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Jesus  People  Movement
PoetPatriot is still a Jesus Freak

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The Jesus Movement
Wannabe  -  Nick  -  Catacombs  -  Beginning in Auburn
Coffee House   -  Commune house  -  Fade to Black
Children of God / Seattle Myth  -  Cult  -  Spirit Moves On


Linda Meissner - An Update     -     fool4JESUS to PoetPatriot     -    
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Little known Facts - Jesus Movement

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The Jesus Movement

There are many introductions to the Jesus Movement with varying aspects depending upon the author's involvement. There has however been a common thread throughout them; Jesus entered lives to change them forever.
The movement began in the late 60s with various independent starts across the country and oversees.  Some of the many beginnings were influenced or inspired by the movement as it progressed, while others were independent workings of God in people's lives. However, the beginning; all came to be known as the Jesus People Movement.  The Catacombs in Seattle was the meeting place for the weekend Revival meetings in Seattle. Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, was the most notable hub of the Jesus People Movement. Calvary Chapel was and is, as of 2008, still led by Reverend Chuck Smith. Meetings, concerts, festivals, and other outreaches brought hippies, students, career people, pastors and others together as no other movement has in modern history. Music was the catalyst forming the movement from being another fad to become a lasting movement. Secular songs that had the slightest mention of God were latched onto. 1969 gave us "Jesus is Just Alright" by the Doobie Brothers, and "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum, as two songs that were catapulted to the top of the charts by the Jesus Movement. "Put Your Hand in the Hand" by the Oakridge Boys, helped that group to break from gospel into the secular country music scene. Early original Jesus Music artists were Larry Norman, Honeytree, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Wilson McKinley and many others. Andrae Crouch having been recording gospel music became an instant hit. Those firsts Artists became the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music. Many involved built firm foundations that defined their lives in Christ from then on while others were only along for the ride slipping to become the weeds along the path. The impact of Christ through the evangelization and music of the Jesus Movement spreading across America and into Europe, would have a lasting impact on Christianity and American society for years to come.   
              See - Links

Jesus People Army - Auburn, Washington
The story of Roger W Hancock
Hippie Wannabe to Jesus Freak then fool4JESUS to PoetPatriot but remaining a Jesus Freak.
To be edited upon remembrance of other details or obtaining details from others.

     Wannabe -
I had been hearing of an "underground" movement called the Jesus People while attending Auburn's Olympic Junior High School (1969).  Some of the students brought in copies of the "Truth," the Jesus People "underground" newspaper. At this point I was pretty much a hippy-wannabe, which that, combined with my adolescent rebellion made me prime for any counter-culture revolution that made itself available to me. The concept of "underground" caught my attention. The term "Catacombs," well, that sounded cool. In 1971 I began to grow my hair long. Why? beats me! Looking back at the pictures I now wonder why.  I kinda looked like Tiny Tim. Uggh!

     Nick -
Nick Barta drove a mini-van which was perfect for giving rides to those that did not drive. Of course, there were a few others that also had vehicles. One of those were Freddy Llapitan who to me, seemed to be Nick's best friend. Nick's van gave the appearance of a hippy van, which tickled my hippy-wannabe tendencies. I do not remember if it was painted up or just ragged enough to give the appearance or perhaps it was the people that climbed in and out.  Nick, however never had long hair and usually wore nice casual clothing.  He did however portray an enthusiastic love for Jesus which he displayed encouraging all who would listen. Nick also played the guitar which facilitated his evolving leadership role. Nick frequented the Seattle Catacombs taking with him all those his van could hold.

     The Catacombs -
I was intrigued by the name Catacombs, and envisioned some sort of underground facility. I had been wanting to attend the Seattle meetings but timing and my mother's apprehension prevented it. I envied those who had been going into Seattle to the Catacombs. Nick Barta was a senior at the high school and held Jesus People meetings once a week at the nearby home of Reverend Jim Nicholson (of Calvary Temple an Auburn Assembly of God church).  I began to attend those meetings when I could.
After entering high school, I attended a couple of the meetings at the Catacombs in Seattle. I was disappointed to find out that "Catacombs" was not underground but just a name of the meeting place. I remember it as a large square room with high ceilings. A simple structure had been built and used as a stage. Individuals and sometimes a band would play Jesus Music. Some songs were sung by the audience as well, just like in a church. It was at the Catacombs when I first heard "We Are One in the Spirit." Testimonies were given; on stage and from the audience. Linda Meissner was the usual speaker. I remember a recurring theme from the message and testimonies, "Drugs are only a temporary high. They are an escape from reality." Although I only had two puffs of weed (If it was weed), my whole life, her message made much sense. She went on to talk about how being a Christian is more than attending church and doing your own thing the rest of the week. She had said, "you must eat, drink, and sleep Jesus." Well of course that was a simple thought. [An interesting thing is my mother will later say, "You can't eat, drink, and sleep Jesus!" during a "heated" discussion or my pleading to go into Seattle.]

     Jesus People Beginnings in Auburn
The Jesus People Army of Seattle held an outreach meeting in Auburn at Green River Community College. The theater was packed with a band on stage. Some of the Seattle members spoke, telling of their experience with Christ. Linda Meissner was the main speaker (Preacher).  Songs were sung. I began to catch on that "One in the Spirit" was a favorite.
After the meeting Reverend Thomas Simms of Family Circle Fellowship who was working as a custodian at the college (Green River Community College), offered his basement as a meeting place for the Jesus People to use.  Reverend Simms was holding services for a home fellowship in his front room. The house being just down from the Auburn Senior High School with the free rent made it perfect for a Jesus People meeting place.

The house still sits east of the Auburn School District Administration building. A name was given, "The Rap Shack" where students could go just to talk, and of course learn about and worship Jesus. There was a concrete driveway that went past the house to a gate and just inside were stairs to the basement which became the Rap Shack entrance. Walls were built to separate out the private residential areas, and to provide an area for a Jesus People office. On one of the concrete basement walls I painted  a "One-Way" hand with index finder pointed up, only to count six fingers after completion. I was encouraged to leave it that way. [After being sold in 1997 to a Mormon couple who later lost the house it is again being used for God, by "Young Life"]

     Coffee House
We eventually obtained a store front on Main Street using it as a Coffee House. We had some groups brought in to perform, among them was the Latinos. I had drawn up some of the posters to put out when publicizing was prudent. Reverend Simms allowed use of his mimeograph machine to copy the posters. (Copy machines were not quite ready to make an appearance for use by the public) When there were no bands, Nick or another would play, leading songs that all would join in on. "One in the Spirit" had become the theme song for the Jesus People Army.

     Communal Housing -
The Jesus People Army in Auburn had rented a house, southwest of downtown Auburn. The Rap Shack was eventually closed and meetings were held at the house. I suppose as we got older the emphasis shifted with age. Often transients or rather "bums" would drop in from the nearby tracks.  The Coffee House was closed due to lack of funding. During this time I would often catch a ride, hitch-hike, or bus into Seattle to spend a day or two with the Jesus People Army. Sometimes I'd check out the second hand shops in downtown Seattle.

     Auburn - Fade to Black -
Nick Barta became more involved with the Seattle Jesus People Army becoming one of the elders.  The Auburn Communal house was eventually closed down as well.  The rent had been paid from the earnings of those who held jobs, one of them stayed taking on the rent responsibility.
Although the Jesus People no longer held a presence in Auburn they had an enduring influence. Throughout the rest of my Auburn High attendance I remained the "Jesus Freak".  Another group of students had been meeting at the Neighborhood Church of God, four blocks east of the High School. Skip Sorensen held the key to the facility and facilitated the meetings. Skip later married and went into the mission field; now serving the Lord in Uganda. During my Senior year, latter part of 1972, I tried to get the meetings moved onto the school campus. The administration was afraid of the nonexistent Constitutional phrase "Separation of Church and State" so they denied my constitution rights. I was referred to the District lawyer who referred me to the City Lawyer. Receiving the same rhetoric from all and not having the funds to pursue legal action, I was unsuccessful in my efforts. Since that time in other situations law suits were brought against schools and a Supreme Court Decision ruled in favor of Christian clubs on campus as long as not sponsored by the school.
Another separate but influenced group was the Christian Club at Green River Community college. Galen Marcel had began the club in about 1971 maybe earlier. It was called the Green River Active Christian Encounter (G.R.A.C.E.). At the time of my entering college in 1973 at "Campus Club Sign Up" day, G.R.A.C.E. was the most popular of the campus clubs. Students of many varying denominations would gather in a Study Gallery building during lunch in fellowship. Without actually stating it, tolerance of each others doctrines came natural. In 1974 G.R.A.C.E. sponsored a concert in Writes Park with Chuck Girard from "Love Song" performing.
Youth groups in the churches had began to create bands to minister to the youth. The kids were increasingly encourage to spread their faith.  Most youth groups ceased to be a social gathering to becoming a part of the Churches' evangelizing programs.

     Children of God - & the Seattle Jesus People Myth
The Jesus People Army in Seattle did not become the Children of God as is commonly reported. The myth arose from partial reports of the individual interactions between the Children of God cult and the Seattle and Vancouver, WA Jesus People Army groups.
Russ Griggs of the Vancouver Jesus People Army and Linda Meissner of the Seattle Jesus People Army had met with Deborah and Bill Davis of the the Children of God to discuss a possible joining together.  Linda Meissner had decided to join the Children of God while as least some of the Seattle elders decided against.
The Children of God had taken control of the 3 Story Building in Seattle (Washington Hall) that housed the Jesus People at that time. Guards were placed to prevent any dissidents from leaving. At least one person claimed he was drugged to make him more submissive. They later released control. (That probably was the incident when the police were called in.) Most of the members stood with Nick Barta and other elders standing against Linda Meissner resisting the joining together with the Children of God cult. The confrontation became an attempted "hostile takeover" causing the split of the Seattle Jesus People. A minority of the group left with Linda Meissner to join the Children of God cult. Russ Griggs, leader of the Jesus People in Vancouver, WA also joined forces with the Children of God cult.
It seems Carl Parks and the Jesus People Army of other areas of the Pacific Northwest existing as a separate though loose entity did not have such an encounter with the Children of God cult.

     A Cult Affiliation -
At One point there was a loose affiliation of the Jesus People with Covington Creek Bible Camp where members worked on a community owned company, Happy Valley Oil Company. I believe it was the Seattle Group of the Jesus People, perhaps after the split when Linda Meissner joined the Children of God cult.  Covington Creek Bible Camp was a communal community that existed from before the Jesus People. Arnold Bush was the pastor who lived in the luxurious house that was on the grounds while the other members lived in "cabins" approximately 15' by 20', some with an upstairs loft. Covington Creek Bible Camp was a cult, although as with most cults, the details were not widely known. Reverend Simms and his family had been members but had left a few years before after baptisms were performed in the name of the pastor. Later sexual immoralities and misappropriation of funds would force the bankruptcy of the community. The property was later sold to the Philadelphia Church. Camp Berachah is the name now and is ran as a Christian Retreat Center. The grounds now hold a Christian school and meeting places. Camp Berachah has operated as its own entity and has since purchased the property from the Philadelphia Church.

The Spirit Moves On -
After the shutting down of the Jesus People Army, the members had dispersed in various directions. Many in confusion gave up the life as a Christian. Others who had built a foundation on Christ the rock, found churches to attend or settled into the church they were attending. I had been attending Bible studies at Calvary Temple in Auburn (now named Family Christian Center) and attended services there.
I would visit Family Circle Fellowship occasionally, where in attendance was a girl near my age. I began to attend the home fellowship because of her. Nothing came of it but it got me to where God wanted me.  I had attended Family Circle Fellowship until about 1997 when Reverend Simms and his wife, Thelma, felt led to move to Omak, Washington. Some years later they both got ill and died within two days of each other. Services were held in my home for several months until we decided that eventually we would need to find other churches to attend. We felt then was as good a time as any.  My wife and I had spent a few month checking out churches in our area.  One criteria was that the church had to be relatively close to allow a commitment to that body. I had visited a few churches where I knew members, but they were so large I did not 'bump' into anyone I knew. I felt they were too big to allow a commitment. Eventually I had it narrowed down between Life Gate Center, a foursquare church on Auburn's main street and Bible Chapel, an Independent Charismatically Reformed church, on the south side of Auburn. Bible Chapel is only two blocks due east of my home and I did not want that to be a consideration. We spent another few months bouncing between the two churches. I refused to commit when inquired by the pastors or others. We had not seen an actual service having caught only special speakers, associate pastors, or a special service such as Thanksgiving or Christmas service. As I said we had been bouncing back and forth between. I knew people in both churches so that was not an influence. Then one day still not getting a good evaluation of either church, my wife, Tracie, and I were leaving a service at Bible Chapel. We were half way to the parking lot: I stopped and turned saying to my wife, "I just got the feeling this is where God wants us to attend." My wife replied with, "I just got the same feeling." As I remained uncommitted to either church, wanting the church that He would want me to attend, God took the decision away and made it for us.  I wish I would be a better listener to hear His voice more often.  I am still attending Auburn Bible Chapel of Auburn.  The PoetPatriot is still a Jesus Freak!

     Linda Meissner - An Update
Linda Meissner is currently doing well, and is no longer a part of the CoG cult. Linda has not been with the "Children of God" for many years now.  She had been living under a different name, but being a very private person, she was not one to talk about her past. Linda had been running a business to support herself. She had been residing in Europe while making occasional visits to visit family and friends in the U.S. Linda had been involved with and excited about her son's, Dan Hegeland's, music ministry in Sweden, and spreading the Gospel in Russia and Scandinavia. A few years back Dan Hageland had been the music minister of a relatively large evangelical church in Russia. Over time Linda has made her activities known to more and more people. She is now on Facebook and YouTube.
 Linda Meissner is planning a comeback. She and her son, Dan Hegeland will be moving back to America. Linda intends to attempt a resurrection of the Jesus People Movement. Linda, makes the announcement in a YouTube video, "
Linda Meissner's Official Presentation Video." Her son will most likely be with her in the endeavor. An introduction to her son, Dan is in the video, "Linda Meissner Presents Dan Hegeland" at YouTube.

Linda Meisner has a Facebook page   -  Linda's son has a blog, Dan Hegelund's blog.

Note: I was blessed to have been contacted by a relative of Linda, who provided information for the first article. I have updated the article based upon currently published information on Facebook,  You Tube and other sources on the internet.

     fool4JESUS to PoetPatriot
I began my first website in 1998 using Microsoft Frontpage.
In my first attempt at a website, I used fool4JESUS as my internet handle with being my first domain URL (now defunct). The writings and other items I collected eventually accumulated and after the writing of several patriotic poems the term PoetPatriot came to mind.  A few still know me as the fool4JESUS. The site has evolved to become The PoetPatriot now has fans across America and scattered around the world.
I still use Frontpage today however Microsoft is no longer supporting Frontpage forcing me to find another webpage editor prior to upgrading. My sons, my web advisors, are working on a solution. 
- Roger W Hancock

     Song from the Auburn Jesus People.

Step by Step
by Bonnie Day

Step by step with Jesus, Walk'n right by his side.
Keep'n your eyes on the Lord, feet on that road.
You're gonna do all right.

There might be a mountain to climb,
and there could be a river to forge,
but you'll do alright if you keep your eyes,
stayed right on our Lord.

and 'then goes...
Step by step with Jesus, Walk'n right by his side.
Keep'n your eyes on the Lord, feet on that road.
You're gonna' do all right.

(There may have been another verse.)

Written approximately 1970 by  Bonnie Day of Auburn, WA
Copyright would be sometime since. Used without permission hoping for a contact someday.

Posted on this site in October, 2008.


Phrases from the Jesus Movement
Of course many have been used before, but these are the commonly used or had made an influence on people.
Phrases, Slogans, Mottos, caught the attention or clicked with the longing search of the heart.

"Jesus Freaks"  -  "Jesus People Unite!"  -  "The Jesus People are here"  -  "Jesus People Army"

"One Way"  -  "One Way to Heaven!"  -  "One Way - Jesus!"  -  "One way, His way!"

"Jesus is the Way!"  -  "Jesus Saves"  -  "Jesus is Love!"
"Jesus is the Light"  -  "Jesus is Alive"  -  "Jesus is Light"  -  "Jesus is the Rock"
"Jesus, the hope of glory"  -  "Jesus never changes"

"I love you, if that is okay? - Jesus Christ"  -  "Jesus, Loves You!"

"Jesus is Coming!"  -  "Jesus is coming Soon!"  -  "Planet Earth says, 'Come again, Lord Jesus.'"

"Jesus is the Liberator"  -  "Jesus is my Bag"  -  "Get it together in Jesus"  -  "Switch to Jesus!"
"Get High on Jesus"  -  "Jesus, the natural high."  -  "The Jesus Revolution"

"Give Jesus a chance."  -  "Jesus, our peace"  -  "Jesus is Peace"  -  "Jesus - Love, Joy, Peace !"

"Have a nice Forever"  -  "All Power thru' Jesus"  -  "WANTED: Jesus Christ"

"God is Good!"  -  "God is not dead!"
"Smile, God Loves You"  -  "Honk, if you love Jesus"  -  "Smile, if you love Jesus"

"You have a lot to live, Jesus has a lot to give."  -  "Jesus: like a bridge over troubled water."

"I am the Vine - Jesus"  -  "Jesus is not just for Sunday!"

"Things Go Better with Christ!"  -  "Things go Better with Jesus"  -  "Keep Truck'n with Jesus!"

"We have a friend in Jesus"  -  "Jesus is a friend."

"Jesus is the answer!"  -  "Jesus, the answer to soul pollution."

“If you won't have Jesus as your Lord, you don't have Jesus as your Savior.”

"You are to be a Christian everyday of the week, not just Sunday" - Linda Meissner - Seattle Catacombs
"Jesus is for every day of the week!" - Linda Meissner - Seattle Catacombs
"You must eat, drink, and sleep Jesus!" - Linda Meissner - Seattle Catacombs

“Jesus is the best friend I’ve ever had!” - Chris Sanchez - Anderson, Indiana -Ray Renner Story
"More Rock and Roll than Anyone has Dared." - Cornerstone Festival - JPUSA

© 2008,2011 Roger W Hancock, - all rights reserved.

Links in this article

Auburn Bible Chapel - (PoetPatriot attends Bible Chapel)
Camp Berachah
Chris Sanchez - Anderson, Indiana -Ray Renner Story
Cornerstone Festival - JPUSA
Dan Hegelund's blog
Linda Meisner's Facebook page
Linda Meissner's Official Presentation Video
Linda Meissner Presents Dan Hegeland
Skip Sorensen - at WorldVenture
       Skip and Ruth in a video.
Young Life in Auburn, Washington

Reciprocal Links

Christian Links @ Jesus People Links @

Little Known Jesus People Facts
I have made this up to prevent the loss of information should the source cease to exist.
Such could happen to any source but there are some that seem more likely to do so. I wish I had started this at the beginning of the research.

During the Jesus People era, Jim Eagleson was in studies at San Jose State College (now SJSU).  Jim Eagleson and the Christian Information Committee (CIC) published a Jesus People newspaper called The South Bay FISH.
Source - Jim Eagleson, Who is the Webmaster - SF Bay Churches.
- Internet Link -
The Christian World Liberation Front from Berkeley published the issue oriented Jesus newspaper, Right On. With a program of evangelization the group reported on the issues, without oversimplification.
Source - Williams, D. M. "Close-up of the Jesus People." Christianity Today  August 27, 1971: 5-7.

- Internet Link -
A secular band "Gidian's Bible" became a local sensation and not amused the Gideon's pressured a name change.  The band became "E" (for everything, ecology, earth, evolution, etc.). That first year each member of the group had a personal experience with Christ.The new focus of their music changed the the meaning of "E" to simply "Emmanuel". Two of the members were Dave Eden and Greg Volz (who became a member of Petra).     
- Internet Link -

I will include bits of information above, that I think need to be kept known, assuming I remember to grab it to place here.
Someday I hope to research again, collecting such information.

© 2008, Roger W Hancock, - all rights reserved.

© 2008, 2011, Roger W Hancock, - all rights reserved.

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