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Not  Free

by Roger W Hancock


Nothing is ever free,

though to you it be.

Somewhere, somehow,

someone paid.


Roger W Hancock ©  6-15-2001 


     Still to Learn
     by Roger W Hancock

Teach me to hear to know you Lord,
To learn your way I must learn to hear.
Teach me your stillness to know you Lord,
To learn your voice I must learn to be still.
Teach me your stillness that I may hear,
To know your love I must listen still.
Teach me your way to die to my way,
Obey to your ways and not to mine.
In your ways of Love joy peace,
Partaker of wine and bread to break.
I yield myself, my soul to take,
Your ways of righteous sovereignty.
Teach me, Teach me glorious Lord,
To learn to praise to glory you.
As I learn to hear your love stern voice,
Your ways, now my ways, I hear you Lord.
When still to listen mysteries reveal,
To hear your voice and not my own.
Path of Mountain cleft I gladly take,
Once Iíve learned to hear your grace.
Obedience to the voice . . .  I listen,
I sit in stillness and learn to hear.

Copyright May 18, 2004 Roger W Hancock


      Secret of Self
by Roger W Hancock

Within your innermost being,
Where the real you be kept,
Truthís secret from they and thee.
Out of reach of touch to see,
Heartís veil rent, complacency.
White doveís purity to show,
Reality, truth hid by lies.
Honesty to God and self,
Brings forth the real you.
Realizing His power above,
To see the sacred, whereÖ
Others see only the common.
Relationship Ďtween thee and He,
Shines the original you,
When righteousness your being.

 Roger W Hancock  2-27-03


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by Roger W Hancock

Shoved down, down deeper,
Musty, cold dark, damp.
Swelled cranial pressure,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
Bar doors clanging open, shut;
Moaning, groans, pleas for help.
Reverb drumming silent deaf ears,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
Slap on face is welcomed,
Diversion to my misery?
Added pain is all it was,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
Moss covered mortared rock,
A cell in bondage kept.
My mind, my thoughts my own,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
Head banged on rock wall,
Jarred gray sloshing pain.
Feeble resistance increased,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
So close so ever close, a thought,
Jumping would end the misery.
Edge of crest, mentally stand,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
Tortured of pleasure denied,
Depression sets mindís unrest.
Resisting trigger easily squeezed,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
Dungeon of oppression,
Torturerís tools no match.
Inflicted pain in skullís cell,
Seeking to keep some sanity.
Dungeonís depression mine,
Near insanity, my misery.
So close my mindís divide,
Power of God, kept the sanity.

 Roger W Hancock April 12, 2003





                   by Roger W Hancock

     Without God creation fails to those without a faith.

Evolution is the god of the godless,

for the man without, who knows not God's word.

Without the alpha, explanations lack with words.


    Depleted theory to behold of hypothesis dearly held.

Evolution is the god of his gospel,

for the man who seeks, recognizing not the course.

Origins to find, few distinguish varied courses.


    Science with little fact a religion it becomes.

Evolution is the faith of lore,

to man's godless faith, believing in unproven thought.

Genesis alone, reveals God in all the thoughts.


    The man who has no hope when he is lifeless,

Has a void in spirit and soul.

He does not know and so he does not care,

of a God who knows him, of a living God who cares.  

Roger W Hancock  ©  3-3-2001 

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Life Abounds In Nature's Sound

                                  by Roger W Hancock


River flows past rocks and logs, 'round the bend it rushes by;

the water flows it doesn't stop, ever moving ceasing not.

Forking 'round rocks it roars, babbling in the still it soars;

ever giving life to all, it's cries, its soothing hydrous call.

    Life abounds in nature's sound.


Trees some long and some so wide, branches reaching to the sky,

swaying to and fro to stretch; providing shade and forest mulch.

Ruffling leaves softly float; snapping goes the twigs that broke;

nutrition to the forest floor; the leaf and branch gives gentle roar.

    Life abounds in nature's sound.


Birds they flit into the sky, wings outstretched on wind they fly;

darting here and dodging there; swiftly soaring through the air.

Flight long, wings do flutter; beak tuneful as they twitter;

seeds, pollen, job of sowing; sweetly humming, chirping, cooing.

    Life abounds in nature's sound.


Deer and elk and other game, through woods they romp, run and play;

trouncing free through dense meadow, the buck seeks pursuing doe.

Dashing through wooded brush, thinning thickets as they rush;

nibbling, foliage pruning back; neighing, mooing through the flat.

    Life abounds in nature's sound.


Eco systems so complex, what power can withstand the flex?

Moons, planets, comets and stars, what contains to bind them there?

Electrons, protons, nucleus; God's power is marvelous.

Creation came by God's own work, to make it so He gave His word.

    God abounds in His own sound.


 Roger W Hancock  ©  3-3-2001 

"Life Abounds in Nature's Sound" is the PoetPatriot's
first attempt at a serious poem.



Not me but He

     by Roger W Hancock


Good to all, be my desire.

My actions do betray my aim,

filthy rags be my attire.

Though I do, I cannot claim.


Feeding poor, act of virtue,

heedless of humanity.

Its not of me for others do.

No not me, but He in me.


Myself yield, to those in need,

desire not, to lift the lame.

Strength be his, not mine indeed.

That I've done, I cannot claim.


Though I sit with folded hands,

not from me the answers see.

Thoughts get I a reprimand.

Not of me, but He in me.


Word of knowledge for renewal,

of his praise I do exclaim.

Think not that I be spiritual,

all I do, I cannot claim.


Though done with his anointing,

Great deeds and words may be.

Inner thoughts need overcoming,

'tis not me, but He in me.


Inspiration comes my way,

intelligence does feign.

Humbleness my pride betray,

what I do, I cannot claim.


Everything from God we gain,

talents, thoughts, entirety.

All I've done, I cannot claim,

itís not me, but He in me.


 Roger W Hancock ©  3-3-2001 


The Poem

by Roger W Hancock


Once a poem I did write,

of God it did proclaim.

I sent to one I thought would like,

empty heart did show his shame.


A brash and crass response it was,

to me it came a great surprise.

From family came revile worse,

than any stranger's criticize.


One who balks so much at God,

has little hope the life he walks.

His introspect must show the sod,

to cover guilt, his darkness talks.


The only real escape can be,

that grace restore, by sacrifice.

God's blood shed for us to see,

to abandon sin is paradise.


Roger W Hancock  ©  3-3-2001 

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Life Lessons

by Roger W Hancock


Nine months formed to infant be,

from the womb a promise shown.

The day my parents first saw me,

would they see the lesson shown?


Into life that day of birth,

experiences to learn.

A lifelong journey was brought forth,

would I heed and try to learn?


God is shown in everything.

I learn to crawl and then to walk,

from birth the wonders showing.

Learning, as I listen to the babbling talk.


Confidence begins to build,

walk, run, and climb, with no fear.

Mom does worry, Dad takes pride,

wrong to right is learned with tears.


Oh, to be a grown up nowÖ I thought,

confidence now over formed.

Independence sought, with little thought,

the wisdom of my parents scorned.


Now an adult I am by age,

my actions show Iím still a child.

Iím on my own, as trials wage,

with help from parents now reconciled.


Throughout this life some lessons fail,

my parents kept their vigilance.

They loved me even through the pain,

when I rebelled in disobedience.


How much pain would God erase?

His love to give, forgiveness done.

When we seek to ask his grace.

God gave us, HimselfÖ His son.

Roger W Hancock  ©  5-23-2001 



by Roger W Hancock


To be born first then life to death,

what is life from birth to grave?

Living a life of death or a life of life,

in lasting life or fading death?


When a life is lived in death,

what a waste of life to live.

Iniquities in selfishness;

life as such does end in death.


When that life is lived in life,

what a gain is life to live.

Righteousness in selflessness;

such life lived, come death is life.


What will tell of our life when gone?

To what purpose to what end?

Epitaph may last on stone.

But what of life when all is gone?

Roger W Hancock ©  5-24-2001 

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Ever Victorious

by Roger W Hancock

Yesterday is tomorrow but all is now,

time is timeless unto the Lord.

In linear time we live lives now,

through life we struggle, onward ford,


Jesus is the same last, this and morrow day.

Heís ever there you cannot not hide.

To the path of the righteous way,

cleave unto Him to be your guide.


He has, does now and will life preserve,

commit unto the everlasting one.

Sins that were now price reserved,

the war against death the victor won.


Death till the end polluted life lived;

life evermore when death is dead.

Lifeblood sacrificed that you may live,

victorious life in the Christ that bled.


Roger W Hancock  ©  6-2-2001 

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F A I T H                    

by Roger W Hancock


God is there in everything,

in all the good and evil things.

When all goes well He guides us through,

when evil assails He carries us through.


We must trust in the Son of God,

He knows and is the best for us.

We must trust in our faith in Christ,

unmerited faith from God to us.


He will not fail He cannot lie.

all we need is to trust Godís will.

From His word comes the map of life,

in our lives His faith instill.


Life be great or life be damned,

trials prevail when our faith is weak.

Faith in God though trials rage,

peace in all when His Spirit Speaks.


Pain of heart His spirit to sooth,

yield our will to the Spiritís move.

A little faith avails Godís power,

victorious life in Him the Father.


Roger W Hancock ©  8-26-2001 



by Roger W Hancock


My head it pounds, it throbs.

Dull or sharp the pain it hurts.

Self-pity brings the negative.

Minor problems become large.


Positive takes second place.

It is so easy to think of self.

Depression comes within the ache.

Hopelessness is magnified.


Loneliness within the pain,

with sluggish thoughts of suicide.

There is no power within oneís self,

to fight the hopelessness inside.


Within your heart the power resides,

If within the Christ abides.

To conquer darkness with his light,

one must turn from dark to light.


Depression fades from dark to light.

to fight the darkness deep inside,

keep your thoughts on Christ who died.

His life resurrects the light inside.


Roger W Hancock  ©  11-13-2001 

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