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TimeLines of Liberty
American History  -  States

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TimeLine of North Dakota
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NORTH   DAKOTA ND                                     Political History
  • November 2, 1889 - North Dakota became the 39th state admitted to the Union. Both North and South Dakota became states that year.
    Area - 70,704 sq. miles        Capital - Bismarck  
                 © Copyright 2005 Roger W Hancock
    Motto - Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable.    Nickname - Peace Garden State / Flickertail State / Roughrider State
- The area of North Dakota is obtained from France in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.
- The area of North Dakota becomes part of the Missouri Territory in 1818.
- The U.S. acquires the upper Red River drainage when the 49th parallel is agreed to as the boundary between the U.S. and Great Britain in an 1818 treaty.
- The Dakota Territory is officially recognized by the Federal government in 1861.
- William Jayne is appointed the first governor of the North Dakota Territory by President Abraham Lincoln.
- The territorial capital is moved in 1883 to Bismarck.  It had been in Yankton.
- The State Constitution is adopted in October, 1889
- North Dakota Becomes the 39th State of the union on November 2, 1889. President Harrison signed the concealed bill not knowing which of the North and South Dakota's he was making a state first.

- North Dakota seats its first State Governor in 1889, John Miller of Dwight.
- In 1892 the early Republican Party domination of North Dakota politics is overtaken when the democrat and populist parties form a coalition.
- 1894 The Republican Party regains control in North Dakota's state government in 1894, maintaining domination until 1907.
- Frank White of Valley City is elected Governor in 1900; when reelected in 1902, he becomes the first Governor to serve more than one term in the state of North Dakota.
- Formerly a ranch operator in the Dakota Territory, Theodore Roosevelt becomes President of the United States in 1901.
- North Dakota's its first statewide primary election is held in 1908.
- In 1909 the state's first child labor laws are enacted. 
- The State Library Commission is created in 1909.
- Democrat John Burke, in 1910 is elected to his first term as Governor.  He becomes North Dakota's first three-term Governor.
- North Dakota's first Presidential preference primary is held in 1912.
- John Burke, former North Dakota Governor, becomes Treasurer of the United States; he serves from 1913 until 1921.
- An insurgent political movement, the Nonpartisan League, begins to organizing in 1915; within one year it obtains over 40,000 members.
- A national women's voting bill is signed into law in 1917.
- The woman's voting bill is ratified in 1919. 
             © Copyright 2005 Roger W Hancock
- Women are first allowed to vote in the general election of 1920.
- The State constitution is amended in 1920 to establish recall procedures for state officials.
- Former Governor Frank White becomes Treasurer of the United States in 1921 holding that position until 1928.
- Former Governor Lynn J. Frazier is elected in 1922 to the U.S. Senate.
- On July 18, 1934 the North Dakota Supreme Court disqualifies Governor Langer as a result of his conviction for campaign law violations.
- Lt. Governor Ole Olson assumes office as Governor when Langer's election is disqualified.
- Thomas Moodie, a Williston democrat, is inaugurated in 1935 as Governor. Former Governor William Langer produced evidence that Moodie had voted in Minnesota, proving violation of North Dakota's residency law. The North Dakota Supreme Court rules Moodie ineligible. Moodie serves for only 4 days.
- Walter Welford, Lt. Governor, succeeds to become North Dakota's fourth Governor in 7 months.
- Congressman William Lemke campaigns in 1936 for the Presidency on the Union Party ticket.
- The Republican Organizing Committee is formed in 1943 to oppose the Nonpartisan League.
- Governor Fred Aandahl selects Milton R. Young as replacement when Senator John Moses dies in office in 1945. Young holds the longest record as a Republican Senator serving until 1981.
- North Dakota is the only state without a voter registration which was eliminated in 1951.
- In 1956 the Nonpartisan League and the democratic party merge.
- Quentin N. Burdick becomes the first democrat in 1958 to be elected to congress from North Dakota.
- Governor  William L. Guy, Democratic-Nonpartisan League, was elected to a forth term in 1969, obtaining a tenure of 12 years, longer than any predecessor.  He served 2 two-year and 2 four-year terms.
- In the 1970 Republican Primary for the U.S. House, Robert McCarney wins by three-votes over Richard Elkin.
- Sales tax on groceries is repealed in 1973.
- The closest Senate race in North Dakota was in 1974 when incumbent Republican Senator Milton R. Young defeats the Democratic-NPL challenger William L. Guy, by a margin of 186 votes.
- Thomas Kleppe of Bismarck was appointed in 1975 as U.S. Secretary of Interior. 
- North Dakota in 1985 is the only state legislature to ratify the ERA in that year.
- Republican Janet Wentz wins a one-vote victory in district 41 for the state House in 1976, breaking 50/50 tie for seats in congress.
             © Copyright 2005 Roger W Hancock
-  Allen Olson, in 1980, is the first Republican elected Governor in 20 years.  The Republicans also won the agriculture, insurance, and State Treasurer positions.
- In 1982 Democrats gained control of the House. It was the first time in 16 years.
- Ruth Meiers becaomes the state's first woman Lieutenant Governor in 1984.  Democrats win the executive positions of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Treasurer, Attorney General, and Insurance Commissioner, although, the Republicans regained control of the House.
- Beryl Levine becomes first woman Justice on the North Dakota Supreme Court in 1985.
- The Democratic Party gains control of the North Dakota Senate in 1986, the first time in the state's history.

One Vote Counts in North Dakota.
Sources - - - - - -
All rights reserved © Copyright 2005, 2006, 2009 Roger W Hancock -
TimeLine of North Dakota

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United States Territories
District of Columbia  -  American Soma  -  Guam  -  Northern Marianas
 Puerto Rico  -  U.S. Virgin Islands
 -  Other Outlying Areas
TimeLines of Liberty
Election TimeLines U.S. TimeLine TimeLine Index State TimeLines Holiday TimeLines
American Wars American History War Statistics

All rights reserved. © Copyright 2005, 2006, 2009 Roger W Hancock,   -    cyber HOME of Roger W Hancock


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