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~~~~~~~~~~~~ t t t ~~~~~~~~~~~

    by Roger W Hancock

Fog horn sound,
white out, alarm.
Fog light beam,
dark out, warn.

Sunrise, sunset,
awake, asleep,
day or night,
need not weep.

Always watching,
sparing danger.
saving grace by
child in manger

© 8-17-2007 Roger W Hancock,


  by Roger W Hancock

Forgiven everyday,
Each day thanking,
Godís forgiving way.

When found in sin,
Turn to Him,
Find yourself forgiven.

Repentance secured,
Sanctifying sacrifice,
Godís wrath escaped.

Far dayís sacrifice.
Forgiven, fully paid,
Godís love forgives.
© November 19, 2006  Roger W Hancock


Word Rock
by Roger W Hancock

Rock of Ages
Music beat
Within worship
Rock of God
Words, crisp
Words, clear
Message blurred,
Not heard.
Rollin, rockin,
Message point.
Lyrics spoken,
Clear to hear.
Rock and Rollin,
To Rock of Ages.

Roger W Hancock August 20, 2003


Sleep Tight
by Roger W Hancock

May your sleep be restful,
Your dreams be peaceful.
That your following day,
With Christ be fruitful.

Copyright May 15, 2004 Roger W Ha




Little Girl's Prayer

          by Roger W Hancock


Little Girl to pray,

"Now, I lay me down...

That all good to me, this day.

From you above I pray.

My dolls and I, we ask,

And give our thanks...

 To you this day."


May 20, 2003 Roger W Hancock


This poem was inspired by a picture circulating the internet.   It shows a little girl kneeling down by her bed with her dolls beside her as if they too were in prayer.


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Christ is King

by Roger W Hancock


Christ is King.

His spirit on wings,

our soul to clean.


©  5-17-2001 Roger W Hancock


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With God

by Roger W Hancock


Hand in hand with God,

His so strong and just.

My feet with Him to trod,

hands, feet out of the dust.


 ©  6-16-2001 Roger W Hancock

Worship  Lives

               by Roger W Hancock


Worship is where worship lives,

our Lord abides in our worship praise.

Relationship fulfilled within the praise,

when worship lay, in all we do.


For all Heís done, with all his love,

He asks for praise, He asks for us.

He asks for that which He gave to you.

He requires the lives He gave to us.  


We will fail until made perfect.  

Though paradise cursed, we can prevail.  

We are enabled through the cleansing cost.

To live in him is worship and praise.


  ©  5-18-2001 Roger W Hancock

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  by Roger W Hancock


Cry now over spilt blood,

for it was shed as cleansing blood.

Cry now for the pain and shame,

for it was felt though youíre to blame.


Cry now not within your guilt,

for the blood cleansed us from that guilt. 

Cry now for the cost that paid,

for your sin and anguished pain.


Cry now in thankfulness,

for the blood enabled faithfulness.

Cry now with all praise to Him,

for atonement sent to us from Him.


 ©  5-23-2001 Roger W Hancock




The Three for Us

by Roger W Hancock


God serves us to Him be served,

unto us with sacrifice.

So much for us so little deserved,

the price of blood none else suffice.


Transgressions cease within the power,

the Holy Spiritís comforting strength.

The soothing grace in us deter,

when sin to us the blood avenge.


He serves us with the Spirit whole,

and of the Word the sacrifice.

To the one, the three, our love extol,

the plan began in Genesis.


Perfect God the three in one,

the one in three to manifest.

Us in them as foster sons,

within the three the Sabbath rest.


©  6-1-2001 Roger W Hancock  

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             Exalt Him  

                  by Roger W Hancock


Worthy of praise all Glory to God,

His justice prevails all evil will fail.

To exalt the God who created life,

Give gratitude, lives made of love.


Praise unto Him the Lord Our God,

His care will not fail in all of our ail.

Give glory to Him concern for fowl,

The more, His charge for our lives.


Halleluiah, Glory unto Father, Son,

His Spirit prevail, over evilís assail.

Honor Christ who lowered himself,

Magnify Him abused for your avail.


Worship of praise a love unto God,

Gave himself, pure love as a dove.

Marvelous is He the King of Hosts,

Wonderful for the price blood paid.


©  6-5-2001 Roger W Hancock

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

                            by Roger W Hancock


Let us all be thankful for all we have,

from where we have been to where we are.

For food that is plenty that we will not want,

 for the words that show life now and beyond.


Thank you God for all, for we do not deserve.


© 11-22-2001 Roger W Hancock

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                I Cry to Him  

                      by Roger W Hancock


Majestic name, oh so sweet,  

I cry, I cry out, thanks for all, the price he paid.

Scarlet blood, with water flowed, a broken heart,

for those lostÖ forever in theirÖ selfish hearts.

I Cry, let not, my heart be hard,

nails in each palm the pain that should be mine.

My God, my Lord, my scapegoatÖ the lamb,

guiltless man instead for me.

I cry, I cry in joyfulness, forgiveness to me he gave,

nail through his feet, his price on which I stand.

Glorious name, all power to me avail;

within the power, a fountain flows.

I cry, immersed within that fount,

cleansed from sinÖ saved from hell.

Sacrificed on alter cross; in my stead he died,

come third day to rise again, victory over death.

I cry; for salvation cry, to praise the Christ Jesus;

my God... my King... my Lord.


© 4- 11-2002  Roger W Hancock 




He Is

                  by Roger W Hancock


Be still and know that he is God,

That God is He, the three

To know the one,

the one true God,

is to know the one whoís three.

Counselor, Comforter,

and Father, three,

all one but three,

in true worship see,

is the one true deity.


©  9-28-2002 Roger W Hancock 






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Thank Him
Roger W Hancock

I am so thankful. I know he knows;
My sins erased by price.
Free flow of blood; I thank so much;
His cleansing gift, gave from love.
Gratefulness for loving grace,
In quiet reflective solitude.
Godís enablement of love,
To fill my cup, return to Him. 
Sanctified, cleansed of sin,
Thankfulness for battles won.
His joy lifts from despairís depth,
Victory in love, His power.
I know God knows, my Gratefulness,
But . . .  have I spoken so?
To the heavens I declare,
Bold unquiet praise of thanks.
Unashamed I lift my voice,
I thank the Lord my God !

        © November 20, 2005 Roger W Hancock


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