsh
Solomon Campbell Captain John Gassaway Lt. Godfrey Lipe Benjamin Quinn Alexander West
Patrick Cannon Maj. Gen. Horatio Gates Charles Lister   Timothy Quynn Fifer John West
Patrick Cardiff William Gates John Little R William West

James Cardwell

Jacob Geiger James Little 1st Sgt. Robert Ralston William Wharton
William Cardwell Edward George William Little Col. Ramsay Sgt. Alexander Wheatley
Edward Carey Thomas German Col. Littrel Daniel Ramsey Sylvester Wheatley
Michael Carey Solomon Geron Michael Lochlin Lt. Col. Nathaniel Ramsey Sgt. William Wheatley
William  Carey Zachariah Gherkins Col. Francis Locke Simon Ramsey James Wheeler
Lawrence Carley Adam Gibhart Captain Samuel Lockhart Thomas F. Ramsey, Jr. Nathaniel Wheeler
James Carman John Gibson Theophilus Lomax Robert Rankin Philip Wheller
Robert Carmick John Gibson John London William Rankin Adj. Whitecastle
Patrick Carney Captain Jonathan Gibson Thomas Longdon Captain Richard Ransom Notley Whitcomb
Hugh Carothers Mill Gids Thomas Longfellow Jonathan Rawlings Captain Hugh White
Humphrey Carpenter Captain John Gilbert James Longley Captain John Ray Captain John White
Hezekiah Carr Reuben Gilder Thomas Looney Ensign Ray Jonathan White
William Carr Robert Gilhamton Captain Lopp Joseph Ray Joseph White
Thomas Carrier Hugh Gill Lt. Col. David Love Lt. Thomas Rea Thomas White
Benjamin Carter John Gill Captain John Loving Captain Edmund Read William White
Henry Carter Robert Harvey Gill, Jr. Michael Lowden William Read William Whitefield

James Carter

Thomas Gill John Lowry Sgt. John Reading Burrel Whitington
John Carter John Gilligan Col. James Lucas John Reardon Francis Whitticer
Landon Carter Joseph Gilmore Ens. John Lucky Ashur Reaves Fifer Thomas Whittaker
Richard Carter Brig. Gen. Mordecai Gist Thomas Luff Captain Samuel Reid John Whood
Samuel Carter Major Samuel Givens Major Lyllington Lt. Philip Reid James Wiggins
James Carty Captain Samuel Givens Captain John Lynch Joseph Reiney William Wiley
Hugh Caruthers Walter Glasgow Col. John Lynch John Reinford John Wilkinson
Richard Carwell Cpl. Patrick Glaswey Col. Lynes Bernard Reynolds Captain Williams
James Casaday Lt. Glaze Col. Archibald Lytle Thomas Reynolds Col. Benjamin Williams
Peter Casey Lt.Col. John Glenn Nicholas Lynn Captain John Rhodes Cassitee Williams
Edward Cason William Glover   Jeptha Rice Sgt. Gabriel Williams
William  Casley John Goddard M Nathaniel Rice Cpl. Jeremiah Williams
Mathew  Cassady John Goldsborough Lieut. Allen Mackobey Lieut Jacob Rich Col. John Pugh Williams
Allen  Cassiday John Gollier Captain Harrison Macon Captain Richardson John Williams
Barney Cassidy Sgt. Francis Goodburn Captain John Macon Benjamin Richardson Captain Lilburn Williams
Lieut. Castor James Gooding MD Archibald McConade Col. Holt Richardson Lieut. Nathan Williams
Richard Caswell Sgt. George Gordon John Macurn Thomas J. Rich, Sr. Lt.Col.OthoHollandWilliams

Colonel Richard Caswell

Joseph Gordon James Mahoney John Richardson Ensign Stephen Williams
John Cathey, Jr John Gorman Corporal David Main Thomas Richardson Stephen Williams
Henry Cato Daniel Gory John Majors William Richardson Captain Thomas Williams
William  Cato Clément Gosselin Thomas Maloney Col. William Richardson William Williams
William  Caton Thomas Gothard Ancil Manley Andrew Ricketts Zephaniah Williams
Jacob Caulk Cpl. William Gow Lt. Nicholas Mangers Lieut. Christopher Richman Dr. Hugh Williamson
Patrick  Cavender James Graham Sgt. Richard Mansell James Richmond William Williamson
William Cavinder James Grant 2nd Cpl. James Marlow Adam Rider Zachariah Williamson
Jonas Chamberlain William Grant Henry Marsh John Riely Littleton Willing
Captain Chambers Henry Grantham Cpl. Benjamin Marshall Patrick Riely Daniel Willis
John Champe Robert Gratton Richard Marshall George Rigg Thomas Willis
General Henry Champion Edmund Graves William Marshall 1st Cpl. Peter Riggen Willson, Surgeon  
Captain Chaplain Captain John Graves Captain Azariah Martin James Rivington David Willoby
James Chapman Jonas Graves Gideon Martin Captain David Roach Fifer Barney Wilson
James Cheshier James Gray Sgt. John Martin Lieut. Edward Roach Daniel Wilson
John Chesire James Green John Martin William Roads George Wilson, MD
John Chew Isaac Gregory Joseph Plumb Martin Capt. Christopher Roane Henry Wilson

George Chism

Cpl. William Gregory Captain Nathaniel Martin Captain Roare Captain John Wilson

Tully Choice

Major Griffin Samuel Martin Lieut. George Robards John Wilson
Private Christenbury Ralph Griffin Fife Major, John Martindale Ensign Williams Robards Robert Wilson
Richard Christmas William Griffin Andrew Marwood John Robb William Wilson
John Christopher Sgt. Daniel Griffith Ensign Caleb Mason Edward Roberts Captain Wilson
Benjamin Christchets Sgt. Samuel Griffith Captain Harrison Mason Horatio Roberts Captain William Wilson
Benjamin Church John Grinard John Mason John Roberts Major Wilston
Thomas Church Paul Grinnard Philip Mason Thomas Roberts Major Levin Winder
Nicholas Cissall Daniel Griswold Richard Mathews William Roberts George Winham, MD

Michael Clancy

Hensley Grubbs Saul Mathews David Robertson John Winn
Henry Claridge John Grover Timothy Matlock Jesse Robertson Ens.Anthony Winston
Burgess Clark Captain Groves Thomas Mattingley John Robertson Ensign James Winton
David Clark Nathan Grubbs Cpl. Thomas Maunders Robert Robertson Thomas Wiseman
Captain Elijah Clark Benjamin Guess Joseph May John Robinson Solomon Witherington
Harmon Clark Col. John Gunby Thomas May William Robinson Charles Withers
John clark John Gwinn Matthew Maybin 2nd Lt. Edward Roche Earis Witt
Jonas Clark James Gwynn Col. William Maybin Charles Roe Michael Wizer

Michael Clark

  Jonathan Mayhugh, MD Captain Rogers Aaron Wood
Richard Clark H Cpl. Peter Maynard William Rogers John Wood
Stephen Clarke Joshua Hackett Col. William Mayo Charles Rollins Robert Woodam
Richard Clark John Hackney Joel Maxcy Richard Rolls John Woodard
Stephen Clarke Captain Joshua Hadley William Maxwell John Roper Abraham Woodhull
Thomas Clarke Andrew Hagan Phillip Mazzei Captain Roun David Woods
William Clarke Corporal Raphael Hagan John McAdams William Rowell Joseph Woods
Constantine Clarkson Thomas Hailey Captain John McAdow Sgt. William Rumford Joseph Wooldridge
William Clayton Thomas Hale Charles McAnally Jason Russell Lt.Col.Thomas Woolford
Adam Clement Lieut. David Haley Hance McCain Captain Edward Rutledge Moses Woosley
Isaac Clement Col. David Hall Patrick McCalleb Lt. Joshua Rutledge Lt. William Woolford
Mark Clements George Hall Cpl. James McCarty Brig.Gen.Griffith Rutherford Lovett Worley
John Clendening James Hall William McCarty James Ryan William Worslick
John Clifton John Hall Henry McClain James Ryley Benjamin Worthington
John Cloe Joseph Hall Ens. Hugh McClure S Captain Wright
Charles Cloes Col. Josias C. Hall Captain John McClure John Sadler Absolam Wright
Christian Closs Colonel William Hall Thomas McClure Barney Sains John Wright
Solomon Cobb William Halley Archibald McCorkle Nicholas Salegh Fifer Thomas Wright
Daniel Cockerham Capt. George Hambleton Mathew McCormick Captain Samuel William Wright
Daniel Coffee Patrick Hamer Hugh McCoy Daniel Sanders William Wylie
Dominick Coins Charles Hamilton William McCoy James Sanders  
Michael Coir James Hamilton James McCrory John Sanders Y
Thomas Coker Captain George Hamilton John McCulloch Fifer John Sanders Philemon Yancey
Ebenezer Cole Paul Hamilton Archibald McCurdy Philip Sanders Capt. Edward Yarborough
Jacob Cole Ens. Hammond James McDaniel Thomas Sanders Joseph Yeator
Edware Coleman Lt. Dudley Hammond Daniel McDonald Joseph Sapp Godfrey Young
John Coleman George Hammond John McDonald Sgt. William Satterfield Ensign Hugh Young
Samuel Coleman James Hammond Joseph McDonald Philemon Saunders Ensign John Young
William Colgain John Hammonds Alexander McDougall William Sawyer James Youngblood


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