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Intelligent Design Links 
Creation   -   Intelligent Design   - -   Evolution?

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Links of God's Design
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The addition of your link is at my discretion, providing a reciprocal link is preferred.
Entries in bold designate a Site with a link back to the PoetPatriot, if I have missed yours, tell me.

The PoetPatriot attends
Bible Chapel of Auburn                                                  Last Updated - March, 2009

Creation - Intelligent Design
Ministries  -  Creation Speakers  -  Discussions  -  Videos  -  Misc.  -  Anti-Creation


Meditations on Creation    -    Christian - Link Page    -    Link Pages Index

Creation Ministries

Access Research Network
Answers in Genesis - young earth
Bible and Science Ministries
Creation Evidence Museum & Archaeological Excavations.
Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries
Creation Science
Creation Science Evangelism
CreationWiki - encyclopedia of Creation
Creation World View
ID Arts - Creation Art              PoetPatriot @ IDArts
Institute for Creation Research
Lost World Museum  - Is it Apes, Aliens or Adam?
Meditations on Creation -
Northwest Creation Network  
Origins Solution   -harmonizing Genesis w/history&science.
Science Finds God Blog
WindMill Ministries -Windmill without Wind is as Man without God

Other Intelligent Design Sites

Discovery Institute
Explaining the Science of Intelligent Design
Center for Science & Culture

Creation Science Speakers
Listed is their state or province where their base of operations originate.

Chris Ashcraft - Washington
Bruce Barton - Monarch Creation Ministry - Washington
John Byl - Trinity Western University - British Columbia  
Dr. Tom Hoyle - Bible and Science Ministries - Washington
Thomas Kindell - Reasons for Faith Ministries - Oregon

Russ Miller - Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries - Arizona
George Pearce - Creation Science Association -British Columbia
Rick Thompson - Ventriloquism programs for children - Oregon
Steve Wolfe - Creation Education Ministries - Oregon


ARN Design Forum
Creation vs. Evolution - Yahoo! Groups
Creationism vs. Evolution - Forum
Creation Talk
Debunk Creation - Yahoo! Groups
Charles Darwin Forum - Ev.Theory -Origin/Spec.-Descent of Man
EvC Forum - understanding through knowledge & discussion
Evolution Deceit - Yahoo! Groups
Evolution vs Intelligent Design - Yahoo! Groups
No Answers in Genesis - Australia
FRDB - a secular web discussion
Talk Origins - Google Groups
True Origin Forum - Yahoo! Groups
Theology Web

Videos - Creation - Intelligent Design - Evolution - Audio
Nature Disproves Evolution

- Videos
Biblical Age of the Earth - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Biblical Creationism & Darwinism - Russ Miller
Big Bang or Big Dud? - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Dinosaurs and Man - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Evolve From A Banana? - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Evolve from a Rock? - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Fire Breathing Dragons? - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Formation of Grand Canyon - Russ Miller
Fossil Record Refutes Darwinism - Russ Miller
Global Flood & Continental Drift - Russ Miller
Global Flood Erodes Old Earth Beliefs - Russ Miller
Global Flood, Global Warming- Russ Miller
Global Flood Strata at Grand Canyon - Russ Miller
Intelligent Design - Billy Crone -10 Part Series - Universe - Human Body - Mammals - Birds & Fish - Reptiles - Bugs - Plants & Bacteria - Symbiosis & Genetic Similarities - Logic & Odds - Science 
The Lampsillis Mussle
Living Fossils - Proofs of Creation

Missing Missing Links - Russ Miller
More Darwinian Frauds - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
No Apemen: Just Men, Apes and Frauds - Russ Miller
Non-Existent Geologic Column - Russ Miller
 - Videos
Old Earth Brainwashing - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Pre-Historic or Pre-Flood? - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Refuting Darwinism In 7-Seconds Flat - Russ Miller
Refuting Neo-Darwinian Frauds - Russ Miller
Science and the Bible - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Science Refutes Neo-Darwinism - Russ Miller
Startling Proofs - video - does God really exist?
The Truth about Einstein - Intelligent Design
Winning The Lottery of Evolution - Russ Miller
Young Earth Evidence - Billy Crone -12 Part Series - A Young Creation - Space - Earth & Logic - Earth & Logic -pt2 - Carbon Dating - Carbon Dating -pt2 - Radiometric Dating - Radiometric Dating -pt2 - Geologic Column - Geologic Column -pt2 - Rapid Formation - Rapid Formation -pt2

- Foundational Videos
America: Built Upon The Rock - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
America Has Turned Its Back on God - Russ Miller
Anchor of America's Freedoms - Russ Miller - Creation Ministries
Darwinism Undermines America's Freedoms - Russ Miller

- Audio

Creation vs. Evolution audio - Dr. Tom Hoyle @ Bible Chapel


ASA - A Fellowship of Christians in Science - Archaeology & Biblical History
Junk Science PAGE
Meditations on Creation -
Stain on tent, looks like Jesus - YouTube
ID Arts - Creation Art              PoetPatriot @ IDArts

Pro-Evolution and Anti-Creationists
Evolution is the religion of blind belief in unproven theory." - PoetPatriot

A.C.L.U. of Washington - Opposes Creation in Public Schools
Burlington-Edison - Committee on Science Education

Creationism in WA State - News related to Science Educ.
Creation "Science" Debunked
Ed Babinski on Creation vs. Evolution
Evolution, Anti-Evolution, and SciCre
Godless Science
National Acadamy of Science - science and creationism
National Center for Science Education
No Answers in Genesis! - where ignorance believes the fables.
PBS's Official Evolution Website
A Radiometric Dating Resource List
Seattle Skeptics - The Society for Sensible Explanations - Supernatural & Paranormal
Understanding Evolution - NCSE / UC Berkeley - Gov. funded
Unofficial Richard Dawkins Website

Evolution is Blind Faith

Evolution is the religion of blind belief in unproven theory. Evolution presents unproven theories as fact to explain man's origins. Evolution excludes contrary theories and evidence that does not support its position of no god. Science does possess examples that may explain evolution but must ignore and discount other more numerous examples that contradict or cannot be explained except by intelligent design. Given a choice between God and no god the evolutionist chooses to place his faith in conjecture and whimsy.  - PoetPatriot

More Thoughts on Creation/Intelligent Design/Evolution at
Meditations on Creation

 To submit your site simply contact me @ - Remove "REMOVE".  
The addition of your link is at my discretion, adding a reciprocal link to my site may help.

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