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Poetry of Love  -  Poems of Love

Romancing the heart with romance, enhanced by short Romantic Love Poems.
Love is given; love is shared. Love given returns when shared.

- Roger W Hancock

Index of Love Poetry
  Our Mystery  
Greater Love Love Waltz Love Dance Love Sense
Wed-locked Hugs Two To One Aging Love Be Mine?
 Beyond_Words   Close to You Dreamscape He Loves Her
Home Sweet I'm Falling It’s You, My Love Let It Bloom
Love, Love Not  Love Burst Love   Multiplied Lover’s Touch
Love’s Air Love's Moment Medicine Woman Me the Key
Miscarried Love Nearby One Great Love Reach Out
Rose’s Way Time's  Love True Love Valentine
Request to use Materials

Poems of Love
"The Essence of Love is Love Itself."

- Roger W Hancock



The poem "Our Mystery" is Dedicated to
Ron & Geraldine Green (my wife's Aunt and Uncle)
year Anniversary, February 15th, 2012

Our Mystery

by Roger W Hancock

Whispering, caressing,
expressing inner thoughts.
Sharing privately, quietly,
caressing, whispering.
Shared passion of words,
unspoken expressions.
Giving, taking, giving,
whispering, caressing.
Education in expression,
closer binds together.
Feeling your expressing,
caressing, whispering.
Proximity of the mystery,
binds our souls together.

(c) 2-18-2012 - Roger W Hancock -


Greater Love
by Roger W Hancock

Two today embrace together,
love each day grows greater.
Today together love embrace,
together embrace our Lord.
Today to live in love forever,
greater with love’s creator.

© 2-14-2010 Roger W Hancock,

    Love Dance
                 by Roger W Hancock

Excite, ignites, sets in flight;
     eyes possess first sight.
          Faces case love’s apace,
     tangled pulses race.
               Whirls twirls mental swirl,
                    butterfly waltz, dear girl.
     Hugs, kisses; love’s embrace,
          yoked hearts, union’s pace.
               Advance stance, step in dance,
          time’s spice, love enhance.
               Great estate, love create,
                    time romances mates.

© 08-04-2007 Roger W Hancock,

         Love Waltz
                         by Roger W Hancock

Excite, ignites, sets in flight;
     eyes possess first sight.
          Lady takes back step right.

     Faces case love’s lace,
          tangled pulses race.
               123, 123 avoids apace.

     Whirls twirls mental swirl,
          butterfly waltz, dear girl.
               Twist of curves for lively curl.

          Hugs, kisses; love’s embrace,
               yoked hearts, union’s pace.
                    Her flexion his hands brace

          Advance stance, step in dance,
               time’s spice, love enhance.
                    Steps paced set the prance.

               Great estate, love create,
                    time romances mates.
                         Life’s dance, love’s fate.

© 08-11-2007 Roger W Hancock,


Keeping the romance alive will keep the love alive.
Poetry enhances the romance.
- Roger W Hancock


   Love Sense
       by Roger W Hancock

Finger point to finger tip,
gentle touch of love.
Tactile tingle signals,
current’s quiet pulse.

Lover’s eyes to loving eyes,
gazing, look of Love.
Oculus nerve perceives,
visual embrace.

Listening ear, hearing ear,
gestate spoken Love,
Passionate instrument;

Nestled neck, nuzzle’s sweet scent,
ambiance of Love.
Aromatic incense;
romancing, bouquet.

Cooing mouth, whispered lips,
utterance of love.
Reverbing vocal cords,
voices… ‘I Love You.’

© 01-14-07 Roger W Hancock,



Wed-locked Hugs
                            by Roger W Hancock

Hugs within a marriage hold the bonds together.
Hugs 'tween husband, wife, ever tightens loving bonds;
skin to skin in love's embrace, loving two melds to one.
Hugs, His loving mandate, Spirit of God command.
Hugs strengthen man and wife, tightens Father's bond;
skin to skin in prayer to God, one flesh in worship.
Hugs to Love; two to one; two now one with God.

© 12-31-2006 Roger W Hancock,

     Two to One
        by Roger W Hancock

Two individuals, one and one,
two this day, be joined as one.
Two glasses, one and one,
two filled with wine of one.
Two vows, each to one,
two questions, answer one.
Two lips pressed as one,
two together become one.

03-24-2006 Roger W Hancock


        One Great Love
                by Roger W Hancock

Growing stronger days to years,
your caress posses my tears.

Sharing, caring we both know,
takes a lifetime, love to grow.

Closer ever, each confide,
soft whisper, posses my ears.

Decades later, still love’s dove,
lifetime affords one great love.

Years of love have floated by,
your touch only… makes me fly.

© 01-10-07 Roger W Hancock,

Written to my wife, Tracie; prompted by a contest
held by KVI 570AM Radio, Kirby Wilbur.  I did not win.
 Later edited.

                    Love Burst
                               by Roger W Hancock
Unlike any jabbing, stabbing, dull or sharp pain,
nor the gentle caressing touch or slap of face.
Sensation that none of these are able to produce.
Is it pain? Is it joy?  Discomforting tickle,
is the closest brief description, I can explain.

Upon first passionate kiss, when I felt your love,
Oooh, a bit of heartburn… no not quite.
Wedding day, more beautiful, than ever seen.
not only tickled chest, but teary eyes as well.
First night of the honeymoon you present yourself,
lust or love to touch, time would prove the tickle.

Synaptic impulse arc love sparks just above the sternum,
love ignites the fireworks, proving lasting love.

Intimate presentation dressed for me,
still thrills, prompting starburst in my chest.
Occasionally from those lips I love, “I love you,”
that exploding tickle prompts, my lip’s return of love.
Cutesy look you gave, reading this poem unfinished,
sparked again that burst of love, in middle of my chest.

Unlike any jabbing, stabbing dull or sharp pain,
nor gentle caressing touch or slap of face.
Sensation like no other, reserved for the intimate.
Firework display above the closed eye kiss, 
projected from within my chest, as… I love you.

© 08-12-07 Roger W Hancock, 


True love never really dies,
selfishness places a veil.
- Roger W Hancock

Love’s Moment
                    by Roger W Hancock 

Oh, yes my sweet embrace,
I gently touch your face.
Corner bistro rendezvous,
again my love to you.
This place to never leave,
you, I’ll always cleave.
Two coffee scents entwine,
as wine from twisted vine.
This moment stands still,
as you caress my will.
Time’s love life’s broth,
woven lines of linen cloth.
Time’s arms love’s length,
parting to test love’s strength.

© 11-17-2004 Roger W Hancock



        Love’s Air
                                      by Roger W Hancock

Long slow walk just two, strolling garden park,
trees hovering, shading, grassy knolls eye’s feast.
Blanket level lay, where lumps of bark had laid,
basket placed between with mutual taste.

Cold baked chicken, potato salad, tongue’s delight,
ice packed, grape juice cold, our champagne.
Watermelon still touch-cool, tastes so watery light,
seeds remind, continued peace, nature’s campaign.

Looking across beauty rare, own love true,
eyes glinting among waves of wind-tuft hair,
Lips pressed together; fireworks among sky blue,
twinkles above, among branch foliage; love’s air.

Picnic tastes, sunshine together, two remain,
seeds will sprout, love grows; nourishment sustains.

© August 16, 2004  Roger W Hancock


The poem "True Love"
was written for and  
then  read  at  my 
son's  wedding 

I wrote it the 
morning of  the 


[ When sin begat the relationship
repentance must be found.
Foundation for lasting love,
must be upon the Lord.

Without a commitment
to each and God,
selfishness will reign,
and prevent the bond
of Holy Union. ]

  True Love

        by Roger W Hancock


Lovebirds together join,

attracting each the other.

Chirping flight builds,

upon the love that buds.

True love future goal,

through the trials build.

Commitment each,

to each and God;

God’s laws secure,

seals the solemn vows.

Promise made to the other,

a promise made to God.

Lasting love of two;

greater love of three.

Greatest love divine, 

with Christ perfected.

Wedding bells for these,

rings bind two to God.

Spirit dove encompass,

enable victory’s trials.

Faith binds the lives,

love built by trial.

Birds in flight together,

with Spirit dove of love.

February 28, 2004,  Roger W Hancock





This poem was obviously influenced by an old song
 that was subsequently used as a jingle.
The jingle still rang springing subconsciously into my
 mind as the words repeated the same rhythm.
I need to find the original to see how close it is.


    Reach Out

     by Roger W Hancock


Reach out and touch

when to touch you cannot

Make it a long distance call

When you can


Reach out and dial

To that loved one so far

Close that long distance gap

When you call


When you call out

To your mother abroad        (Father, Brother, Sister, Friend, lover)

You touch her distant heart      (her / his)

When you call.


Reach out and touch

Make a long distance call

Close that long distant thought

When you call.


© 11-24-03 Roger W Hancock


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Medicine Woman
   by Roger W Hancock

My heart breaks,
though you I have.
I have to hold to keep.
I wish were true,
It seem to be,
I only have half of you.
Emotions churn depression,
when love you hold from me,
Unbearable . . .  the pain.
My words not heard,
my cries for help,
For you to show your love.
I wish to show
my love through touch,
that each the other love.
Touch not felt,
my cries for love,
for passion each to share.
My mind I feel,
chemicals churn unbalance,
each time rejection felt.
Sanity at risk,
In your hands and heart,
your touch to keep me sane.
No other woman,
has the power to keep,
my mind in equal balance.
It is only you,
my heart in bondage to,
your touch to keep me sane.
My brain in pain,
the pressure gains
I want the pain to end.
Your love, my sanity,
you must learn to know,
your touch of love…
 . . . . . . . . my… medicine.

© July 6, 2003  Roger W Hancock


Close To You

              by Roger W Hancock


You can never be close enough,

Close enough for me, for you.

Lips pressed as petals ‘tween pages.

Fingers intertwined, pulses undefined.

Eye to eye wordless thought,

Silent sights express delight.

Close, close, closer be,

My love, my one, my you.

Never cease amazement,

Touching, kissing, loving you.

Eyes not wander in the wonder,

In the wonder of you.

Cleaved together a single shadow,

Closer still to be to you.

Distance cannot break the vows,

Emotions cleaved together.

Return, return, your presence be,

My hands, your hands, again to cleave.


Ó November 13, 2003 Roger W Hancock


  Love   Multiplied

                 by Roger W Hancock


Ten times ten words expressed

Multiplied by lover’s touch.

Words without the touch

Empty heart results.

Words are fine

When in courtship sees,

The other’s heart proclaims.

Commitment seals,

With golden vows,

Rings bind two as one.

Each will learn,

Years to teach,

Love made strong by touch.

Ten times ten

By lover’s touch

More than words express.


Ó October 27, 2003 Roger W Hancock


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  Time’s Love

           by Roger W Hancock


Soft caressing touch of love,

Heart’s depth chambers filled.

Lips pressed as plucked roses

Placed between times loving pages.

Vision beauty your curves, your hair,

No other years compare.

Hands petite placed within,

My own rough by work today.

Narrow limber digits touch,

Count the ways of deeper love.

Fingers gentle each to kiss,

Twirls each lock of hair.

Cleaved together a single silhouette,

Arms in wrapped embrace.

Years have built the ecstasy;

Anticipates love’s gentle touch.

Time’s proven love intense,

Still flutters, tickles within my chest.

One of thousands world wide, you;

Only one, a single rose to me.

Your caressing touch contains

Love-filled years, words exclaimed.

Through time love has grown

As trees from sprouts we watched.

You must never die... before my time,

Love's years vested in you only.

Only one, only you,

My heart in bondage to…

Touch me… kiss me…


Ó October 27, 2003 Roger W Hancock


              by Roger W Hancock


Upon the porch of the old farm house,

Day’s heat and labor now past.

Thinking how I now treasure,

Cool, crisp autumn evenings.

Thinking on the good times,

Foolish youth of those gone bad.

Coyote calls without response,

Perhaps the mate I shot today.

Old lady, my years of love,

Pours a glass of lemonade.

Reminiscing together,

Trials that made our love so strong.

White-noise; crickets, bellowing frogs,

Calls of loons, grouse, the waterfall.

Reality dream nodding off,

Leaves me… swingin’ on a star.


Ó September 13, 2003 Roger W Hancock





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        Lover’s Touch

                        by Roger W Hancock


Physical, chemical, intellectual attraction,

In the eyes or mind, the spark ignites.

Learning, teaching each the other,

Compatibility establish.

Time proves lasting love,

Love be true, to each the other.

Bonding vows between two lovers,

Public confession on union day.

Newlywed passion an ecstasy,

Love expressed, bodies cleaved.

The novelty begins to wane,

Commitment must be nourished.

Each must through words with touch,

Loving frolic to feed each need.

Not just physical but love expressed,

Each provides their lover’s need.

Years together brings in concert,

Ever-closer hearts through touch.

Touch alone when just wed, novelty,

Becomes the lovers’ expressed delight.

Spoken words a verbal expression,

Empty without the lover’s touch.

Just a touch no love expressed,

Upsets the mind, insanity lurks.

Caressing touch, love’s strength,

That love remains life’s food.

Loving words… loving touch…

Weaved through each as one.

Man, wife in God together …

Love proved through lover’s touch.


Ó July 24, 2003 Roger W Hancock



       Aging Love

          by Roger W Hancock


Now and then and then again,

But when will love succumb?

A little now, a little then,

But when, oh, when be more?

Love expressed to show,

More then just allow.

Yearns, oh, yearn for more of you,

Dearest love, of years.

Love grows ever strong,

Each year I need you more.

Simple love when newlyweds,

Was fine back then when new.

But now that older together grow,

My need of you grows too.

Caressing touch to show the love,

Expressing each our hearts.

Cuddle hugs our bodies one,

Emotions shown by touch.

I yearn, I yearn for more of you,

I hope you understand.

‘Tis not just touch but your heart,

Through your fingers touch.

I hear your words but need to feel,

Your love through lover’s touch.


Ó July 6, 2003 Roger W Hancock



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           Rose’s Way

          by Roger W Hancock


Why do roses bloom with thorns?

Red, white, violet, scarlet pricks?


What shall now I do, beauty scorned?

Beyond arms reach for eyes behold.


Where to plant the wily rose?

Avoiding trails close, still show.


When to dig then plant anew?

Now when pricked, blood will let.


Oh, the way to catch the beauty,

Red, white, violet, beware the thorn.


What with care the rose repose,

Nasty pricks do now protest.


Which fragrant rose beauty pick,

For all await your touch to prick.


What’s the moral of the rose?

Set eyes upon but not the touch.


Ó July 6, 2003 Roger W Hancock



Home Sweet

        by Roger W Hancock


Warmth and familiarity of home,

Calms the soul, sooths the nerves.

Seagulls soaring, gliding peacefully,

Lift by updraft of ocean wind.

Whale pod playing rolling;

Family familiar play.

Sandy beach stretching far,

beyond lone lighthouse sentry.

Gulls scavenger hunt together;

Feasting family familiarity.

Lone beach, break ocean surf.

Calm sea by flow of wind,

Familiarity of home fire’s warmth.


Ó April 23, 2003 Roger W Hancock





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  Let It Bloom

           by Roger W Hancock


Bring it on, be bold,
Reach out… beyond yourself.
The power lies within,
Convey the love inside,
Love, you keep contained.

Flower’s bud kept tight,

The fragrance not released.
Held tight, rejection feared.
Love unknown by other,
Unnourished by expression.
Never shall be known,
When feelings not exposed.
Shy love bound… released,
To see it free or not to feel,
If to be… all will see,
Together, love buds blooming.


Ó 01-28-2003 Roger W Hancock





Not  Free

by Roger W Hancock


Nothing is ever free,

though to you it be.

Somewhere, somehow,

someone paid.


© 06-15-2001 Roger W Hancock





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       He Loves Her  

                    by Roger W Hancock


A man loves his wife, so dear and true,

a love of ages, of many a year.

So much is shared, what’s hers is his.


Love expressed producing so much,

a home, belongings and, oh yeah, the kids.

It’s an expression, a commitment of years.


She doesn’t respond, as he feels the need,

consumed with caring for the home and the kids.

He feels left out, as though in the way.


The promise made, the vows expressed,

seem to be just a fog in the past.

He desires the intimacy, which once was shared.


He sees not true love, but only the void,

the affection he desires to be deeper with her.

He does not see, that he really wants Her.


A temptation flits by it troubles the heart,

why would a man jeopardize his true love?

Others devastate lives, with meaningless fairs.


He examines his heart, and commitment made,

and concludes, no other could fill the void.

It is truly his bride, of his heart that tempts.


The commitment made, for better, for worse,

to cleave unto the bride of youth, is the way.

Love may not be easy, the alternate worse.  


© 06-10-2001 Roger W Hancock 

It’s You, My Love

  by Roger W Hancock


My love, my love,

It is you I love.

With you only,

I wish to share.


It is with you,

I’ve spent my life.

No other I pursue,

my love of you, is rife.


Temptation a thought,

fails in me to tempt.

No strange love for me,

your love, have I dreamt.


Unto you my love,

my heart belongs to you.

My heart bound by love,

a slave, in love, to you.


Do you understand,

my commitment made?

To you only be myself,

I desire no one else.

© 01-27-2002  Roger W Hancock 




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    by Roger W Hancock


Sweet thing,

oh so sweet.

How I love you so.


My eyes find favour,

upon your face,

a visual embrace.


Have I failed?

to tell you so,

that I do love you?


Valentines Day,

to express our love,

felt the whole past year.


A day to break,

the complacency,

cares of daily living.


Valentine to you,

just a little token,

written words, my love.


If I so fail to say,

let my actions show,

I love you every day.


© 01-27-2002 Roger W Hancock





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 I’m Falling

      by Roger W Hancock


Falling in love,

is easy, ever so easy;

falling in love with you.


Only a friend,

a friend to you;

falling in love with you.


I tried to fight,

that falling in love;

falling in love with you.


A friend so true,

I wished to be;

falling in love with you.


Friends we cannot be,

disallowed by my heart;

falling in love with you.


Your presence,

your beauty,

falling in love with you.


My thoughts of you,

dreams of you be filled;

falling in love with you.


Into my eyes to see,

more than simple care;

falling in love with you.


I hope you feel it too,

love not like for me;

falling in love with you.


Falling, falling,

toppling, tumbling,

falling in love with you.


© 01-27-2002 Roger W Hancock

Me the Key

     by Roger W Hancock


When just friends we were,

talking was easier then.

Now that I’m sweet on you,

the stuttering keeps me quiet.


Your presence sweet,

enjoyed so just as friends.

Conversing about your dreams,

so relaxing was your voice,


Now my heart it pounds within,

my chest I think might burst.

Just to hear your voice again,

brings no comfort to that thirst.


They say no gain without the pain,

but when will love release?

It feels so great to love you so,

but the pain I cannot bear.


Maybe it be me the key,

that the secret be with me.

Courage must be to tell you, so…

you’ll know, I’m in love with you.


   © 02-10-2002 Roger W Hancock



 Love, Love Not

                    by Roger W Hancock


Petal by petal, to pluck the flower

love… love not… love… love not.

Do not know if love or not.

petal love, petal not,


Do not know if love or not

so stay just friends the petals say.

The petals cannot future see,

but flower whole can cultivate.


Time and prayer to foresee,

the one who will be right for thee.

A lifetime match by God alone,

to blend two lives into just one.


Let the flower stay intact,

watch until the flower wither.

Whimsy notion in the blooming,

luck of flower, or of the thistle.


© 02-10-2002 Roger W Hancock



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    Be Mine?

   by Roger W Hancock


Will you be my little heart?

Will you be my Valentine?

You’ve already caught my heart.

You may as well, be mine.


Will you be that special friend?

Will you be my Valentine?

Sharing thoughts with each other,

You may as well be mine.


Will you be that friend so true?

Will you be my Valentine?

You are there when I am down.

You may as well be mine.


Will you, will you, be mine?

Will you be my Valentine?

You already control my heart.

You may as well be mine.


Will you be mine . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .  be my. . . Valentine?


© Copyright 2-14-2002 Roger W Hancock



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Beyond Words

          by Roger W Hancock


Oh my love, my love,

I yearn for you today.

Love to be expressed,

more than words can say.


Our Love together,

from you, to me, to you.

By the soft caress of touch,

more than words can say.


The more I adore,

I yearn to show romance.

Soft touch to show my love,

more than words can say.


Show your love for me,

I love to feel seduced.

Your touch of love enwraps,

enforce the words you say.


© Copyright 4-14-2002 Roger W Hancock



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                 by Roger W Hancock


Palm’s stroke light of kitten’s back,

Soft perception, love lacks return.

Through night’s fog, passing ships

Divergent souls meeting missed.

Echoed blast heard through fog,

Existence proved outside of sight.

Fog curtain clouds nearing view,

Assumption’s presumptuous curse.

Feathered caress raising neck hair

Night’s presence felt outside of sight.

So close, so far, to reach no touch,

Hearts drawing ever close pass by.

Flash of lighthouse distance shine,

Far to far the light housed tower.

Nearer waves crashing stone shore,

Danger crying signs fear to warn.

Ship of love in rolling seas wave,

Enticing calling promise not safe.

Moaning cries of whales pod surface.

So close, so near, no view of sight.

Dove’s evasive white love desired,

So close, so fleeting… lonely heart.  


© Copyright 11-25-2002 Roger W Hancock


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Poems of Love
Romance is the whole of Romancing the Heart, with Romantic Actions and Words.

- Roger W Hancock


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Poems of Faith

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