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The  BLOG  of the PoetPatriot,

- Roger W Hancock

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Roger W Hancock                                               

the PoetPatriot

2007  BLOG Archive

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Media Bias; apples, oranges Truth Suppressed  
A Local Hero Passes What is Life? Victory?
Newspapers listed below the opinion piece are known to have used the peace as letters.
Others may have used the piece without my awareness.


Media Bias; apples, oranges                     September 8, 2007

Media bias is precisely what CBS, NBC, and ABC have been doing for years, only in favor of the left. The coverage on Republican candidates would be in favor of those that were less likely to win, thus helping to nominate a candidate that their favorite socialist Democratic candidate would have a better chance of defeating.  Then in the debates between the elephants and jackasses, they favored the "donkeys."  (The first cartoon for the Democratic Party was of a jackass not a donkey.)   Media Bias is not new.  The difference is that the Conservative Talk show hosts admit their bias.  The Liberal media are still in denial, even when the bias is blatantly obvious. 
FOX news is less biased then the other networks.  FOX has both conservative and liberals on its staff and its news and talk shows.  When the truth just happens to favor one side or the other then, oh well, but skewed news and news left out are distortions of the truth. Lies and lies by omission are used as subliminal campaign tactics to favor the far left.  
Comparing liberal bias against conservative bias most often compares apples against oranges.  Examples of conservative bias are found on the TV and radio talk shows while the examples of liberal bias lies in the mainstream news broadcasts and print media. 
Talk shows by nature are biased because they are not "News broadcasts."  Conservative talk shows are biased and Liberal talk shows are biased. More conservative talk shows exist because of the free market; more people find the conservative talks shows to represent their values.  America is more conservative than it is liberal, just look at the ratings.  FOX's "Hannity and Combs" is a show that presents both conservative and liberal bias depending on whether it is Combs or Hannity that is presenting the piece.
News shows should be neutral presenting the facts of both sides of an issue, without editorializing. Looking purely at News Shows one can find little skewing of the news that would show a conservative bias while liberal slanting of the news is easily found. Though still displaying some liberal bias the FOX news shows are more objective than those on the other networks. 
FOX news fault is that is lacks the blatant liberal bias that liberals have come to expect.  In the absence of liberal bias FOX is judged as conservative biased though there are little facts to support it.

- Roger W Hancock, the PoetPatriot ©2007


Truth Suppressed                                   July 13, 2007

The Fairness doctrine is all but fair, designed to restrict free speech in radio broadcasts. Bill Ruder who was Secretary of Commerce to President John F. Kennedy has said “Our massive strategy was to use the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ to challenge and harass right-wing broadcasters and hope the challenges would be so costly to them that they would be inhibited and decide it was to expensive to continue.” Hillary Clinton and others are trying to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” for the very same reasons. This time they are whining at the conservative success of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other conservatives while leaving the liberals out in left field.  The Right simply has more listeners, representing more of America’s values. The left has tried and failed to hit a homerun in a successful national talk radio program. The people who listen to the airways have voted by turning the dial to those who represent their values.
     Not all voters are informed, so elections come out closer.  The left needs ignorance to maintain its powerbase. The liberal left is again seeking to limit your knowledge so you do not have an informed decision at the polls. The Democrats are seeking to restrict freedom of speech to advance their issues that do not resound with the American People and with the Constitution of these United States.
     The “Broadcast Freedom Act” will counter attempts to restrict your right to know and maintain free speech in broadcasting.  Contact your legislators and encourage support of the “Broadcast Freedom Act.”
     The founding fathers considered “Freedom of Speech,” one of the foundations of liberty. We must honor them and insure that “speech” remain free. Where truth is suppressed, liberty wanes.

- Roger W Hancock, © 2007


A Local Hero Passes                                May 18, 2007

Another local man is gone. Many have died. They will not be the last. I can only imagine the rush of fear that nearly overwhelms a person during combat. I cannot imagine the level of bravery that allows our men, our boys, to perform their duty knowing that each day, each minute may be their last. Though they know the risk, they perform their duty, living, sacrificing every day, until duty is done.  Duty to their country. Duty to their countrymen. Duty to themselves and family. Duty to...  Love of... until their service complete, or God decides they've fought enough.

My heart goes out to the families who have lost a patriot and those who continue in constant concern. 
Sgt. Maj. Conner was one of those who recently died performing their duty in Iraq. Conner resided in Puyallup, Washington with his wife and three children.

I did not know Sgt. Maj. Bradley D. Conner. I do know his type.
Sgt. Maj. Conner loved his country; was dedicated to and proud of his duty. He loved his family, to risk his life to better the world they live.
Because of Sgt. Maj. Conner and the many men like him we sit here, in America, in more safety than can be found anywhere else in the world where freedom reigns.
It is unfortunate but it is the bravery and sacrifices that continues my liberty, and provides the inspiration for so many poems.
I have not served but to those who have passed, have served, or currently serve, I salute with the American civilian's salute of hand over heart.
Mr. Conner, thank you for your years of service. I extend my prayers to your family, comrades, and friends for their loss. ...

May God Bless all who serve to protect this blessed nation.

-- Roger W Hancock, © 2007

The following poem is inspired by and dedicated to Sgt. Maj. Bradley D. Conner

One More Hero Gone
One man, continued service,
Served his country well.
America sheds another tear.
One man dedicated to country,
Special Forces, Sergeant Major
Fourth tour served, Iraqi front.
Mother’s heart broken,
Never more filled with pride,
“Pride in accomplishment.”
Father served for better world,
Children to live in peace;
One boy, two girls; left behind.
Paraphrase of lover’s words,
Believed in mission duty,
“He did not die in vain.”

© May 12, 2007 Roger W Hancock,


What Is Life?                                 March 1, 2007

   What is life? That is the beginning of unanswered questions.  Man knows what will sustain life. Man knows how life procreates. Man cannot answer the question, “What makes life?” Man has explored the minute matter of life in attempts to find the origin of life. Though much information is discovered, learning what is necessary for life to exist, more questions arise. As man studies the smallest, “simplest” components of life he finds much more complexity exponentially expanding the unknown.
   Within that vast unknown of the minute building blocks of life are complex design programs that specify species, sex, race, breed, size, skin pigmentation, hair color and other genetic attributes and frailties. The complexities of those programs have been compared to the complexities within the many infrastructure systems of New York City. The systems within a city may have been designed by man, however, the principles they are based upon were not. The whole of New York City was comprised of many various systems that were designed and built as a need arose without much foresight of future needs. As a result we have New York City as it is, not designed as a whole but evolving as man’s needs and wants developed.
   Within the complexities of DNA is a vast program that man cannot duplicate. The DNA program is so complex the likeliness of it evolving has the odds of infinite proportions. Without DNA, man, animals, foul, and fish could not exist. Just consider the odds that two different sexes would develop simultaneously to continue a species. Adding to that consider the odds that the life would have lived procreating until the event of two sexes. Sound pretty preposterous to me, yet that is what the evolutionist scientists want us to swallow. No evidence exists to support a happenstance existence yet the folly of the theories are taken as truth by our teachers, and courts to the exclusion of the only viable explanation; Intelligent Design.
   Yes, faith would be a factor in the consideration of Intelligent Design, just as it takes to believe in a happenstance beginning of life or an evolutionary development that fails to account for the impossibilities of life leaping from one stage to the next. The believability of our children’s fairy-tales comes to mind when I consider the fables, I am expected to believe, created by the evolutionists. Some will say that my belief in an existence created by God is also a fairy-tale; however God cannot be disproved, whereas evolutionary theory often disproves itself.
   As man’s discoveries show more and more design in life the increasing evidence points to Intelligent Design. The denying of the evidence to exclude God, as even a theory, lies in the corrupt nature of man. To acknowledge the possibility of God is the beginning of knowing the corruptness within ones self.  Man’s nature, without God’s intervention, is anti-god and from there comes man’s agenda.
   Life, summed up, is man’s struggle within himself to reconcile with God or to embrace his own eternal demise.

- Roger W Hancock, © 2007


 Victory?                            February 20, 2007

“To the victor go the spoils.” America is much too generous. We oust a government and then give the country back to the people. We rebuild their infrastructure and train their police and army.
What do we get in return? A temporary increase of security and stability? “He who does not remember history is doomed to repeat its mistakes.” I say he who does not remember history fails to remember its successes. Japan was defeated in World War II, then occupied by the U.S., allowed to govern itself under the thumb of the U.S. and not given autonomy until much later. Japan is now one of our best allies.
What do we do in wars today? We first defeat ourselves by allowing public opinion to guide military decisions. War can never please a public that has not had war waged against itself.
Much of foreign policy is war policy, as to how to keep regions stable without resorting to war, should be left to government leaders and military leaders who will truly lead.
America needs to carry a heavy hand, yes this means commanding the countries we help. If they wish our aid then they should toll to our demands.
Cuba was not ready for independence, for now she has oppression. Vietnam was fought with hands tied behind America’s back to then give the county to the opposition. The Philippines were given independence and since has had dictators and civil war.
America’s success in Japan should be used as a model as to how to effect true regime change for the good of that people and that of America.  

- Roger W Hancock, © 200


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