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Famous Quote - Inspired writings

The Authors of the Quotes are given  proper recognition.  The writings that follow them are written from the thoughts and opinions of the PoetPatriot, Roger W Hancock.  He does not assume to speak for anyone or any organization unless otherwise stated.  He hopes to provoke some conservative thought.

”The boisterous sea of liberty indeed is never without a wave.”
             - Thomas Jefferson


    There will always be opposition to our liberties.  Resistance strengthens, keeping the muscles  of  our  military,  the  assigned protectorate, strong.  Resistance strengthens the vigilance of those who watch and call foul when liberty is threatened.   We must ride the threatening waves until broken upon the shores of Liberty.

    The tenets of freedom must be taught in our schools so that continuity of support for our liberties remains as a thread in our society.  If our children do not learn of the revolution and its  premise  they  will  learn  the  lies  of  the revolutions that will oppress.

    The offensive of subversive ideals keep us vigilant.  The socialistic tendencies must be recognized and confronted for the opposition that they are.  Restriction of an individual’s freedom is a wave of conflict that must be engaged.  

    Our apathy must wane.  When the people speak the leaders listen, when the people remain silent the government prevails.  When only the opposition speaks, our voice is lost by default.  It is up to us to speak out against the new progressive ideals that effectively abate our freedoms.

  © 2002 Roger W Hancock    

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"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
            - John F. Kennedy


   The greatness of America has been the contributions of its people.  The founders in their courage and love of freedom,  the farmers that feed our nation, the entrepreneur that provide jobs,  and the unions that helped to provide  a  more  equitable  balance between employer and employee, all have been participants in our continuing liberty.    There is the sacrifice and bravery of our veterans that we honor and thank.    Each  of  us  bears  a responsibility for the success of our nation.

    Taking,  except  when  destitute, weakens the resolve of the populace.  The dignity of the individual wanes as perpetual  dependence  on  social programs becomes the expected source of sustenance.  We have come to expect something for nothing.  There should be remorse and gratitude when accepting charity, for in misfortune one desires to better his lot in life.     Government programs are taken as a right by the recipients and as such little gratitude is expressed. 

    When receiving from our country we are cushioned from the reality that we are taking the hard earned money from our neighbor without his consent.  We have come to expect what our country can  do  for  us,    relinquishing  our responsibilities to do what we can for our country.

     © 2002 Roger W Hancock

"The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy."
              - Benjamin Franklin


     The operating premise of our legislature today is to obtain what they can for their constituents.  The  very  nature  of  appropriations   tend  to benefit some while oppressing others.  Taxation is oppression.  Taxing one part of the nation for use elsewhere is oppression of slavery.

    A government for the people is a government of all the people.  Spending by the government should  be  limited  to only  those  causes  that benefit the whole of the population.

Federal spending should benefit all Americans, such as the military, our Coast Guard, control of imports, etc.  State spending should only be for the benefit of the citizens of that particular state. 

    The government  was never meant  to be a charity to the people but to be a protector of freedom  from  domestic  and  foreign  threat.  Confiscating from the rich to benefit the poor is not  the  proper  role  of  government.   The encouragement of contributions to charities in the form of tax breaks to all citizens would be a more proper portrayal of government.  Robin Hood was only a story but exists as taxation oppresses some to the benefit of others.  The land of the free  is becoming the  land of the oppressed,   the land of the taxed, even unto death.

     © 2002 Roger W Hancock

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"History suggests that capitalism is a necessary condition for political freedom."
             - Milton Freidman


    Economies prosper when capitalism is   allowed.       Economies   stagnate and  decline  under  strict  government controls.    The  freedom of economic opportunity is the base of our continued freedom.

    Take the telecommunications industry for example.   Since deregulation, although confusing for the consumer, the communications industry has flourished with new technologies, products, and choices.  Capitalism allows ingenuity and creativity to flourish.  Freedom and capitalism has allowed America to prosper creating the greatest economy modern man has ever known. 

    Capitalism is the foundation of the American dream, without it the dream fades.  In countries where capitalism is nonexistent the people’s only dream is to survive.  Not only to survive but also to prosper, however little, is the call of the American dream.

    President John F. Kennedy stimulated the  American  economy  by  cutting taxes.    Although  the  tax  rates  were  reduced  the  stimulation  of  the economy increased the  gross  national  product, thus  increasing  the revenues  received  into the  government coffers.  Economic opportunity is liberty.

    © 2002 Roger W Hancock


Copyright 2002 Roger W Hancock


Liberty is maintained by Responsible Freedom.  -  Roger W Hancock


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