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Poetry  by

~  Baby  Girl  ~
Sheena  Marie  St. Charles 

-  PoetPatriot's niece

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Sheena Marie St. Charles is my niece.  'Baby Girl' was the name on her birth certificate, until she had it corrected.  Daughter of my sister, Florence, Sheena had lived a trouble childhood.  My sister died when Sheena was quite young.  Her father was abusive to Sheena and her three brothers.  In spite of all that has been against them, they seem to have gotten their lives pretty much together.  - PoetPatriot


The_Anger Change Daddy? Death
Death's Embrace Deep Ghost Of Your Love God's warm smile!
He's not my dad How not be love? In The Shadows Inflatable Heart
Keep Yo' Booty King Of Cruel Love Can Fly Rebel
Time Stops To Be Me Twisted Dreams Twisted Dreams Return
Whisper Links to  Baby Girl,  Sheena Marie St. Charles on the Web
Most of these poems show the pain of an abusive existence.  They also show the influences of the pop culture on our youth.  The abusive lyrics of today's songs brings to surface thoughts of death and the hopelessness without giving any hope to fill the void of despair.  - PoetPatriot
The Anger
by Sheena Marie St. Charles

In a dark corner, 
a small child cries,
as he listens to an argument, 
thrashing hateful lies.
He thinks of happy things 
and tries to ignore the pain,
he prays and wishes, 
he could just get away.
His heart falls 
every time his parents fight.
He searches for a quiet place, 
where he can safely hide.
When his father works, 
he stays in his room
to avoid his mother's friends, 
faces filled with gloom.
He tries not to listen, 
when his father talks to friends,
he drinks and bitches about his life, 
the boy just wants it to end.
The pain, the tears, the yelling, 
he begs, "please stop the noise."
He dreads waking up to his mother's voice.
Her screams and his yells, 
he hits and her eyes turn red.
He knows the "Anger," 
will soon find them dead.

Copyright ©2002 Sheena M. St. Charles

Back to the Top     

The following poem was written by Sheena in memory of her mother,
Florence Olivia (Hancock) St. Charles, my sister.  - PoetPatriot


For my mommy, who I hope, will always haunt me! 

- Sheena


Ghost Of Your Love

by Sheena Marie St. Charles


Somewhere in the mist,
I can see
a shadow of your face,
staring back at me.

When I close my eyes,
it does not disappear,
everywhere I go,
your singing I still hear.

I can't seem to escape,
the ghost of your love,
no matter where I am,
you're all I'm thinking of.

It's not that I,
should want to forget,
It's only that I haven't
had a moment to mourn yet.

Just let me have a moments rest,
and then, you will see,
you can come if you'd please,
and haunt me for all eternity.


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles


by Sheena Marie St. Charles


Please daddy NO,
I beg of you DON'T!?!
Why do you hurt us,
when you say that you wont.
I'll be good,
I promise, it's true.
Daddy please daddy,
We love you!
I'm sorry for what ever I did,
I didn't mean what ever I said,
daddy please,
I don't want to be dead.
I can't stop crying,
you hurt me too bad,
please don't hit me again.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
No please daddy don't !
Why do you hurt us,
when you say that you wont?
I know your sorry,
I love you too.
Daddy, why do you do
the things you do?
Daddy, what's wrong?
Why do you have the gun?
Daddy, dinner is done,
daddy, I'm scared.
Please daddy stop,
what did I do?
what do you want?
I love you daddy,
no please daddy . . .


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

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Death's Embrace

by Sheena Marie St. Charles


A Man once a boy,
I met and fell, and felt the joy.

He hugged, he kissed,

Caressed my soul,

he made my heart,

my mind, my body full.

Then when he admitted his love,
a dark cloud drifted above,

His eyes turned red and anger struck,

he grabbed me,

trapped me,

I was stuck.

Why was this man,

the man I love,

hitting me,

hurting me,

I've had enough!
I can not take this,

he will not win!
My spirit rises from deep with in,
no more, no more,

He must stop!
If I do nothing soon,

I'll drop!
So in a dark web of plot,

my mind twists in thought,

late into the night,

at the point of shadowed light,

I will strike my vengeance,
cold but just,

and kill him with one mighty thrust!

The bloody blade held in hand,

I realize I've killed a man,

I smile with evil tears stinging my face,
and take my life,

with death's embrace.


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

To my brother Nicholas who asked me to write this poem.  -  Baby Girl

by S
heena Marie St. Charles

He travels alone 
as darkness and fear,
like a thief in the night 
he shall appear.
Cursed to consume life 
from sinners & saints
existing only to inflict pain.
He must fight to be, 

but he wants NOT to win,
failure would set him free,
free from all sin.
He would cease to exist 
finally free to die,
but by consequence, 
cursed is another life.
This game of chance, 
win or lose,
all must die, 
and he must choose.
He who defies death,
plays the deadliest game.
Bound by decision, 
only insanity remains.

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

God's Warm Smile!

by Sheena Marie St. Charles


Sometimes, I walk in the rain,
just because I like the smell.
Sometimes when I get mad,
I tend to yell.
Sometimes I feel, like I'm all alone,
sometimes I am. 

But I know, 

no matter where or when or why,
God smiles at me, 

watches me from the sky!
He's always there, 

he never leaves,
so I know I'm safe.
Sometimes I get scared,
but I think of sunny days.
'Cause, I like to pretend,
the sun is God's warm smile,
and then I'm okay for a while.
When I start to doubt, I pray,
and all the sadness goes away!


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

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For all the lost souls  -  Sheena



by Sheena Marie St. Charles


Deep in the darkness of his cold heart,
a spark flares and a fire starts.
Suddenly he feels a wetness on his face,
a mysterious warmth from a hidden place.
He's never known this,

felt this before,
it didn't make sense,

his heart felt sore.
The void was filling,

he couldn't understand,
"where does this come from,

it's not who I am."
There's no such thing,

what's he thinking of?
He couldn't possibly...fall in love.
But, there it was, that stomach turning,
heart thumping, eternal yearning,
an emotion he'd never dreamed of,
but, there was no mistake, it was love.


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles


Back to the Top       

"Any male can be a father, but it takes a MAN to be a DAD!"
- Quoted from unknown source by Baby Girl.

He's not my dad, Just a guy
        by Sheena St. Charles

Your hero when you're young,
your enemy when you're mad,
the first man you love,
your dear old dad.
The one who is to protect you,
in your eyes he can do no wrong,
your favorite lap to sit on,
when he sings that old song.
What of the day you realize,
he's merely human in disguise.
He can make mistakes,
and he's not always right,
you'll soon miss,
the "butterfly kisses at night."
What if you find, 
he's an evil man,
how do you deal, 
how can you understand?
The things he's done, 
can you forgive,
after all he let you live.
The tears he made you cry 
have stained your eyes, 
"he's not my dad, just a guy."

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

A song in progress. 

My Inflatable Heart
by Sheena Marie St. Charles

I fell head over heals, into your trap.
You set the bate, and I was a sap.
You're cupid on crack, sending your dart,
you went and popped, my inflatable heart.
Why do you do, such horrible things,
can't you see, the pain that it brings?
I've tried so hard, to understand,
its like you live, in an evil wonderland.
I was good to you, showed you my love,
I thought you were, all I'd dreamed of.
But, it was a game, and you played your part,
you had to go and pop, my inflatable heart.
Your purely evil, and devilishly smart,
why'd ya' have to pop, my inflatable heart?

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

Back to the Top      

by Sheena Marie St. Charles

Change is coming,
It happens constantly,
We don't know what it's changing
we can only wait and see.
If only it would warn us,
give us the heads up,
maybe we could fix it
before our time is up.
Why the secrets,
why the pain, what do they lose,
what do they gain?
When do we find,
the truth behind,
the horrid mind,
That's changing our lives?

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

Keep Yo' Booty, Outa' Trouble

                          by Sheena Marie St. Charles


You see this fly girl, justa' walkin' by,
it looks like she's about to cry,
you ask her what is going on,
says her boyfriend just dumped her,
on the telephone,

she looks at you with a deep deep gaze,

and now you're going through that phase,
where you wanna peace a' that,
'Cause that girl is P.H.A.T. phat!
Keep yo' booty outa' trouble,
I don't mean to burst yo' bubble,
but, you gotta girl of ya' own,
she's awaitin' for you, right at home,
listening for your knock upon her door,
and you don't need to hurt her anymore.
So ya' say hey it'll be okay,
to look forward to another day,
she'll find someone if she keeps her eyes open,

maybe, says "what about you baby?"

Keep yo' booty outa' trouble!

Say, Sorry but I gotta girl of my own,
she's awaitin' for me right at home,
So I really gotta go, says,

"Hows she supposed to know?"
Keep Yo booty booty...
Keep yo booty outa' trouble,
I don't mean to burst yo' bubble,
but you gotta girl of yo' own
she's awaitin' for you right at home,
listenin' for your knock upon the door,
and you don't need to hurt her anymore.
Say, sorry Bitch, you gotta go,
I already got a ho,
I been in trouble mo times than I can count,
so it's time for me to BOUNCE BoUnCe bounce
Keep Yo' booty outa' trouble!
Bump Bump
Bump Bump


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

The PoetPatriot addressing:
Despair and Abuse

Hopelessness  breeds  Despair.   Do not
dwell on that  which  you cannot  change.
Avoid  the thoughts  that  make you  sad.

Abuse is the devils tool breeding despair.

Keeping the secret will only extend  pain.
Pain is a sign of injury,  needing First Aid.

What is the First Aid of Abuse?

Praying to the living  God  who loves you.
Praying, talking to God who is your friend.
Tell someone about  the pain  you endure.

Leave the  place  where the abuse resides.


Treatment for healing.


Continue  praying for all  your mental  ails.
A  relationship with  Jesus  rebuilds hope.
Forgiveness  by you  for your perpetrator.
Forgiveness  relieves some  lingering pain.
Your forgiveness does not relieve his guilt.
That is up to God  if  the offender repents.
Forgiving,  though you will not forget.
Loving God, repent of sin.
Praying ceaselessly.



Hope in Love,

The love that passes understanding.
Partake  of  the  sacrifice of  Christ.

Back to the Top

by Sheena Marie St. Charles

Rebel against hate, 
fight for peace,
don't be patient but wait,
the silence will cease.
hypocrites and oxymoron's,
Racism, bigotism, criticism,
prejudice, clenched fist
Thoughts and memories
racing on this twisted highway
in my brain,
fighting for the right way,
Stop on green, go on red,
curiosity will find you dead,
Satisfaction lets you live again,
Your enemy is your most valuable friend.

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

The King of Cruel
         by Sheena Marie St. Charles

Smooth slick as slime slippin' in and out of my life

Not thinkin' twice about stickin' around
the king of cruel with a stolen crown.

Walkin' right on through my red blooded heart
is now bleeding blue

Yet I'm a glutton for pain so much to lose
and nothing to gain

You seduce me take me and then
you'll come back and do it again

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

Back to the Top

Time Stops When You Watch The Clock

                                      by Sheena Marie St. Charles


Time stops when you watch the clock!
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Time flies when Your having fun,
where are the memories when we're done?
Life goes by in the flash of a light and
you missed it all in the blink of an eye.
But, Time stops when you watch the clock.
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Time heals pain, and only time will tell,
Time to run, Ring the bell.
Life's to short, to count the hours,
time to stop and smell the flowers.
Time stops when you watch the clock!
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Life goes on, in the nick of time,
I fall asleep, and the moments mine.
But the alarm goes off,
and I awake in shock, I open my eyes
and I watch the clock,
Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock...


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles


by Sheena Marie St. Charles


I feel I could lose,
at any moment I'll fall,
but, just when I slip, you catch it all.

You know every move I make,
before I know myself,
You read me like a book,
that wont stay on the shelf.

And when I least expect it,
and the moment couldn't be more true,
You capture my heart,
and whisper "I love You."


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

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Canít You See Love Can Fly

by Sheena Marie St. Charles


You want to know, why I don't say I love you?
You want to know, why I close my eyes,
when we kiss at night?
Can't you see, Love can fly,
soar the skies, fall with rain into my eyes,
and make me cry.
Love, Stabs like a knife, stings like a bee,
throws my life away for me.
Now, I know Love is a beautiful thing,
when it's right, Angels sing,
eagles soar, lions roar,
lightening strikes, fire ignites,
and I still cry.
But, you must decide, if it's true,
before I risk it all for you.
I can't take a chance, if you don't KNOW,
so you can't break my heart and crush my soul.
So ask me again when you're sure,
and my love for you will be pure!


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

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In The Shadows
by Sheena Marie St. Charles

Somewhere in the shadows,
lies a heart made of stone,
cold and dark, all alone.
Cracking with time's endless cycle,
crumbling into dust,
having forgotten love,
and desire and trust.
Never feeling the warmth of the sun,
never feeling the moisture of tears,
no relief from this infinite torture,
no hopes or dreams or even fears.
Feeling nothing,
for it's made of solid rock,
drowning in the silence, 
frozen by shock.
For the one time love was in sight,
the stone was still,
not reaching for the opportunity,
lacking the desire and will,
so alone in the shadows, 
cold and dark,
sits a solid rock, 
that was once a heart.
Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

   To Be Me

by Sheena Marie St. Charles

You say I'm lucky.
Well, you're so smart,
You know how I feel, 
what lies in my heart?
You think I'm snobby, 
it's who I am,
Nothing else matters, 
I don't give a damn?
Well I got news for you, 
That's simply not me. 
You better think twice,
before you judge and perceive.
You don't know what it's like, 
to be me.
You haven't seen the things, 
that I see.
You couldn't understand, 
So don't even pretend to care.
They say I'm lucky, 
to have what I've got,
Sorry to say 
but I think that I'm not.
There's a price for everything,
that I've gotta pay, 
It's not all fun
and games!
You don't know what it's like, 
to be me.
You haven't seen the things, 
that I see.
Sometimes life, 
it really makes me scared!
But, don't pretend to care!


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

Eric Marksmeier, my first love whom inspired this when I was 13.
-  Baby Girl


How can this not be love?

                          by Baby Girl Marie St. Charles

With every breath I take, 

every blink of my eyes, 

my heart aches, 

my soul cries,
To not hear your voice,

to not feel your kiss,
it's you that I love, 

it's you that I miss,
Just to see your smile 

or even your laugh,
would make me think twice, 

and appreciate all I have, 

just seeing your picture 

or even your written name, 

would make me feel safe,
would keep me sane, 

Every time I close my eyes, 

every time I lick my lips, 

I remember your smile, 

and my heart flips.

To know you to see you, 

to hear you, to breathe you,

this is how I feel inside,

wishing you were still mine,

I ask of all things in earth 

& heaven above, 

how can this not be love?

                 Copyright ©2002 Baby Girl Marie St. Charles


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Twisted Dreams

By Sheena Marie St. Charles


An inner Darkness that confines,
Twisted Dreams to sleeping minds,
with a cloud of blackened soot,
that circles trees with living root.
A city park where green grass grew,
as you slowly creep thru,
children's laughter fills your head,
there's no-one there,

their all dead.
A single swing sways alone,
shifting weeds over grown,
tumble weeds drifting by,
a single street lamps flickering light.
The tears of wind and rain,
slowly drift down the lane,
into the place of lost loves,
as angels watch from above,
a single rose on the ground,
butterflies fluttering all around,
this place I go at darkest night,
to watch the glowing spirits rise.


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles


Back to the Top     


For my Father Ronald, may the Lord have more forgiveness than I. 
- Baby Girl


Twisted Dreams Return

by Sheena Marie St. Charles


Now a blackened river you're beside,
bloody bubbles sway and glide,
rocks turned red by waters flood,
footprints left in the mud.
A hand reached out from the suds,
gives your heart a sudden jump,
you trip and hit you can see,
a body lying there beneath,
your fearful shrieks so loud,
echo thru this eerie town.
Bouncing up and running fast,
drums are thumping as you dash,
voices calling from all sides,
swirling thru your throbbing mind,
vines grabbing at your feet,
mist forbidding you to see.
Then at once you realize,
seeing with your teary eyes,
The inner darkness that confines
Twisted Dreams to Sleeping Minds.


Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

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Sheena St. Charles <The Pheonyx Rose>
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