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Roger's Rhymes

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Roger's Rhymes - Index


Various Children Rhymes

Roger's Rhymes --- Make Me Laugh + + +
Pizza Peaceful Sleep Funny Faces Romp and Play
Bubbles The Hunt Curly Knots Chocolate
Tasty Pastry Apple A Day Whistle Stop Whistling Along
Rain Fall Riding the Bus Great to be a Nut Lighthouse
Little Does It Matter? Weather Freckles Catch a Rainbow
Raindrops On My Hat Custard Boy and the Owl Apples Free
Wind Step By Step Rabbit Scare? Wedge of Cheese
Bamboo Shoots I Lost One Shoe I Stuck an Arrow Doughnut Hole
Tires Go Round Night Lights Violin Sleeping Little Babe
Fetch the Mail Freckles Sprinkles Tickles
  Planes and Birds    
    Children Rhyme Links  

Miscellaneous Children Rhymes

Roger's Rhymes
Read a rhyme of Roger’s Rhymes,
morning time or noon time.
Any time for Roger’s Rhymes,
especially at night time.
© 09-08-2012 Roger W Hancock


Make Me Laugh
by Roger W Hancock

Tell good jokes,
to your favorite blokes.
One line jest,
to pop my chest.

Make me laugh,
until I sneeze.

Crack with ease,
a joke or tease;
down to knees,
friends appease.

Tickle my yolk,
with gutsy zest.

Words to fiddle,
baffled riddle;
puzzel me,
for lots of glee.

Make me laugh,
make me wheeze.
© 06-17-2012 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

'Pizza' has few rhyming words,
though the taste, a great reward.
Forget this rhyme, let it cool,
tasty pizza makes me drool.
© 01-14-2012 Roger W Hancock

Peaceful Sleep
by Roger W Hancock


Tiny baby, calmly sleep,
I softly lay your body down.
If awake from peaceful sleep,
songs of rhymes, I'll sing.

© 01-14-2012 Roger W Hancock

Funny Faces

Ha, ha, ho, ho;
does Mama, Dada know?
Ha, ha, ho, ho;
how funny their faces show!

© 01-29-2010 Roger W Hancock

Romp and Play
by Roger W Hancock

My little dog that romps and play,
I squeeze and hug all day.
Prance and dance, excited wait,
for me to toss the ball and play.

© 11-25-2007 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Bubbly bubbles in my hair,
bubbly bubbles everywhere.
Scrub my hair and everywhere,
bubbly bubbles clean my hair.


© 11-26-2007 Roger W Hancock

The Hunt
by Roger W Hancock

Frightened as can be,
bunny rabbit hops away.
Fox behind is running fast,
from the hounds to get away.


© 11-26-2007 Roger W Hancock

Curly Knots

by Roger W Hancock
Lots and lots of curly locks,
I brush and brush them out,
Curly, wavy, lots of knots,
I brush and brush them out.


© 11-26-2007 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Chocolate lays upon the plate,

mommy says I must not take,
the chocolate on the plate.
So I wait. . . anticipate,
when mommy says okay to take,
the chocolate on the plate.


© 11-26-2007 Roger W Hancock

Tasty Pastry
by Roger W Hancock
Tasty, tasty tasty,
the pastry, pastry, pastry
I taste the pastry in the vestry
meant for the pastor’s taste.


© 11-26-2007 Roger W Hancock

Apple A Day
by Roger W Hancock
An Apple each day,
except the core,
is a tasty way,
to keep away,
cavity sores,

and more.


© 11-26-2007 Roger W Hancock

If you Can Not Whistle . . .

Whistle Stop
by Roger W Hancock

Some will stop and whistle
with a happy tune inside.
I simply express my thoughts,
for whistle, I cannot.

© 11-26-2007 Roger W Hancock

If you Can Whistle . . .

ing Along
by Roger W Hancock

Some will sing and prance along,
with a happy tune inside.
I will walk, express my thoughts,
by whistling a happy tune.

© 11-28-2007 Roger W Hancock

Rain Fall
by Roger W Hancock

Rain, rain falling down,
falls upon my head.
Rain, rain falling down,
to my house I fled.

© 11-27-2007 Roger W Hancock

Riding the Bus
by Roger W Hancock

Children ride the bus to school
each day to learn and play.
Mommy rides the bus to store,
for supper’s food and more.
Daddy rides the bus to work,
working hard to pay for pork.

© 11-27-2007 Roger W Hancock

Great to be a Nut
by Roger W Hancock

It’s so great to be a nut,
crack up laughing all day long.
Laughing here, laughing there,
laughing without care.
Acting funning without caring,
what other say or do.
So I’ll laugh, and say some jokes,
laughing all day long.

© 11-27-2007 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock
Lighthouse shines in darkest night.
warning of the rocky shores.
Foghorns blow in the thickest mist,
warn of the nearby shores.
Sounding horns and beams of light,
together exist within night’s kiss.

© 11-28-2007 Roger W Hancock


Little Does It Matter?
by Roger W Hancock

What little does it matter,
if it matters not?
Does it matter a little,
Or matters a lot?
If it matters some,
then it matters a little.
It matters not,
if not at all.

© 11-28-2007 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Whether or not the weather be good,
whether the wind will blow.
Whether or not whatever it does,
the weather matters not to me.

© 11-28-2007 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Freckles, freckles everywhere,
on my nose and on my chin.
I guess the lottery I did win,
all my freckles everywhere.

© 11-28-2007 Roger W Hancock


Catch a Rainbow
by Roger W Hancock

Rainbows shine into the sky
with its feet so far away.
Once in a great far while see,
Rainbow’s foot steps just ahead.
Even then you cannot catch,
the rainbow just ahead.

© 11-28-2007 Roger W Hancock


Raindrops On My Hat
by Roger W Hancock

Raindrops on the rim of my hat,
rushing for cover runs the cat.
Raindrops are teardrops from heaven,
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Raindrops are the angels way,
to clean the doors at heaven’s gate.
Eight, nine, ten, and now eleven,
eleven raindrops on the rim of my hat.

© 11-28-2007 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock
Custard is my favorite dish,
so smooth and rich and tasty.
I’d have custard every day,
baked into rich pasties.

© 11-29-2007 Roger W Hancock
Boy and the Owl
by Roger W Hancock
Little boy into the barn,
chores to milk the cows.
On a bale of hay he lay,
began to wonder how;
How the cow goes moo?
Wondered ‘bout the owl,
that into the barn just flew.
Owl wondered in reply,
who, who, who !

© 11-29-2007 Roger W Hancock

Apples Free
by Roger W Hancock
Apple hanging in a tree,
one of plenty many apples.
Wind blowing, sets it free,
apples falling from the tree.

© 11-29-2007 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock
Silent wind in of itself,
only sound when passing by.
Invisible wind cannot see,
only bending of the trees.

© 11-29-2007 Roger W Hancock
Step By Step
by Roger W Hancock

“Left step,” said the left foot,
“Right step,” said the right.
“lift up, step down,” each foot said,
in alternating succession.
Up, then down each foot affirm,
step by step, by step, by step,
each foot taking its own turn.

© 11-30-2007 Roger W Hancock

Rabbit Scare?
by Roger W Hancock

Rabbit hops to the farmers garden,
scarecrow tries to scare him away,
I am quite fine with crows and birds,
but what do I do to scare a hare?

© 11-30-2007 Roger W Hancock

Wedge of Cheese
by Roger W Hancock

Here sets a wedge of cheese,
yellow, holy, and a little bit moldy.
Here comes a little mouse,
from out of a hole.

© 11-30-2007 Roger W Hancock
Bamboo Shoots
by Roger W Hancock

Bamboo sprouts its shoots,
sending out its roots.
Roots sprout more shoots,
routing out more roots,
sprouting out more shoots.
sprouting, routing, more and more.

© 11-30-2007 Roger W Hancock

I Lost My Shoe
by Roger W Hancock

Bamboo, bamboo, boo, who, who,
I lost one shoe in the bamboo.
What will I do with just one shoe?
Boo, who, boo, who, just one shoe!

© 11-30-2007 Roger W Hancock

I Stuck an Arrow In the Sky
by Roger W Hancock

I shot an arrow into the air,
without a straight shot will it hit the hare?
High into the sky, straight went the arrow.
The arrow so narrow got stuck in the sky,
got itself stuck in the wing of a sparrow.

© 11-30-2007 Roger W Hancock

Doughnut Hole
                by Roger W Hancock

Doughnut round, has a hole in middle,
So has the nut that holds daddy’s tires.
The tasty middle holds a small ball pastry,
Looks like the nuts that fall from the trees.

© 12-09-2007 Roger W Hancock

Tires Go 'Round
                by Roger W Hancock

Tires of a car go ‘round and ‘round,
helps the car go around the town.
Tires round, turn around and ‘round,
on the bus to the school playground.

© 12-09-2007 Roger W Hancock

Night Lights
by Roger W Hancock

Night lights embark,
turns the dark to light.
Dogs barking in the night,
night lights in the park.

© 12-09-2007 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Violin with bow and string,
Has played for kings and queens.
Violin can play a swing,
or classical routines. 

© 12-09-2007 Roger W Hancock

Sleeping Little Babe
by Roger W Hancock

Sleeping now the little babe,
rocking in the baby’s crib.
Sleeping, rocking, blissful glee,
such a tiny wee is she.

© 12-10-2007 Roger W Hancock

Fetch the Mail
by Roger W Hancock

Duggie the doggie wagged his tail.
Doggie Duggie, fetched the mail. 
Duggie fetched the paper next,
and tore it all to shreds.

© 12-12-2007 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Twinkle stars from so far,
beyond white clouds and sky.
Like freckles on my arm,
scattered across dark sky.

© 12-27-2007 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Sprinkle sprinkles on my cupcake,
sprinkle sugar too.
Sprinkles sparkle on my cake,
but not within my shoe.

© 12-27-2007 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Tickle freckles on my feet
puts giggles on my tongue.
tickle wrinkles on my neck,
tickling I’ll avenge.

© 12-27-2007 Roger W Hancock
Planes and Birds
by Roger W Hancock

Airplanes have wings on which to fly,
up high, up high, into the sky.
Planes fly high into the air.
Birds have wings on which to fly,
to fly up high into the sky.

© 01-02-2008 Roger W Hancock

  Original Children's Nursery Rhymes - Short Poems of Poetry Rhymes
The short rhyming poem has been used to amuse children and adults.
Mothers lull their babies to sleep by softly reciting nursery rhymes.
Children's songs sung by Mothers, usually contain a nursery rhyme.
Some of the earliest rhymes were political born of civil discomfort,
written as political commentary of the ruling class or government.
Today nursery rhymes are relegated to the amusement of toddlers,
though will amuse adults when read. Children's Rhymes, as called,
are often neglected by adults to amuse or as diversion from toils.
Children nursery rhymes are the most common children's poems.



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- Various Children Rhymes -

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