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 Left Wing Conspiracy

The Left Wing Conspiracy

One of the basic tenants of the Left Wing Conspiracy is to distort truth in the media; present false impressions of conservatives, using labels; and using any means necessary to persuade the public that right is wrong.  More recently outright lies have been put forth by the leftist to deceive the public.  Supreme court nominees have been vilified by the lies of the left.

There may not be an organized Conspiracy on the Left but the evidence suggests just that, more so than the supposed Right Wing Conspiracy promoted by the Left. What lends more credence to the existence of a Left Wing Conspiracy is the abetting of the mainstream media.  Lies are repeated without checking sources.  The same bogus talking points put out by the far left Democratic Party are reiterated as truth in news reports on TV, radio, and newspapers.

Hillary Clinton in her attempts to have detracted blame from her husband used the phrase 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy'. The Democrat leaders and the media latched up the phrase combining it with lies about the issues to scare the public.

Remember the school lunch cuts? There were no cuts, the Republicans increased the moneys to the program, however, the Democrats lied saying children would starve and time has proven that no child has starved from the increase to the school lunch program. The media reported the same deceptions, the Democrat leadership spewed forth.

The Democrats and the media using deception as their support for saying the Republicans are mean spirited are themselves the most intolerant faction of our society. Forget the militias There is much more deceit and mean spirited attitudes on the left. Look at the attacks during the confirmation hearings of Chief Justice Clarence Thomas. You've got Bob Packwood who was criticized for indiscretions 20 years ago in which he did not lie and when the lady said no, that was enough for him. Yet the Media and the liberal Left supports Clinton in all his indiscretions and his purgery.

The hypocrisies of the Left are all too obvious. Why then did the polls give President Clinton such high numbers?  The American people for the most part get their news from the main stream media. The same liberal media that will report without verification on dirt about Republicans, will bury or doctor stories that would show Democrats in a bad light, such as they had for 8 years during the administration of President Clinton.

..."If we were in other countries, all of us together would go down to Washington and we would stone [House Judiciary Chairman] Henry Hyde to death...and we would go to [Republican leaders'] homes and kill their wives and their children," actor Alec Baldwin said on an NBC-TV talk show. Talk about being mean spirited.

During the impeachment proceedings some of the Democrats distorting the facts, threatened those who would vote for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. One Democrat leader said the Republicans refused to allow a vote on censure, yet it was the proceedings that prevented such actions. The Republicans use the same rules the Democrats established for the Nixon hearings yet the Democrats complain saying the Republicans are not playing fair. The Democrats did not allow Nixon to cross examine the witnesses. At Hillary' s suggestion Nixon was not allowed defense attorneys to represent himself during what would have been impeachment proceedings. The Republicans not only allowed Clinton representation but also have allowed his defense to cross examine witnesses in the proceedings. The Democratic leadership often holds to a double standard.

The Left Wing Conspiracy continues with retribution for the Republicans standing up for the Constitution and just plain good behavior. The publisher of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt, during the Clinton administration, was determined to vilify Republicans and had said he will expose "hypocrites" who are trying to bring down President Clinton. Flynt has offered one million dollars to anyone who can prove they have had an affair with a high ranking elected official. Some of that dirt had lead to the resignation of then House Speaker-elect Robert Livingston. Flynt intending to continue making his point, said he will be releasing more information concerning other representatives; although little more came forth.

The left Wing Conspiracy has taken shape and form with out meetings behind closed doors. As the left have gotten away with lies, meetings behind closed doors produce more distortions of truth that are repeated by the media without concern for truth.  The Left Wing Conspiracy has become a reality.  He who controls the media, controls the people.

- Roger W Hancock

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