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-Credit is NOT required on church signs; but would be appreciated using "-".
- Credit is required for printed hard-copy usage, church programs and such, please show credit as
 "- Roger W Hancock," - or just "-". (Tiny fonts may be used.)
Credit is required for electronic usage. "- Roger W Hancock," or just the web address.

The shorter the message, the easier to read when driving by.

There exists the possibility that what I think is my own, is but a distant past memory of another's work.
Another possibility is that while truly of my own creativity, the saying may have also come independently to another at another time.
Most of these sayings are very original, while others are inspired by longer existing Sayings.
Although many will not be fully scriptural, none should be contrary to the Word of God. 


Sayings for Church
Signs, Bulletins, Newsletters - by Roger W Hancock

   Sayings  -
   Slogans Adapted - Bible   -   Epigrams  --------

---   Adapted by Roger W Hancock,   ---

Sayings Adapted or Inspired by Existing Business Slogans.
Within this Category Arranged Alphabetically by Company of Origin.


Adaptations & Inspirations
Original Slogan
Better ideas better life, the Bible says it all.
- Roger W Hancock,

Better ideas better life. Amway
Everything is easier on a Bible. 
- Roger W Hancock,

Everything is easier on an Apple. Apple
On-line a Lot?  -  Try Biblesoft.
- Roger W Hancock,

Better Growth Through Research - Read the Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

Better Sound Through Research. Bose
Time to flip a Bible page - Nobody better lay a finger on my Index finger!
 - Roger W Hancock,

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger! Butterfinger
Man, Knowledge, Freedom, Righteousness - The Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

Man, Knowledge, Freedom. Caravan Books
The Bible - Sophisticated thought for sophisticated people.
- Roger W Hancock,

Cesar. Sophisticated food for sophisticated dogs. Cesar
- dog food
The Bible - Solutions for every situation.
- Roger W Hancock,

Everyday Solutions. C&G
The Bible is everywhere else - it ought to be in your family library.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Bible is everywhere else - it ought to be in your hands.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1933
Ice-cold Coca-Cola is everywhere else - it ought to be in your family refrigerator.
The Bible belongs on your daily timetable.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1941
A stop that belongs on your daily timetable.
The Bible: Advice you can bank on.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Bible: Advice you can live on.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Bible: Advice you can die on.
- Roger W Hancock,

Dresdner Bank. Advice you can bank on. Dresdner Bank
Quick, Flint, the Bible!
 - Roger W Hancock,

Quick, Henry, the Flit!  (Mosquito spray) Flit
The Bible - Homepage for those serious about life.
- Roger W Hancock,

Forbes. Capitalist Tool.

Home page for the world's business leaders.
Bible - Righteous and balanced for life
- Roger W Hancock,

Fair & Balanced. FOX News
See what the future has in store.  - Holy Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

See what the future has in store. Future Shop
Can't Get Enough of God's Written Word.
- Roger W Hancock,

Can't Get Enough of That Golden Crisp. Golden Crisp
Christ, Inspired Living.
- Roger W Hancock,

Inspired Living - Haier. Haier
Bible. Soul Food Every Day.
- Roger W Hancock,

Heinz. Good Food Every Day. Heinz
God's Word. The Global Leader in Soul Nutrition.
- Roger W Hancock,

Hill's. The Global Leader in Pet Nutrition. Hills Pet Nutrition
You live. Read the Bible for details.
- Roger W Hancock,

You live. God has the details.
- Roger W Hancock,

You live. We'll take care of the details. Hypo
- Germany
Because He cared enough, He sent the very best.  Jesus.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1934   Foote, Cone & Belding
When you care enough to send the very best.

Because you care enough to sent the very best.
I Think, therefore I read the Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

-------          Ogilvy & Mather
I think, therefore IBM.
An Idea can change your life  - Read Your Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,
An Idea can change your life. Idea Cellular
Life for Dummies  -  The Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,
Dos for Dummies. IDG Books
Dan Gookin

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Life  - The Bible.

- Roger W Hancock,
-------          John Muir, Jennifer Falcon
How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive,
      -  A Guide for the Complete Idiot
Complete Idiot's Guide to DOS.
Idiot's Guides
Love every Word.
- Roger W Hancock,

Love every bite. Imperial Margarine
You have God's Word on it.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1985-89
You have my word on it.
Della Famina, Travisano
Machines may speak now but God still speaks louder.
- Roger W Hancock,

If Machines Could Speak We Wouldnt Need To Advertise. KenLubes - Pakistan
The Bible, tools for everyone.
- Roger W Hancock,

Klein Tools. For professionals... Since 1857 Klein Tools
A totally biblical base
- Roger W Hancock,
The totally tropical taste. Lilt
Reading the Bible . . . I'm lovin' it !
- Roger W Hancock,
------- 2007
I'm lovin' it !    (May still be used preceded by jingle, 'ba da ba ba baa... I'm Lovin' it !)
Brush your soul. Brush up on the Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

Maclean your teeth ! Macleans
What the Word Will do.
- Roger W Hancock,

What The Web Can Be. Macromedia
The Bible is still Good News - not a classic to collect dust.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1988   Lowe Howard-Spink
A newspaper, not a snooze paper.
The Mail on Sunday
Good to the last page.  - Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1915 - 1917
Good to the last drop!
Maxwell House Coffee 
Node of God's Code.
- Roger W Hancock,

Mode for your abode. Metropolitan Home Magazine
Your Potential, His Passion.  The Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

Your Potential. Our Passion. Microsoft. Microsoft
Microsoft?  -  Try Biblesoft.
- Roger W Hancock,


Too good to hurry God's Word.
- Roger W Hancock,

Too good to hurry mints. Murry Mints
All the news that's fit to print.  - Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1896   Direct
All the news that's fit to print.
New York Times
BIBLE - Okay! First for the Good News!
- Roger W Hancock,

OK! First For Celebrity News. OK! Magazine
The Bible says it the very best.
- Roger W Hancock,

Pillsbury says it best. Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Dough
Bible Truth So Good, we've changed our name to Bible Chapel.
- Roger W Hancock,

Pasta so good we've changed our name to 'Pasta Hut.' Pizza Hut
Bible Ridged - Tool for the professional. 
 - Roger W Hancock,

Ridgid. Tools for the professional Ridgid
Do me a favor, plug me into a Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

Do me a favor, plug me into a Sega. Sega
The Bible - Champagne for the Soul.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The Spectator. Champagne for the brain. Spectator
weekly magazine
Bible - The most important reading to the world's most important people.
 - Roger W Hancock,

The most important magazine to the world's most important people.
Time Magazine
Hello Joe, gotta Bible?
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1984   Gold Greenlees Trott
Hello Tosh, gotta Toshiba?
God's Word, of champions - Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Bible - Breakfast of God's Children.
- Roger W Hancock,

The Bible - Breakfast of the Faithful.
- Roger W Hancock,

------- 1930s   Blackett-Sample-Gummert
The Breakfast of Champions.

Wheaties, breakfast of champions.
Wheaties Cereal
The Bible. Life's education of mind and heart.
 - Roger W Hancock,

Whitworth. An education of mind and heart. Whitworth College - Spokane, WA
Bible-pedia, the free knowledge, for life.
- Roger W Hancock,

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia
The Bible, unlike wine, does not improve with age. It's good news is forever great.
 - Roger W Hancock,

News, unlike wine, does not improve with age. Wine Business Monthly
Jump in  - Bible 365.
- Roger W Hancock,

Jump in. Xbox 360
Let your fingers to the walking, in the Bible.
- Roger W Hancock,

Let your fingers to the walking, in the Jesus Pages.
- Roger W Hancock,

Let your fingers to the walking through the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages
Compiled from the Alphebetical Categories © 2011 Roger W Hancock,
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