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2010 Christ Child's Season    
2007 Depression ? What is Life?  
2006 Da Vinci Code boycott? Narnia-Purpose Driven Narnia
Religious Atheism Court's Ignorance
2005 Book of Daniel Church and State? American Tradition
Wrong but Right Clinton's Audacity Pope's Legacy? Long Live Bush
2004 Christmas Liberty Headline Deceit Logic Says Vote Bush
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~~~~ ><> ~~~~  ~~~~ 2010 ~~~~  ~~~~ <>< ~~~~

Christ Child's Season                                  December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas America!  The nation that took the greatest birth, celebrated it and then birthed the many secular traditions that embraced the joy, forgiveness and peace of God’s Lamb, His only Son; born, lived, died, resurrected. God’s sacrifice on our behalf, for our sin, that we might live forever with Him in Heaven; that we not die to eternally live a tormented never ending death. All need we do is repent of all sins, known and unknown and to embrace the Lamb, the Christ of Christmas. May the masses embrace the King, if only in the Christ Child’s Season.

- Roger W Hancock,


~~~~ ><> ~~~~  ~~~~
2007 ~~~~  ~~~~ <>< ~~~~
  Depression ? What is Life?  

Depression ?                                  September 21, 2007

    Even Christians can fall into “depression,” Though there is no need for it.  The Christian has the power of God, of His Holy Spirit to overcome. Better yet, if we do not give in to the temptation of self-pity we can more easily overcome the sin.  Self-pity is the precursor to depression.  For the Christian, depression is the failure to maintain God’s joy.
     Depression is the quelling of joy that should permeate our being. By succumbing to the temptations to think upon our troubles we give presence to self pity. Self pity is the beginning of depression. "Woe is me, woe is me." Depression is the pit with self pity and lack of joy being the demons that will drag you into the abyss of depression.
     Self-pity and depression are sins. We sin by dwelling upon our troubles. Worrying about that which we have no control, will accomplish nothing. We sin by worrying and not trusting God. We sin when we do not avail ourselves of the joy God has so graciously given.  Self-pity is selfishness.  We must first resist the temptation of self-pity which pulls into depression. Once we have sinned we must go before God for forgiveness and the power to overcome.
     Overcoming depression or any sin is not necessarily the eradication of it.  Overcoming is the availing of God’s grace to overcome the temptation to dwell on that which troubles you. Sin is the testing of our spirits the resisting of sin strengthens our relationship with Jesus Christ. We must dwell in the Joy God gives and cling to Jesus resisting temptation.
     As Christians we must resist all temptations and learn to recognize those that our brothers and sisters may be struggling with.  I remember when I succumbed to depression.  I had thoughts that were uncharacteristic and surprised me when they arose.  I found myself calmly calculating a jump from a window.  It was the thought, not the jump that scared me.  I mentioned to a couple of brothers the unusual thoughts, and thinking back it was plea for help.  The comments went by without notice. Eventually I entered counseling with my pastor.  I no longer have such thoughts as I resist the precursors, the temptations to meditate on the troubles.  I meditate on God's word and am elevated when on His joy I place my sorrows.
     Christ suffered the temptation of self-pity yet did not succumb.  Jesus had the power as God to overcome and avails to us that same power when on Him we trust.

- Roger W Hancock,

What Is Life?                                 March 1, 2007

   What is life? That is the beginning of unanswered questions.  Man knows what will sustain life. Man knows how life procreates. Man cannot answer the question, “What makes life?” Man has explored the minute matter of life in attempts to find the origin of life. Though much information is discovered, learning what is necessary for life to exist, more questions arise. As man studies the smallest, “simplest” components of life he finds much more complexity exponentially expanding the unknown.
   Within that vast unknown of the minute building blocks of life are complex design programs that specify species, sex, race, breed, size, skin pigmentation, hair color and other genetic attributes and frailties. The complexities of those programs have been compared to the complexities within the many infrastructure systems of New York City. The systems within a city may have been designed by man, however, the principles they are based upon were not. The whole of New York City was comprised of many various systems that were designed and built as a need arose without much foresight of future needs. As a result we have New York City as it is, not designed as a whole but evolving as man’s needs and wants developed.
   Within the complexities of DNA is a vast program that man cannot duplicate. The DNA program is so complex the likeliness of it evolving has the odds of infinite proportions. Without DNA, man, animals, foul, and fish could not exist. Just consider the odds that two different sexes would develop simultaneously to continue a species. Adding to that consider the odds that the life would have lived procreating until the event of two sexes. Sound pretty preposterous to me, yet that is what the evolutionist scientists want us to swallow. No evidence exists to support a happenstance existence yet the folly of the theories are taken as truth by our teachers, and courts to the exclusion of the only viable explanation; Intelligent Design.
   Yes, faith would be a factor in the consideration of Intelligent Design, just as it takes to believe in a happenstance beginning of life or an evolutionary development that fails to account for the impossibilities of life leaping from one stage to the next. The believability of our children’s fairy-tales comes to mind when I consider the fables, I am expected to believe, created by the evolutionists. Some will say that my belief in an existence created by God is also a fairy-tale; however God cannot be disproved, whereas evolutionary theory often disproves itself.
   As man’s discoveries show more and more design in life the increasing evidence points to Intelligent Design. The denying of the evidence to exclude God, as even a theory, lies in the corrupt nature of man. To acknowledge the possibility of God is the beginning of knowing the corruptness within ones self.  Man’s nature, without God’s intervention, is anti-god and from there comes man’s agenda.
   Life, summed up, is man’s struggle within himself to reconcile with God or to embrace his own eternal demise.

- Roger W Hancock,


~~~~ ><> ~~~~  ~~~~
2006 ~~~~  ~~~~ <>< ~~~~
Da Vinci Code boycott? Narnia-Purpose Driven Narnia Religious Atheism
  Court's Ignorance  

Da Vinci Code boycott?            May 8, 2006

Some have supported the Idea of a boycott of the movie “The Da Vinci Code” while others say boycott even the theaters and movies by Tom Hanks and Ron Howard.

Boycotts rarely have an effect and when failing, prove to have the effect of only making the perpetrators bolder.  One example is Disney Corp. Writing letters seem to have a greater impact.  The recipients have a tangible count of the opposition. An organized letter campaign is more immediate and need no follow-up.

How does one counter the "Da Vinci Code" movie?  Simply put it is called "fiction" and as such cannot be believed. They will say it is based upon truth.  Respond with, "What in the movie is truth and what is not?" Much of what Brown asserts as truth is refuted by historians and, of course, theologians. A show is either to be "fiction" or "nonfiction."  You can supposedly believe it or not.  If taken as fact, Brown makes many factually erroneous statements within his book, but that is to be expected in a book of fiction.   

Just Three of the fallacies that come to my mind at this time are:
Jesus Was not married; there are no biblical or historical facts, only fact less conjecture, to even allude that Jesus had been married.
The Secret organizations mentioned are in reality not secret or had not existed for the full "time setting" of the book.
Michael Angelo's life was devoted to the church. His dying words did not even allude to a "feminine divine" or a "code," for that matter.

A book of fiction, as such, is to be enjoyed, not studied.  The Catholic Church may have historical cover ups but a "da Vinci code" is not one of them.

- Roger W Hancock,

Religious Atheism          January 17, 2006    

Atheism is a religion.  Atheism is the belief there is no god.  Those who actively seek to remove Christianity from our schools, government, and society are proselytizing their faith. They practice, promote and push their godless values on everyone else while profusely objecting to any exhibition of other faiths. 
 Agnostics simply do not know whether a god exists or not, again, those who effectively join with the atheists in activism to remove religion from public discourse also push their beliefs, or lack of, to evangelize their philosophies.
Human beings are religious beings, like it or not.  I choose to not subscribe to the Atheists philosophical religion or the agnostics fence sitting position.  I am not offended by their beliefs, rather I pity them. I am, however, offended by their hypocrisy in pushing their religious beliefs to suppress the expression of a living God by our founding fathers.
The anti-religion religious activists seek revisionism of American history and traditions to promote their views and beliefs. America has been a melting pot where people of differing ethnicities, nationalities, and religions have lived relatively peacefully learning to live together. Now we have the ‘anti-religious religions’ seeking to cause dissention among the American people.  They attempt to deny and eradicate the traditions of Americans that have stood for over two hundred years.
- Roger W Hancock
        © January 17, 2006 Roger W Hancock


Concerning the above:
Reply from the
WordWarriorette  January 19, 2006

Well said!  Except they deeply offend me because they offend my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  It is good to be offended by what offends God.  In fact, God says in Holy Scripture that we are to HATE that which God HATES.  -- Donna

My Reply back to the WordWarriorette
Donna,                                  January 19, 2006
Of course you are right, but in the public discourse we tolerate others.  To be 'offended' by offenses to our Lord is on a far different plane then the everyday interactions with others.  Grant it I could probably have phrased it differently.   I will sometimes mild out the language for a greater audience.   I find when I write a piece that I send to you only I am less likely to hold the punches.  
Though we are offended we are to love them, however difficult that may be. When we are in Him and He is in we, much greater is His love to love others. Peter was offended but Jesus healed the servant's ear.  God loves even those who do what God hates.
Jesus give us one right; the right to accept Him or reject Him. Though He loves all with an offense less justice He will accept or reject on that final day of judgment. 
Roger W Hancock


The Court's Ignorance of Science and Law.           January 09, 2006

In banning Intelligent Design the courts show their ignorance in law and science. 
The U.S. Constitution is misquoted claiming "Separation of Church and State."  The 1987 Supreme Court ruling banning the balance between creationism and evolution usurped the court's authority by evoking the nonexistent phrase.
Science began with the premise that all was created by God and that man had only to discover the principles God set in motion. Isaac Newton held the premise of God's providential role in nature. Science is built upon belief in God. Modern Science has built an agenda, attempting to dispel God as a consideration.  Science without God has more questions requiring a far greater stretch of one's imagination. 
Evolution as a theory is not a fact.  If Intelligent Design cannot be taught in our schools because it is not "scientific fact" then the schools also cannot teach evolution, for evolution is not "scientific fact."  Were evolution a fact there would be no discussion.  Evolutionists hold to their religious beliefs of atheistic evolutionary theory. The court has upheld one religious belief to suppress another.

- Roger W Hancock


~~~~ ><> ~~~~  ~~~~
2005 ~~~~  ~~~~ <>< ~~~~
Book of Daniel Church and State? American Tradition Wrong but Right
Clinton's Audacity Pope's Legacy? Long Live Bush  

Book of Daniel                     December 29th, 2005

NBC had a series slated, called the "Book of Daniel". The main character is Daniel Webster, a drug-addicted Episcopal priest.  His wife is dependent on her mid-day martinis. Webster is the only one who can see an unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus with whom he converses. The Republican son is a 23-year-old homosexual, The daughter is a 16-year-old drug dealer, and the 16-year-old adopted son is sleeping with the bishop's daughter. At the office, his sister-in-law is sleeping with his gay secretary.
Christians across the nation wrote to NBC and the affiliates to protest the new series which NBC later chose to cancel.

Dear Sirs,

  NBC's "The Book of Daniel" appears to be an irreverent attempt at comedy taking the story-lines from day-time soap operas. The show will go the way of all the other irreverent sitcoms, lasting only one or two seasons, if that.  Comedy based upon the demeaning of the Christian faith has not done well in the past. The show will offend many and bore others.  I urge you to pre-empt the show to avoid alienating much of your viewership sending them to other stations. The residual effect will pull viewers from other shows lowering your overall ratings.
 NBC is doing your station no favors by producing the anti-Christian bigotry.  If the obnoxious content is not enough, then look to your bottom line and do not air "The Book of Daniel." 
I thank you for your time and consideration.


Roger W Hancock

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Church and State?              December 22, 2005
The Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down the term "Separation of Church and State" as tiresome. The court voted three to zero rejecting the ACLU's claim that displaying the Ten Commandments violates the First Amendment. Circuit Judge Surheinrich reviles the ACLU stating “repeated reference ‘to the separation of church and state’ . . . has grown tiresome."  The ACLU had brought suit against Mercer County, Kentucky for inclusion of the Ten Commandments with, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Charta, the Star Spangled Banner, the National Motto, the Preamble to the Kentucky Constitution, the Bill of Rights to the U. S. Constitution, and a picture of Lady Justice.
 The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state.” The court recognized that a reasonable person would not strip public places of symbols and text displaying American heritage and traditions whether religious or otherwise. The court said the ACLU "... does not embody the reasonable person"
 Nowhere in our founding documents can the term "Separation of Church and State" be found. It is about time our courts begin to address the truth of our U.S. Constitution.
  - © 2005 Roger W Hancock

~~~~ ><> ~~~~
American Tradition              December 04, 2005

    If we are going to condemn our politicians and businesses for celebrating the American Tradition of Christmas and the American tradition of embracing the Judeo/Christian ethics we must then condemn each and every one of our founding fathers who set the traditions in motion. 
    President Washington was not shy, expressing his faith in a manner that pales all the statements by President Bush.  Most if not all of the Presidents through history have expressed and acknowledged the greater God. President Clinton evoked God's name, although probably less than any other.
    To condemn religion now we must then condemn each signer for the words included in the Declaration of Independence: "Nature's God," "their Creator," "Supreme Judge of the world," "divine Providence," and "sacred Honor." The founders addressed their faith first in the Bill of Rights, as the first order of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that restricts government from regulating religion. Every State of the union evokes the name of God in some fashion, without exception. The first textbook authorized and commissioned by the U.S. Congress for use in schools was the Holy Bible. 
    “Separation of Church and State” is a myth, not to be found in any U.S. founding document.  To embrace the religious traditions of America is to embrace the values and fortitude of America’s founding fathers.

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Wrong but Right             July 8, 2005

Responding to a comment by the WordWarriorette concerning the targeting of the families of the terrorists.
Sub.; Right but Wrong - Donna; Wrong but Right

Often many people will speak off the top of their heads in the heat of emotion.  Fortunately fewer will act off the top of their heads as do the perpetrators of passion crimes. 
   Whether from within passion or not, Donna speaks what she feels. My inclination is to disagree with her, also; however, those who decide the matters of war do so from a secular context.  In a practical matter Donna may well be right.   When we consider the culture of the terrorist lives and basis of beliefs we should consider a retaliation that they would understand.  The terrorists are not thugs of our own citizenry; they are the enemy, in a war; an enemy which does not respect any agreements of the Geneva Convention.
   The families of suicide bombers are often financially rewarded by supporters of terrorism.  Do they not then, become our enemies having profited from the killing of allied forces?  Perhaps; perhaps not. The terrorist respect only force, and nothing else, or possibly the safety of their families.  Take out the family of one terrorist and we might get their attention.  That again is a “maybe”.  Although barbaric and non-Christian, the extending of the war to family members of the enemy may be the only “victory” the enemy would see as a “defeat.”
From a Christian Standpoint that would not be the way to handle it.  Those decisions are not made from a Christian standpoint.
   Within a secular standpoint; though it may be a pragmatic strategy that will not happen.  The public opinion of our country and that of our allies would condemn such actions.  That is why this war will continue as our punches are pulled allowing victories to the enemy.
   The Christian has only two cheeks to turn.  In the Middle East many cheeks have been turned to appease those who prefer peace without consideration of the costs.  At some point one must stand against evil or suffer the consequences.

- Roger W Hancock,
~~~~ ><> ~~~~
Clinton's Audacity                  April 11, 2005

While on Air Force One, comparing his own legacy with the Pope's, President Clinton states "He's like all of us -- he may have a mixed legacy."

    Not to take away from Bill Clinton's arrogance, however he is right, except on the wrong basis.

Bill Clinton is just as good as the pope, or rather just as bad.  “Sinton” has deluded himself rather than confront his sins. Clinton is just as depraved as anyone, no more, no less, at least in God's eyes.  A sin is a sin… is condemnation. I know we detest thinking of Clinton as equal with ourselves, but except for the Grace of God... there go we.

Roger W Hancock,

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Pope's Legacy?                   April 05, 2005


The pope is not God, an apostle or a prophet. He has, however, shown the world a steadfastness in his faith, even though many of us consider much of it misguided.


     For many people the Pope is just another world figure who passed on. However, comments on other denominations have recently been used on the Catholic Church, “The church is not in touch with Modern Times.”

     In the basis of the tenets of Christendom lies in that Christ is “the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” A church may change to accommodate man but the tenets set by God do not. This basis is in all Christian denominations. I suspect there are similar assertions in most of the various religions.

     Churches accommodating modern man allow the sin of modern man. There are churches that do not teach from the Bible. The pastor teaches on current events, tolerance for sin, anything but what a believer needs to hear. Those congregations do not confront their depravity. They may continue in whatever practices they wish without being accountable to God. Many will be surprised, finding flames where they expected pearly gates.

     The duty of the church is not to be “in touch” with modern man but the duty of modern man is to be in touch with God. This pope has left a legacy.

Roger W Hancock,

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Long live the President                              January 17, 2005

[The Secret Service had disallowed the display of crosses along the inaugural parade route for George W Bush.]

Replying to the WordWarriorette,
Donna,  I must disagree on this one.

I am only surmising but I doubt the Secret Service was concerned about what the cross stood for.  I am guessing the concern the Secret Service has, is that if the crosses are made of wood or other hard surfaces they could become convenient weapons.  The Secret Service has a job to protect the president.  They do so without an agenda.  They do so with great thought as to how best to protect the President  It is with little thought of the political or other ramifications that they make such decisions.  The only ramification they are concerned about is possible harm to our President, George W Bush.  The Secret Service agents are trained to put their lives on the line to save the life of the President and Vice President without any prejudice.   Were it any other agency I may be just as skeptical but I cannot in good faith blame the Secret Service for the decision to "ban" the crosses.  The intentions of the Secret Service is, if an error is made, that the error be made on the side of safety. Long Live the President!   The Secret Service exists to that end.
Roger W Hancock

~~~~ ><> ~~~~  ~~~~  2004  ~~~~  ~~~~ <>< ~~~~

Christmas Liberty Headline Deceit Logic Says Vote Bush boycott unchallenged
Abortion Endangers Holy Spirit Persecution Awaits  

Christmas Liberty, American Tradition            December 17, 2004
    Liberty’s birth, a shining star in a world of oppression, is owed to those who, back then, celebrated the season of the Christ Child’s birth.  Over taxation caused much discontent but not enough to rebel. Lack of representation still was not enough to sway away the loyalty to the King.  It was however, the discontent of righteous indignation.  If not for religious rebels then the United States would have stayed divided without religious freedom.  In the colonies, where the King’s thumb had been weak, the colonialists had learned to appreciate their freedom to worship. It was that love of religious liberty that brought together brethren of various denominations to fight against the King’s decreed religion.  Where, in England, the Catholic and Protestants disliked each other and fought, the colonialist counterparts learned to co-operate.  George Washington made the observation that no where else and in no other time has man lived in peace together with each worshipping as they pleased.  Love of God, that gave liberty from sin, is the primary consensus that gave men the fortitude to fight until free.

     Today, where the majority of Americans agree with the prior premise, we allow the vocal minority to dictate American traditions.  We fail to call them on their lie that “separation of church and state” is an official term.  Where is our righteous indignation now?  If we stand not for our own liberty or against oppression of others, we will see our liberty wane.  Religion is American tradition.  Christianity is American tradition.  To deny the Christian influence in America’s success does not change the fact or the proof found within our history.  Christmas is an American tradition that acknowledges that God grants life and liberty.


© December 17, 2004  Roger W Hancock

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Headline Deceit              December 17, 2004

THE HEADLINE:  Religiosity common among mothers who kill children


     The headline is an outright lie! 

     When the statistics show less then 50% then common is not the word. 

When you examine the statistics they actually show that those who are religious have a lower incident rate then those who do not.

Over 60% percent of Americans say they are at least somewhat religious.  Combining that with the statistics given it can be roughly calculated that those of religious beliefs are 50% less likely to become delusional and kill their children. 

Look deeper into all the statistics and women are more likely to be religious than men thus lowering the statistically likeliness of a religious person becoming so delusional.

     A more correct conclusion: deeply held religious beliefs can be attributed to substantially less mental health problems than those without a basis of faith.

     Actually the statistics would show a more even likeliness except that faith brings a power from above to overcome such problems. "Resist the devil and he shall flee."  Think on things of God and believe not the lies that are injected when we are mentally vulnerable.  When we rely on ourselves we succumb, victory lies in trusting God.
- Roger W Hancock

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Logic Says Vote Bush                September 22, 2004
A vote for Bush is a vote for righteousness.  A vote for Kerry is for unrighteousness.  Their words are the proof, so I'll not go into the issues.  A vote for any other candidate is a vote for Kerry.   Even if the other third party candidates are Christian one would be throwing their vote away from Bush.  That is like taking one's talents and handing them over to thieves. That is worse than hiding it under a rock. 
The polarization of the parties on the issues of righteousness and unrighteousness makes it clear where the Christian Vote should go.
Some say the vote should go to the most righteous of the candidates.  Regardless of who that is George W. Bush is the most righteous that holds the greatest possibility of winning.  Vote for Bush or your vote whether for Kerry or not will increase Kerry's chances to win.
Vote Bush!   Vote for American traditions.  Vote for continued freedom of faith in America.
- Roger W Hancock,

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Boycott Unchallenged

> Word Warriorette sent:
> One of our list members has a great idea for counteracting a  homosexual
> economic boycott on October 8. She suggested a "shop till you drop" day --
> and thought of a good name: "Straight to the Malls!"
> (

Let their boycott go unchallenged.              August 30, 2004 
     The countermeasure to the Gay/Fag economic boycott is a cute idea.
However it may produce a self-defeating end.   The best thing to do with the
homo-econ-boycott is to simply ignore it and let it pass as a failure
without fanfare.
     Remember the Christian initiated boycott against Disney?  Not only did
it not hurt the corporation in any financial way it made Disney bolder.
The little effect of the Disney boycott only informed them there were little
consequences for whatever they did.  That boycott was better off if it was
never conceived.
     Surveys show the percentage of our population that is gay to be only
two percent.  Of that two percent fewer will participate making the boycott
a worthless endeavor.   We can do best by not bringing any attention to the
boycott until after, when it can be used to show the ineffectiveness of the
gay movement.
     Strategy can often be our best offense against the perverted offense.
- Roger W Hancock,
Here in Seattle about ten years ago there was a gay-activist who to save
embarrassment to his parents changed his name.   His name became Luke
Sissyfag.   He became quite known on talk radio in the Puget Sound region.
Then he branched out to international activism.  Perhaps he is active
elsewhere but I have not heard his name mentioned on the Seattle talk radio
circuit for some time now.  Out of sight, out of mind, with little effect.
- Roger W Hancock

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Abortion Endangers                    August 28, 2004


     A judicial decision to allow partial birth abortion is simply irrational, showing the ignorance of the judge.

Where in the Constitution does it say right to choose?  Ok let the women choose what to do with their bodies but not when it affects another human being.  

     The procedure of Partial Birth Abortion cannot save a mother’s life.  The procedure adds undue time risking the mother’s life even further, not to mention turning the baby breach then heinously jabbing scissors into the back of the baby’s head to vacuum out its brains.  A C-section would remove the baby much quicker and more likely save both lives.

     A doctor who would use a partial birth abortion rather than a C-section is being negligent, endangering both mother and murdering (although manslaughter) the baby.  Abortion to save a mother's life is usually an excuse to eliminate an inconvenience.  Any invasive procedure has its risks, to initiate an abortion or add the procedure serves to increase the already existing risks.

     What about the rights of all human beings?  When we exert one person’s so called rights over that of another justice fails.  We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and I do not see where this is precluded when mother decides the baby is not wanted.  We have the right to pursue happiness; we are not guaranteed happiness, certainly not on the backs of the innocent.


- Roger W Hancock

~~~~ ><> ~~~~

Persecution Awaits.                     July 13, 2004

     It has long been my belief that persecution will eventually come to the American Church.  Those Christians actively involved in the American Political scene may be the catalyst that will bring about persecution on them selves.   We must be bold.  We must speak out.  We must shine, though the light will be shadowed by shades of unrighteousness.
     The liberal policies and action, either intentional or unintentional, have so demonized Christianity that even moderate Republicans have come to fear Christians.  The words of our Founding Fathers should alleviate those fears but those words are lost in our educational system.   Those words of faith that gave courage to men to risk their lives and their worldly wealth for freedom have faded into history. 
     Persecution will come.  "Persecution is for the perfecting of the saints."  Christians in Politics quoting the Founding Fathers when the founders quote the bible or refer to the Lord God Almighty, however, can hold back the persecution.  If all our politically public religious quotes are from George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the many others we turn the opposition towards the Founding Fathers.  It will be difficult to argue against our foundations.  The opposition will, of course, begin to twist or directly change their offense to be against America's Christian foundations.
     The fears of the apathetic will be fueled by the lies of the secular world.  The apathetic outnumber all activists of all political factions, Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, Liberals, Democrats, Socialists and the many others.  The opposition against Christians, although fueled by false accusations, unfounded mistrust, misinformation and basically lies, will gain much momentum to allow the crowd mentality to prevail.  
     The apathy of the Christian community will also facilitate the coming of persecution.  When we do not exercise our right to vote, our right to descent, we lose by default. 
     Times will get tough.  Persecution will prove the Church.  It will separate the wheat from the tares. We must remember to stand firm in the faith.  The Church will be made to be "without spot or wrinkle."  "To live is Christ, to die is gain."  "Greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world."  Though my body be slain my Victory lies in Christ.  "Prepare ye the way of the Lord," prepare yourselves that you are made strong in the Lord to withstand the storm that is brewing.    I pray that I be among those that will stand with Christ.  I pray that I not wither cowardly in fear of my mortal body.     
     -  Roger W Hancock    

The above was in response to:   


A Texas-based evangelist says Christians must be educated and equipped to stand against the prevailing philosophical language of the secular world. To do that, he says, believers in America need to have the same attitude as first-century Christians.

More details:

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Holy Spirit

     Some confuse the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with receiving and having the
Holy Spirit.
     From the simply logic of the trinity; although separate, the Holy Spirit  is God, is Jesus.  If you have Jesus you Have God therefore you also have the Holy Spirit.  Some will equate the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are usually only evident after the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, with having the Holy Spirit. I think it may only be a matter of semantics which clouds the ability to understand another's position on the subject.   The Holy Spirit gives power to resist evil which we are given by the enablement of being born again into Christ.  A greater power comes with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and often the receipt of the "Gifts".  This is not to be confused with Water Baptism
although both may occur at the same time in some individuals.  The Baptism does not make one greater but gives a greater enablement to live the "Christian" life.  It puts more responsibility upon the individual to be Christ-like giving them less excuse for not living up to the more perfect life in Christ.  The "gifts" are for the furtherance of perfecting the saints.  Some are for the perfecting of the Church while one is for the edification of oneself in Christ.  We see in part and we understand in part. We often limit our understanding of the Scriptures by holding dearly onto our perceived understanding, whether right or wrong, of our current doctrines.
     The bride of Christ, which by inference of "His bride is to be made without spot and wrinkle", is currently riddled with spots and wrinkles of sin and must be perfected.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are to instruct, and inspire to the perfection Christ desires for His bride, His church.

Roger W Hancock


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Cursing          dear atheists          I do not feel well          Constitution for a Moral People

   Cursing                     August 18, 2003
"I think I'll believe in Gosh instead of God. If you don't believe in Gosh too,  you'll be darned to heck."   - - anonymous

This quote displays the similarities of colloquial language to that of the original swearing it derived from.  ‘Golly jeeze’; both ‘golly’ and ‘jeeze’ derived from taking the Lords name in vain.  ‘golly’ from God and ‘jeeze’ from Jesus.  ‘Gee whiz’ derived from 'jeeze'.   ‘Darn’ from ‘damn’;  ‘darn it’ from ‘damn it’; and ‘heck from hell’.  ‘Fricken’has become the substitute for ‘f___ ‘.  Why do I Underscore when I just said it using ‘fricken’?


I like to think I do not swear.  When I hammer my thumb I use, ‘blast it’, the same syllables as ‘damn it’… and more importantly the same attitude.  Shame on me.  It does show, however, I need to work on my anger.


We rationalize away many of our sins.  We will not be able to explain them away when standing before God on judgment day.

We will be judged by our faith backed by our deeds or misdeeds.


You say Christians will not be judged?  Of course they will be.

Hopefully most will be judged as righteous.  Those with unrepented misdeeds will be judged and rewarded accordingly but justly by our Father God.  Their access to the Father in Heaven may be limited… for all eternity.


‘Everyone else’ does it, so what’s the big deal?  Where is the relationship with the Father of ‘everyone else’?  We are to be a peculiar people standing out, not conforming to the sins of everyone else.  We are to be a witness of righteousness.

-  Roger W Hancock

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Oh, dear atheists,

You Say,

If that is so then the conspiracy began with our founding fathers.  The
numerous statements of faith of our founding fathers show the intenseness of
their faith and often their belief of the need of religion in government and
society.  It has been reiterated over and over again by leaders in our
country since then.
    A study of nearly 15,000 writings; including newspaper articles, pamphlets,
books and monographs; of the signers of the Declaration of Independence
showed 34% of direct quotations were from the Bible.  The majority of direct
and indirect quotations referenced by them were from the Bible. Professors
Donald Lutz and Charles Hyneman performed the Study.
    Even those who are shown to be deists were very devout often quoting the
Christian Bible.
    The Constitutions of all fifty states acknowledge God within their text.
All but four of them include God in their preambles.
    You may deny God, that is your American right, but your attempts to
marginalize America's Christian Heritage goes without foundation.

Roger W Hancock,  

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I do not feel well today...                                                            July 8, 2003


Attending Church, as my Pastor (Dr. William Britt, of Auburn's Bible Chapel) in Last Sunday's Sermon said, is "God's time".  He essentially said the excuses we come up with usually are pretty lame when we consider that the time belongs to God.  Church attendance allows for the "Assembling together of the Saints" that we are not to forsake.  Selfishness is usually the underlying reason beneath the excuses we give for not attending; yes I include myself as it is when I examine my own actions I see the naked truth.  Illness can be a viable reason for not attending but were we really that sick?  If not we should have been at church, perhaps asking the brethren for prayer.  Some, not paying attention, will say "I do not get anything from the sermons anyway."  They are not aware of the 'Sleep-learning' that goes on.  God's word is mightier than the spoken word.  It reaches the soul even when we are not listening and will resurface later, when we need it most.  Headaches, backaches, tummy-aches, we all have them but when we do not attend church, Sunday morning, Sunday evening and for Week day Prayer or Study we miss the opportunity to be prayed for as well as the message God may have directed to us.  Excuses, we all have a thousand but what excuse are we willing to bring before Jesus, our Lord?

-          Roger W Hancock



                             by Roger W Hancock


Commit yourselves one to another,

not to your own selfish wants and desires.

Commit unto Him for he committed to you,

His life, your life a good trade to desire.


The sacrifice, the great commitment,

what little commitment from us to He.

He asks for life in exchange for life,

what little we give is pleasure to Him


To the mountains we go, missing Church.

To justify our time away from the fold,

we say God is there wherever we go.

But where is the commitment to Him, His church?


God is still there, but where’s the church?

The church is His people to whom we commit.

Where’s our commitment when at the mount?

Where is the family to whom we’re a part?


Roger W Hancock  - ©  5-17-2001

> Why go to Church?
> Church - What is it good for?
> A Church goer wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper and complained
> that it made no sense to go to church every Sunday.
> "I've gone for 30 years now," he wrote, "and in that time I have heard
> something like 3,000 sermons. But for the life of me, I can't remember a
> single one of them. So, I think I'm wasting my time and the pastors are
> wasting theirs by giving sermons at all."
> This started a real controversy in the "Letters to the Editor" column, much
> to the delight of the editor.
> It went on for weeks until someone wrote this clincher:  I've been married
> for 30 years now. In that time my wife has cooked some 32,000 meals. But for
> the life of me, I cannot recall the entire menu for a single one of those
> meals.  But I do know this: They all nourished me and gave me the strength I
> needed to do my work. If my wife had not cooked these meals, I would be
> physically dead today.
> Likewise, if I had not gone to church for nourishment,  I would be
> spiritually dead today!"
> When you are DOWN to nothing.... God is UP to something!  Faith sees the
> invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible! Thank God
> for our physical AND our spiritual nourishment!

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Constitution for a Moral People                    December 21, 2003

Just what is our Constitution about? The meaning of the U. S. Constitution
is being changed.
The Constitution was written for a religious people. It was written for a
moral people. The Founding Fathers intended that it protect the people from
our government, not necessarily from each other. The Constitution insures
our Liberty not our Freedom. Liberty is maintained by responsible freedom.

The Constitution is being watered down, twisted, and diverted as the river
of Political Correctness flows, corrupting our society. Had the Founders
known that sexual deviations would become an actual dialog of public
discourse, they would have addressed the situations. They would have defined
what a marriage is had they saw a need. They would have placed in effect a
protection for the life of the unborn, had they known the extent of our
political follies.

Our Constitution was written by a people, for a people who took for granted,
responsibility, respect for life, respect for others, and who had a fear of
God. Responsibility would have been spelled out had they thought we would
become so irresponsible.

Today, lacking the moral fortitude the Founding Fathers had, we act as
children without responsibility, without morality. The activist Judges read
into the lines intent that was never intended; let alone thought of.

The U. S. Constitution left much up to the common sense of a moral people.
We are a depraved people and our liberties are waning as a result. Common
Sense has ceased.

- Roger W Hancock © 12-21-2003,

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