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Roger's Rhymes

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Sports & Game Rhymes for Grown-ups and Children

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Sports & Game Rhymes for Adults and Children

Game Rhymes

Cyber Games
by Roger W Hancock

Zander sits and plays his games,
electrons are his playmates.
Victory squeal as he proclaims
Zander won the cyber game.

© 01-14-2012 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Four squares, four players,
bouncing ball square to square.
Line of children wait their turn,
wait their turn, their turn to share.
Player who misses ball is out,
next in line steps in to share.
Bouncing ball player to player,
four players playing four-square.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Ball that is tethered to a pole,
around the pole a circle write.
Two players in half a circle,
hits the ball past the other player.
Other player must stop the ball,
change direction within the circle.
Victory is when rope wound tight,
when the ball up tight to pole.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Marbles, marbles so full in pouch,
with steady crouch, marbles won.
I did not think of the other cost,
his marbles lost, has none.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Red, black checks across the board,
two players ready set begin.
Red, black chips placed on the board.
first player makes his move.
Chips progress across the board,
Red chips passing black.
Opposing chips confront on board,
black chip jumps a red.
Reaching other side of board,
black chip is crowned as king.
Now fight back across the board,
red chips captured, you’re the king.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
Hide and Seek
by Roger W Hancock

Hide and seek around the park,
to find the special hiding place.
“1, 2, 3,” behind a tree,
scampering here and there.
“4, 5, 6,” too many sticks,
must seek another place to hide.
“7, 8, 9,” next seeker turn, be mine,
so I find a tree or bush to hide.
“10 !” the seeker calls out loud!
now begins the hunt, one by one.
Excitedly, quietly, waiting…
I'm found!

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
by Roger W Hancock

Little birdie back and forth,
not the earth but on the court,
between the south and north.
Short trip across the court,
racket ports across the net,
simply for the birdie sport.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

Jump Rope
by Roger W Hancock

Around and ‘round I swing the rope,
As I skip to a nursery rhyme.
over my head, around my toes
I skip along in time.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

Red Rover
by Roger W Hancock

“Red Rover, Red Rover,
send Roger over.”
Roger runs to break their line,
hands held tight, stops his scream,
brings Roger into their team.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
Spin the Bottle
by Roger W Hancock

Spin the bottle ‘round and ‘round,
where it stops who will it point,
as the bottle goes ‘round and ‘round?
boy, girl, boy, girl, sitting around a circle,
the nearest opposite the bottle points,
is the one, who you must kiss!

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
Simon Says
by Roger W Hancock

Listen careful to the call,
if Simon calls you better do!
When the call, you better stay,
if Simon doesn’t say!

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

Red Light, Green Light
by Roger W Hancock

“Red light!” stop, do not proceed,
“Green light!” run to touch.
When you run, “Red Light” is called,
Freeze! Or else you’re “Out!”

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

Mother May I?
by Roger W Hancock

listen carful to mother’s orders,
ask if “Mother May I?”.
if Mother says yes you may,
Then follow the orders given.
If says, “No”, you better stay,
Or else you start again!

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
King of the Hill
by Roger W Hancock

I’ll be king of the hill,
if upon the hill remain.
If my friends in their campaign,
do not pull me off the hill.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Bounce the ball, grab one jack,
catch the ball with jack in hand.
another bounce, grab two jacks,
then catch the ball before it lands.
with each bounce collect more jacks,
then catch the ball for a victory stand.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
Hot Potato
by Roger W Hancock

The potato gets very hot,
when the music stops.
pass it on to another,
before the music stops.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Chalk marks on the walk to hop,
Hop one foot ‘less two squares.
Skip the square your marker lands,
pick it up when scotching back.
Hop with feet within the squares,
upon a line will toss you out.
Keeping balance all the time,
to hop within the scotch.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
Dodge ball
by Roger W Hancock

Throw the ball towards the wall,
in hopes to hit somebody.
Hit someone upon their body,
to put that person out.
Dodge the ball; but do not pout,
when the ball, has put you out.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

Crack the Whip
by Roger W Hancock

Holding tightly hand to hand,
many friends to form a strand.
leader runs and others follow,
turning, twisting, laughter glows.
tighten grip of hand to hand,
or on the ground you’ll land.  

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

Duck Duck Goose
by Roger W Hancock

“Duck, duck, goose,”
a tap upon your head.
Tap that person before they sit,
in your spot, or else “you’re It!”

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock


Seven Up
by Roger W Hancock

Seven children within a class,
with others all heads down.
Seven children tapped another,
who must guess among the seven.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock
by Roger W Hancock

Each turn hit the ball with the mallet
through one wicket then the next.
Hit the ball through double wickets
to hit the stake; then back again you go.

© 04-09-08 Roger W Hancock

~  ~  ~

Game/Sport?        Rhymes

Game or Sport      .
by Roger W Hancock

A  game  may  not  be  a  sport,
but  a  sport  is  always  a  game.
Called a game when children play,
adults  playing,   call  it  sport.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Two Geocaching Rhymes       -  Geocaching - can be sporting but is certainly a game.

A real-world treasure hunt, Geocaching is a rather new game/activity where all you need is yourself access to the internet (try your library if you not have internet access) and a GPS (Global Positioning System) Device (Apps. on many cell phones) to help you find the co ordinance of a posted cache.

Treasure Cache

Cache of cache sites on a website,
use coordinance to help you sight.
Hidden treasure for your pleasure,
hunt and find in your leisure
Follow cell phone or GPS device,
to guide you to the treasure site. 

© 10-31-11 Roger W Hancock


Geocaching is eco hunting;
urban, rural, city or suburbs.
Find the cache superbly hidden,
allowing others to see, forbidden.
Put back the prize or place another
continue on to next cache tour.
When you've got the inclination,
hide a cache near your location.

© 10-31-11 Roger W Hancock

Cheerleaders are athetes even when cheerleading is not a sport.

by Roger W Hancock

Cheer, cheer, backflips through the air,
Bouncing, jumping, yelling cheers.
Young women graces as doe deer,
young men buff as mighty steer.
Men toss women into the air,
women on shoulders of male peers.
Jumping, Climbing, flying cheers,
cheering acrobatics without fear.
© 11-17-11 Roger W Hancock

Cheerleading Squad
by Roger W Hancock

Girls and boys can learn to fly,
to make the squad you must try.
Engineered exercise builds agility,
practiced routines perfectly.
Stunt dance of jumps and tumbling,
to make the squad of cheerleading.
© 11-17-11 Roger W Hancock
by Roger W Hancock

One cheer, two cheer, three cheer, four,
prompt the crowd to cheer some more.
Incite the crowd to a roaring  riot,
yelling, screaming, waving zealots.
Cheers to cheer the favorite team,
jumping, bouncing to make fans scream!
© 11-17-11 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Unity theme begins a team,
Working to build team’s esteem.
Together working on sports team,
redeem the victory scheme.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock
Sports, Sports and Games
by Roger W Hancock

Games for children, fun not Sport,
though parents make it so.
Let the children have their fun,
learn teamwork rules, win or lose.

Games are played to pass the time,
entertain for children’s fun,
Sportsmanship within the game,
teaches fun, with a loss or win.
Sports are played to pass the buck,
economize an industry,
Sportsmanship within the Sport?
money pays most, within the win.

Sport is just a sport, without Caps,
until obsession grows within.
Now grown up the game is lost,
when “sport” becomes a “Sport.”
© February 09, 2008 Roger W Hancock



by Roger W Hancock

Over the river through the woods,
searching fresh tracks of prey.
in meadow clearing a doe stood,
bluejays flutter from the brae.
Rack of buck, anticipating,
from the woods that day;
not to be, but bushes sway,
two fawns at careless play.
Among the wooded brush I stood,
behind, too near, I hear a neigh.
Buck snorts, I run fast, as I could.

© 01-14-2012 Roger W Hancock


Fishing Quiet
by Roger W Hancock

Over the water’s deepest dark
from the park I will embark.
On the deck I’ll take my mark.
Quiet I’ll be, and not remark,
unless… I catch a shark!

© 06-27-2008 Roger W Hancock, Roger’s

by Roger W Hancock

Drop the ball, let it fall,
watch tall men, scramble all.
In the basket two points are won,
missing basket, scramble on.

© February 09, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Little pig has lost its skin,
for men in tights to win.
Tossed through air, the pig skin flies,
huddled down the pig is kicked,
between goal posts to win.

© February 09, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

The ball is kicked, around the field,
or butted, with ones head.
When in play, the hands stay free,
except for goalie, in the cage.

© February 09, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Big long stick, and a tiny puck,
one swings, the other slides.
Among fierce play, fights break out.
men swing and slide on ice.

© February 09, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

From the mound, baseball tossed,
the batter’s bat is swung.
Smack! Sky flies, baseball high!
Fans cheer with yells, applause.
Batter runs across first base,
passing second, the ball retrieved.
Cheering tones, encouraged to slide,
nearly tagged, with foot on third.
Batter-up swings a strike,
runner sprints, to steal home!

© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Horse Racing
by Roger W Hancock

Blam! The starting gun is shot,
horses race around the track.
Hired jockeys on the mounts,
guide their horse around the track.
© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock



by Roger W Hancock

Fluttering feet, stroking arms,
propel one on the water surface.
Dare not watch the other swimmer,
concentrate to win the race.

© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Teams to volley across the net,
volley ball to other team.
Bounce with head to assist,
volley ball across the net.
© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Tennis balls racked, back and forth,
racket miss, to pass a score.
Tennis players, back and forth,
until one player, miss a score.

© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Wrestling shows the youthful skill,
young men still in school,
Wrestling on the TV tube,
stunt men on the screen.
© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Golfing seems a sedentary sport,
take a walk, that far someday.
Golf is a science sport,
for one who thinks, and swings a par.

© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Auto Racing
by Roger W Hancock

On the track to catch a win,
in the pit a team,
Driver may get all acclaim,
but it takes a team to win. 

© February 10, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Inspired by comments made by
Jeff Gordon about his team.

by Roger W Hancock

Nailed upon the horse's feet,
race staked on four shoes;
paced hoofs will not compete,
when the horse has thrown a shoe.

Four shoes shared by players,
either man throws two shoes;
points earned for a ringer,
or near the stake with shoes.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Arrow set, pulled back in bow,
Across meadow, target doe.
String snaps, arrow sails,
straight, narrow, death entails.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Pool Pocket
by Roger W Hancock

Not a pool to swim,
but a pool to pocket.
Aiming que-ball to the target,
eight-ball to the pocket.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Aiming darts to the target
skill to hit the bull’s eye.
Dart from fingers let it fly,
soaring to its mark.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock


by Roger W Hancock

Bowling is rolling a ball,
between two gullies down an alley.
slight curve of the ball,
ten pins down, strikes a tally.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock

Paint Ball
by Roger W Hancock

Hunting humans in a game,
sounds like science fiction.
Hunting searching taking aim,
paint-ball becomes addiction.

© May 20, 2008 Roger W Hancock


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