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Patriotic Rhymes

High Pride
by Roger W Hancock

Our American flag we fly,
vigilance keeps her nigh.
May our liberty never die,
in pride we fly her high.

© 06-08-2014 Roger W Hancock

Majority Front
by Roger W Hancock

Liberty's fronts on many sides,
borders, lawyers, economy.
Apathy's majority
has waned our liberty.

© 12-07-2013 Roger W Hancock

Liberty Dreams
by Roger W Hancock

Liberty lives in lives & dreams.
I'll dream of living liberty's dreams.
Then awake from dreaming, to live our dreams.

© 11-29-2013 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Red shed,
white right,
blue pure,
freedom be.
Flag fly,
flag free.

© 12-19-
2009 Roger W Hancock
Liberty Stars
by Roger W Hancock

All night's stars together shine,
above our nation I call mine.

50 stars for liberty be,
may all stand right, for liberty.

© 11-29-
2013 Roger W Hancock


Liberty Rights
by Roger W Hancock

Blue field with white stars,
red, white, foundation stripes.
Men, women, brave ones ours;
honoring them is not just hype.
Each one state has one star;
first thirteen states have one stripe.
Our soldiers fight at home or afar;
red, white and blue; our liberty rights!

© 12-19-
2009 Roger W Hancock

* Liberty Scar” came from
the left over phrases when
writing “Liberty Rights” (< left).

Liberty Scar
by Roger W Hancock

Brave men fought, now bearing scars,
against our government we may gripe;
service bears a liberty scar.

© 12-19-
2009 Roger W Hancock
Eagle's Eye

The American Bald Eagle,
symbol of America's vigil.
 Sentry watching over all,
vigilant eye on liberty.

© September 27, 2009  Roger W Hancock

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam in red white and blue,
has served us long and true.
Uncle Sam tips his hat,
when liberty stays intact.
Uncle Sam would shed his tears,
should liberty disappear.

© September 27, 2009  Roger W Hancock

Lady Liberty
by Roger W Hancock

Lady Luck holds no candle,
to the flame of Lady Liberty.
light the candle, tend the flame,
that our liberty not wane.

© September 27, 2009  Roger W Hancock

Holiday Heritage
by Roger W Hancock

Holidays for fun and play,
honoring our heritage.
Fly our flag most everyday,
celebrate at every age;
especially on Holidays!

© September 25, 2009  Roger W Hancock

Silent Bell
by Roger W Hancock

Liberty Bell sits silent still,
our Liberty Bell still tells.
Liberty sings throughout the land,
our Liberty Bell still rings.

© September 24, 2009  Roger W Hancock

American Soul
by Roger W Hancock

American Flag flying free;
freely fly against blue sky.
Eagle perched atop tall pole;
tall pole's sentry of American soul.
© September 24, 2009  Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Ring the bells of freedom,
and liberty tolls for we.
Quench the ring of freedom,
and oppression tolls for thee.

© March 03, 2001  Roger W Hancock
Not Free
by Roger W Hancock

Nothing is ever free,
though to you it be.
Somewhere, somehow,
someone paid.

© June 15, 2001  Roger W Hancock

Liberty Ring

by Roger W Hancock
Hear the bell, our liberty bell;
hear the ring go ding
Hear our bell, the liberty bell;
hear our freedom ring.
© 2006   Roger W Hancock

Liberty Sing
by Roger W Hancock

Let freedom ring,
Our liberty bring,
Justice of rights we sing.

© October 20, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Fireworks, Aye, Aye
by Roger W Hancock

Fireworks light the sky
every Fourth of July,
celebrations sent so high,
liberty and freedom, aye, aye.

 © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Liberty Drum
by Roger W Hancock

Responsibility will sustain,
our liberty will not wane;
We must remain steadfast,
and strum our liberty drum.

 © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Soldier Marches By
by Roger W Hancock

Soldier marches passing by,
Do we ever wonder why?
Soldier marches for apple pie,
that American freedom fly.

 © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Founding Fathers
by Roger W Hancock

Founding fathers did decree,
rights spelled out in liberty.
Now for right, soldiers fight,

guarantee our nation free.

 © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Ding Dong Whack
by Roger W Hancock

Ding, dong, whack,
liberty bell did crack.
Bell rings; rang decree,
that all of us be free.

 © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Peace, Peace
by Roger W Hancock

Peace, peace
let the fighting cease.
Wars come and wars go,
with only a little peace.
We have Police
to protect the peace.
Peace must be enforced.

 © November 30, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Fire Crystals
by Roger W Hancock

People gather in the park,
lay their blankets on the ground.
Waiting for the nightfall spark,
and blast of booming rebound.
Oohs, aahs of evening dark,
fire crystals splash the sky.

 © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock

Yankees against the King
by Roger W Hancock

Yankee Doodle” they did sing,
riding on their horses.
Fighting men against the king,
sang all the Yankee forces.

 © December 13, 2007 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Fireworks up in the sky.
Fireworks go boom, bang, boom.
Fireworks light up the sky,
kaleidoscope display.

© January 02, 2008 Roger W Hancock


Founding of a Nation
by Roger W Hancock

Soldier marches step by step;
building a foundation.
Rich men gave up their wealth;
paying for rebellion.
Soldier marches without pay;
fighting against oppression.
Founding fathers set the mark;
founding of a nation.

© January 02, 2008 Roger W Hancock

First Chapter
by Roger W Hancock

Minute Men, farmer, soldiers;
local merchants, barbers, bakers;
marches, writing first of chapters,
to the chapter, that now is ours

© January 02, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Taps Blows
by Roger W Hancock

Taps, dut, dut, duh;  dut, dut, duh…
Flag raised and lowered half.
Bugler blows dut, dut, duh…
Another man died on our behalf.

© January 02, 2008 Roger W Hancock

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