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There exists the possibility that what I think is my own, is but a distant past memory of another's work.
Another possibility is that while truly of my own creativity, the saying may have also come independently to another at another time.
Most of these sayings are very original, while others are inspired by longer existing Sayings.
Although many will not be fully scriptural, none should be contrary to the Word of God. 


Sayings for Church
Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters - by Roger W Hancock

   Sayings  -
   Slogans Adapted - Justice   -   Epigrams  --------

---   Adapted by Roger W Hancock,   ---

Sayings Adapted or Inspired by Existing Business Slogans.
Within this Category Arranged Alphabetically by Company of Origin.


Adaptations & Inspirations
Original Slogan
So powerful. He can't be but righteous.
- Roger W Hancock,

So powerful, it's kind of ridiculous.  (Voodoo3) 3dfx
God is flexible but just.
 - Roger W Hancock,

God is just, but a flexible friend.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- GCT
Your flexible friend.
Don't Judge Too Quickly. Or God will Judge You.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Don't Judge Too Quickly. We Won't. Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Jesus sees you at sea level.
 - Roger W Hancock,

See America at see level. Amtrak
Nothing but pure righteousness.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Nothing but pure refreshment. Aquafina
Jesus. For those who get turned on by righteousness.
 - Roger W Hancock,

For those who get turned on by cars. AUTO Esporte magazine
The world may throw stones but Jesus is not a window.
 - Roger W Hancock,

In a world full of Windows, we're handing out rocks. BeOS Radio
Righteousness rises to the top. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

The cream of Manchester. Boddington's
- beer
Better Ground Through Righteousness.
- Roger W Hancock,

Better Sound Through Research. Bose
The character of righteouness.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The character of success. Bryant University
- Smithfield,
Rhode Island
King of Kings, King of Lords, King of Hearts.
- Roger W Hancock,

The King of Beers. Budweiser
Heaven is the higher bar, like no place else.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Chili's Grill & Bar like no place else. Chili's
Grill & Bar
Raising the bar, Christ is righteous.
- Roger W Hancock,

Raising the bar. Cingular
Christ - Pure, fresh and righteous.
- by Roger W Hancock,

Pure. Fresh. Clean.  (paste) Colgate
Jesus Christ. The standard bearer.
- Roger W Hancock,

Jesus Christ. The standard Savior.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1915
The standard beverage.
Sacrifice is the test of God's quality.
- Roger W Hancock,
------- 1917
The taste is the test of the Coca-Cola quality.
All trails lead to judgement. Jesus leads to Heaven.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1935
All trails lead to ice-cold Coca-Cola.
What righteousness ought to be.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1936
What refreshment ought to be.
Get the feel of righteous wholesomeness.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1936
Get the feel of wholesome refreshment.
Righteousness that cannot be duplicated.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1942
Refreshment that can't be duplicated.
Righteousness means Jesus Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1945
Coke means Coca-Cola.
Trusted Everywhere - Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

Trusted Everywhere. Duracell
The Savior you can trust
- Roger W Hancock,

The Browser You Can Trust. Firefox - Mozilla Foundation
Your Integrity - Make No Compromises.
- Roger W Hancock,

Fougera. Make No Compromises. Fougera
- pharma
Theology you can trust.
- Roger W Hancock,

Technology you can trust. Gateway Computers
Sooner or later... Judgement day.
- Roger W Hancock,

Sooner or later, you'll own Generals. General Tires Corp.
The man in the breastplate of righteousness.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1951  Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather
The man in the Hathaway shirt.
Hathaway Shirts
We answer to the highest authority.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1975   National Scali,McCabe &Sloves
We answer to a higher authority.
Hebrew  National hot dogs
Every honest soul wants Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

Every sandwich wants Hellmann's. Hellmann's
Jesus. Good for lives.
- Roger W Hancock,

Iams. Good for life. Iams
- pet food
Repentance on demand.
- Roger W Hancock,

On demand. IBM
One God. One World.
- Roger W Hancock,

One state many worlds!  (Karnataka) India
- Tourism
Salvation. Great Deal, always!
- Roger W Hancock,

Great Deals, Always.. ! India
- Tourism
Integrating Righteousness with Life.
- Roger W Hancock,

Integrating Technology with Life. Infinsys Technologies
God created, Christ consecrated.
- Roger W Hancock,

Your partner in integrated health care. Janssen-Cilag
- pharma
Jesus. There's only one!
- Roger W Hancock,

Jeep. There's Only One. Jeep
My God is bigger than all other gods.
- Roger W Hancock,

My Dog's Bigger Than Yours. - Jingle Ken-L Ration Dog Food
There are many myths of many gods... Then There's Jesus Christ.
 - Roger W Hancock,

There's Fast Food...Then There's KFC! KFC
(Kentucky Fried Chicken)
If it's a King He's Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

If it's a King, It's a Hillbilly— If it's a Hillbilly, it's a King. King Records
Stop. Get right with Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

Kmart. Right here. Right now. Kmart
We are building a righteous company
- Roger W Hancock,

We Are Building A New Technology Company. Lenovo
You don't have to be Jewish to love Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1967   Doyle Dane Bernback
You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's
- Rye Bread
Trust is Living in Christ; L.I.C.
- Roger W Hancock,

Trust Thy Name Is LIC. LIC
[Life Insurance Corp. Of India]
Unwrap righteousness.
- Roger W Hancock,

Unwrap a smile. Little Debbie
Jesus. The right one.
- Roger W Hancock,

The right one. Martini
Do you have Jesus, or is it Memorex?
- Roger W Hancock,

Is it Jesus, or is it Memorex?
- Roger W Hancock,

Is it live, or is it Memorex? Memorex
Is it Jesus, or is it just a little love?
- Roger W Hancock,

Is it Ella or Is It Memorex?  (Jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald shatters a champagne glass) Memorex
Is it Love, or is it more? - Jesus
- Roger W Hancock,

Is it love or is it Memorex? Memorex
Chose Jesus?  - Good Call.
- Roger W Hancock,

Good call.   (Lite) Miller Brewing Co.
Light on life. Loaded with righteousness.
- Roger W Hancock,

Light on calories. Loaded with taste.  (Light)
Minute Maid
Orange Juice
It's all about you, that Jesus died.
- Roger W Hancock,

It's all about you. Nescafé
Just to the core.
- Roger W Hancock,
Cool to the core.  (Cool, bottled iced) Nestea
Take the righteous plunge.
- Roger W Hancock,
Take the Nestea plunge. Nestea
Everything you desire, but Jesus changes the desire.
- Roger W Hancock,

Everything you want, nothing you don't. Nissan
Outstanding! And God is just.
- Roger W Hancock,

Outstanding! And, they are Mild! Pall Mall
Keep the schoolgirl innocence. Love Jesus
- Roger W Hancock,

Keep that schoolgirl complexion.  (Soap) Palmolive
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I Love Jesus!
- Roger W Hancock,

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. 
(Spoke - Kelly LeBrock)
Pantene Shampoo
Jesus Redefines Perfection.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Porter-Cable. Redefining Performance Porter-Cable
The Fun Don't Stop when Your're on Top, beware Lest Your Soul Pop. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Once you pop, the fun doesn't stop. Pringles
Capture His Smile.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Capture Spirit, Capture His Smile.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Catch Our Smile. PSA
Jesus Died to Save Lives.
 - Roger W Hancock,

We LIV... to Save Lives. Samaritan Pharmac.
Trust God's discernment.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Trust your intuition.  (Intuition, female razor) Schick
Trust God. When He calls you, don't say you're not good enough.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Trust your intuition.  (Intuition, female razor) Schick
There is just one Jesus. Nothing else comes close.
 - Roger W Hancock,

There's just one Schlitz, yeah, yeah, nothing else comes near. When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer. If you like it light with a good  taste too, There's only one brew that will do. When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer. Real gusto in a great, light beer – Schlitz ! Schlitz Beer
Only by Jesus, Honest. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

------ 2000 Fallon London Advertising
It's a Skoda. Honest.
Obsessed with perfection since 4000 BC.
- Roger W Hancock,

Obsessed with righteousness since 4000 BC.
- Roger W Hancock,

Obsessed with perfection since 1897. Skoda
Only Jesus has the answers.
- Roger W Hancock,

Only Smarties have the answer. Smarties
Obey the Call to Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Obey your thirst. Sprite
Jesus helps you do things right.
 - Roger W Hancock,

We help you do things right. Stanley
Jesus Christ. The world's favorite scapegoat.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The Steak Escape. Americas favorite cheesesteak. The Steak Escape
Trust the trinity. They're the ones / the three.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1953
Trust Swanson. They're the ones.
You can trust your soul to the man who holds the stars.
- Roger W Hancock,
Trust your car to the man who wears the star. Texaco
Unspeakably Great. Unspeakably God.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Unspeakably Good. Tunnock's Caramel Wafers
Jesus puts the J into Justification.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Typhoo puts the T in Britain, the T that stands for taste.
- Britain
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