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There exists the possibility that what I think is my own, is but a distant past memory of another's work.
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Most of these sayings are very original, while others are inspired by longer existing Sayings.
Although many will not be fully scriptural, none should be contrary to the Word of God. 


Sayings for Church
Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters - by Roger W Hancock

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Sayings Adapted or Inspired by Existing Business Slogans.
Within this Category Arranged Alphabetically by Company of Origin.


Adaptations & Inspirations
Original Slogan
Make contact. Get saved. Get results.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Make contact. Build relationships. Get results. ACT!
You'll stop paying the sin tax, when you clean your soul with Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

------- 1950s
You'll stop paying the elbow tax, when you start cleaning with Ajax...Bum, Bum Bum Bum Bum.

  (Ajax Pixies campaign)
Jesus. Washes the sin right down the drain.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Jesus. Washes your sin away with His blood.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Floats the dirt right down the drain. Ajax
Jesus. Frees as He cleans.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Foams as it cleans. Ajax
Jesus frees all day strong, all day long.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Aleve. All day strong. All day long. Aleve
Confess it, repent of it, God forgives it.
- Roger W Hancock,

Apple iPhoto. Shoot it. Save it. Share it. Apple
Small sin, big sin, all can be forgiven.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Beech-Nut. Small is big here.  (baby food) Beech-Nut
Forgiveness makes forgiving a fashionable fashion.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Makes fashion fashionable. Beissel
Forward as clean.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Forgiven as one.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Forgiven as clean.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Forward as one. British Territorial Army
The character of forgiveness.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The character of success. Bryant Univ.
- Smithfield,
Rhode Island
Lovingly, joyfully, peacefully, forgiving Savior.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery Butterfinger. Butterfinger
God's forgiveness stands the test of time.
- Roger W Hancock,

The taste that stood the test of time. Castle Lager
Outthinking. Outdoing. Out-forgiving.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Outthinking. Outdoing. Convergys
360° Forgiven.
 - Roger W Hancock,

360° Finance. Credit Suisse Bank
Look, Ma, No, Sin!   - Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1958   Benton&Bowles
Look Ma, no cavities!
Let Christ Save your hide, forever.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Let us tan your hide. Crisby Frisian
Fur Co.
So easy to serve and so forgiving.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1937
So easy to serve and so inexpensive.
Stop for repentance... go forgiven.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1937
Stop for a pause... go refreshed.
Feel clean inside. Feel the difference
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1956
Feel the difference.
Jesus - Cleans your life while He cleans your soul.
- Roger W Hancock,

Cleans your teeth while it cleans your breath. Dentyne Gum
(Invented 1899)
Jesus - The savior that cleans the soul.
- Roger W Hancock,

Jesus - The Savior that cleans your life.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Gum that Cleans the Teeth. Dentyne Gum
 God forgets the sin, Jesus never forgets a sinner saved.
- Roger W Hancock,

Never forgets. Elephant Memory Systems
Forgiveness. Can't live without it.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Charleville. Can't live without it.  (cheese) Golden Vale
God made red Blood!
- Roger W Hancock,

For you, God spilt His Son's red blood!
- Roger W Hancock,

Makes Red Blood! Grape-Nuts
It's got to be Jesus Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

It's got to be Guinness.  (Singapore) Guinness
Happiness is a Christ called Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1960   Collett Dickenson Pearce & Partners
Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet.
Hamlet cigars
If you want to get ahead, cover your head with Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1934
If you want to get ahead, get a hat.
Hat Council
Jesus reaches the parts of your life that can not now be reached.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1974   Collett Dickenson Pearce & Partners.
Heineken refreshes the parts other beers can not reach.
You do not deserve but Christ gives a better life.
- Roger W Hancock,

A better beer deserves a better can. Heineken
Yes! Yes! JESUS!"
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1989
Yes! Yes! YES!"
Herbal Essence
Christ's Crucifixion. . . It must be love.
- Roger W Hancock,

It must be love. Honda
Wake up Saved !
- Roger W Hancock,

Wake up dry ! Huggies
The well-dressed man wears Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1971
What the well-dressed man is wearing this year.
Jockey Underwear
The best seat in the House is with Jesus!
- Roger W Hancock,

The best seat in the house.

Look your best while you wear our least.
Jockey Underwear
Nobody forgives sin like, Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Nobody does chicken like KFC. KFC
(Kentucky Fried Chicken)
So Cross. You can hear His sacrifice.
- Roger W Hancock,

So Christ. You can hear his Love.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1944
So crisp you can hear the freshness.
(Frito Lay)
Christ saves, forgiving smooth.
- Roger W Hancock,

Blade close. Lectric smooth. Lectric Shave
Pursue Perfection in Christ.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Pursuit Of Perfection.

The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection.

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.
Team One,
ad agency
Kill the sin. Feel the Clean.
- Roger W Hancock,

Kill the germs. Feel the Clean. Listerine
Because your worth it, Jesus died for you.
- Roger W Hancock,

Because you're worth it. L'oreal Cosmetics
Live. Learn. Get Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

Live. learn. Get Luvs. Luvs
Christ cooked up forgiveness!
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1986? - 1992
McDonald's is cooking breakfast!
There's nothing quite like forgiveness.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1980s  (late)
There's nothing quite like a McDonald's.
Forgiveness - It can happen...
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1990s
McDonald's - It can happen...
Smile, you're forgiven.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 2002
God forgives beyond expectations.
- Roger W Hancock,

Going beyond expectations. Malaysia Airlines
The lighter way to enjoy life is with sins forgiven.
- Roger W Hancock,

The lighter way to enjoy chocolate. Maltesers
Great forgiveness without bitterness.
- Roger W Hancock,

Great coffee taste without bitterness. Mellow Roast Coffee
The fresh soul maker!
- Roger W Hancock,

The fresh life maker!
- Roger W Hancock,

The new life maker!
- Roger W Hancock,

The freshmaker! Mentos
Jesus - Engineer to move the human spirit.
- Roger W Hancock,

Engineered to move the human spirit. Mercedes-Benz
Experience Him.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Mercer. Experience IT. Mercer
- South Africa
Jesus will clean your whole soul and everything that's in it.
- Roger W Hancock,

Got Jesus will clean your whole heart and everything that's in it.
- Roger W Hancock,

Mr. Clean® will clean your whole house and everything that's in it. Mr. Clean®
Everything you always wanted in a Savior ... and more.
- Roger W Hancock,

Everything you always wanted in a beer ...and less.   (Lite) Miller Brewing Co.
Goodness you can experience.
- Roger W Hancock,

Forgiveness you can experience.

- Roger W Hancock,

Goodness you can taste.  (OJ) Minute Maid
Orange Juice
The Detergent Savior.
- Roger W Hancock,

Mobil: the Detergent Gasoline. Mobil
Take the forgiveness plunge.
- Roger W Hancock,
Take the Nestea plunge. Nestea
100% pure New Life
- Roger W Hancock,

100% pure Promise-Land
- Roger W Hancock,

100% pure New Zealand. New Zealand Tourism
Touching is Good.  Touch God.
- Roger W Hancock,

Touching is good. Nintendo
Who are you?  Does Jesus know you?
- Roger W Hancock,

Who are you? Nintendo
Jesus can do.
- Roger W Hancock,

O˛, can do. O2 plc
See what Jesus can do - for you.
- Roger W Hancock,

See what you can do - O˛. O2 plc
Jesus Christ. Escape from the ordinary.
- Roger W Hancock,

Escape from the ordinary. Oldsmobile
 Repent> Confess> Infuse
- Roger W Hancock,

Invent> Innovate> Infuse. OnDemand Inc
Your life depends on what you make of Him.
- Roger W Hancock,

We Make Really Good Beer. Make Of It What You Want. Old World Brewing Company
Forgiveness. Feel Good.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Onken. Feel good. Onken
- yogurts
Repentance Driven.
- Roger W Hancock,

Information Driven. Oracle
Deep clean your soul with Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

Oral-B. Brush Like a Dentist. Oral-B
No one deserves Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Forgiveness is because no one deserves Jesus.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Everyone deserves Waitrose. Waitrose
Applying forgiveness.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Applying Thought. Wipro
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