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DIVORCE - preface

The following has been adapted from an E-mail I sent to a fellow who had on his personal web page some of his feelings which I interpreted as possible bitterness. and I felt the urging to post it here on the web.  This was written when I more regularly used the web-handle "fool4JESUS".  This originally addressed those who were already divorced, I have expounded to address the "consideration of divorce" as well. I've also made changes where I found the scriptures to address what I had previously thought unclear.


Going through a divorce ? I've some personal beliefs about divorce, however any fool can give advice, and this fool can only imagine what divorce must be like. Seek God in all things as to how you handle it. After all it is between you and God. He is the ultimate judge; His Son, Jesus, the counselor; and the Holy Spirit, the jury.

First of all divorce is not a good thing.  Marriage is to be worked through.  There is no perfect marriage as trials exist to perfect the union of a man and woman within the faith and relationship of Father God.  The victory over trials builds the relationship when God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit is a part of that union. Remember, you vowed not only to your spouse but also to God.  When you break those vows you not only break the promise to your spouse but also to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There is no problem too great that cannot be handled when seeking wisdom from God.  However both parties must be willing to work out the relationship. When one is not a willing partner it leaves the other as an innocent party. 

You've heard this all before, I'm sure, but it is important. Do Not Be Bitter ! ... it will only eat at your soul. Be friendly with your children's mother for their sake. Try to avoid any negative confrontations with her at all times whether the children are around or not. This may be hard, but LOVE her as Christ loves the Church. This we must do in everyday life; to love our brothers, neighbors and enemies as Christ has loved us.

The following you may not agree with, or you may not want to hear. On my interpretations of the passages that address divorce, I see the situation as; if there is anyway possible that a reconciliation could happen, one should stay available for that possibility. Feelings do not come into play here, you feel betrayed and much more, it may seem that there is no way possible you would want him/her back. Or it may seem that He/She in no way will come back to you, but as long as He/She is not married to another, miracles can and have happened.

The Old Testament (Deut. 24: 1-4) tolerates divorce to avoid a greater wrong. Divorce is not a sanctioned institution.   It was granted for the reasons of the man being a bully including abusive behavior. It was granted for sexual indecency which did not include adultery.  For adultery death was the punishment and death ended the marriage. The obtaining of a legal document avoided the hasty divorces. Upon a second divorce remarriage of the first spouse was not allowed.

Under the new covenant of the New Testament (Mt. 19: 7-9 & Mk. 10: 4,5) divorce becomes only a part of the permissive will of God. It was permitted for the hardening of man's heart (Yes! woman's also!) avoiding the continuation of the suffering caused by the guilty party or parties. Christ taught marriage. (Mt: 5: 27-33) (
Mt.19: 1-12) (Mk. 10: 1-12) Other scriptures on marriage: (1 Cor 7: 1-17). Christ discouraged divorce. (Mt: 5: 31,32) (Mk 10: 9-12) Other passages on divorce: (1Cor 7: 15-17)

Paul allowed for remarriage under three conditions; upon the death of a spouse (Rom 7: 2); an adulterous affair (Mt 19: 9); and the abandonment of a non believing spouse (1Cor 7:15).

Once he/she marries another, does one hope for that marriage to break up? If the innocent party still loves the other and wishes to stay available for a reconciliation, that would be honorable, however, in Romans 7:2 an adulterous affair would allow a remarriage. The spouse having left and remarried certainly constitutes an adulterous affair. as always, seek the will of God for your life in these matters.

With the allowances for divorce it is clear that divorce is only a remedy for a hardened heart.  Search your own heart that you not be the guilty party then abide in Him and rest in His peace.

Remember you vowed to him/her and God to stay true to your spouse 'for better or worse', grant it, it can't get much worse than your spouse having left you. I understand it is easier for me to write this, than for you to except, as I have not walked in your shoes. I do not intend to place any guilt, condemnation, or bondage upon you. Just consider and seek Our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST!

My prayers be with you
------------------- Roger W Hancock

The PoetPatriot will have 32 years with his wife on August 29, 2013.

Marriage vows are not just between husband and wife but also with God, the father; Christ, the son; and the Holy Spirit.

----------------- Copyright - ©1998 - fool4JESUS, RWH  ©2005 -



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