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 Christian Flag ?

Christian - Flag Placement - American

If one were to follow the rules of flag etiquette for the American flag, it is to be placed on its right; the left as viewing it.  Any other flags are placed to the left of the American flag; or right as viewing it. Navy law and California law allows deviation from the U.S. American flag code.  I know some would say the Christian flag should have the place of prominence but I do not see it, quite that way. 

Charles C Overton, Superintendent of Brighton Chapel, Coney Island, New York, on September 26, 1897 over an American flag covered pulpit came up with the idea of a "Christian flag" during an impromptu speech.  A special guest failed to show up, filling the time he extols the virtues of the American flag and asks, "why not a Christian flag?"  The following Sunday the "Christian flag" was first presented.  The "Christian flag" has since become the most common design and has come to be used internationally without modification by organizations or nations. 

The practice of displaying the "Christian flag" varies.  There is some long standing tradition that has had the "Christian flag" flown to the right of the American Flag.  The placing of the "Christian flag" seems often an attempt to appease those who feel the American flag is receiving prominence over God, which of course in spirit of truth cannot be. Internationally, the "Christian flag" is meant to stand solely for the purity and sanctity of the sacrifice of Christ.  The "Christian Flag", when placed with the American flag, becomes a reminder that it is God that created freedom and in the hearts of our founders set the fortitude to fight for our worship rights.
The "Christian flag" is not an official flag, although it is internationally accepted by many church organizations. I have seen various designs over the years. The most common of the "Christian flag" is used among many denominational, non denominational and independent church organizations.   Some church organizations do not use a flag or even the cross, for that matter. By what authority sets which Christian flag to be placed in the prominent position, the Bible?  What prevents each organization or individual from designing their own "Christian flag?" Many have done just that.  There is no authority to maintain a standard of a "Christian flag" although a Christian "flag etiquette" was developed just prior to World War II. Such practice must also allow the Buddhists, Moslems and other religions to place their flag in the prominent position as well. In a purely practical sense the American flag should be left in the prominent position of standing on its right.

The Bible does not teach of a flag other than the banner of God's Love which flies within our lives far above any staff. Having “no idol before my God” precludes my attaching any prominence to any symbol used to represent my Lord Jesus. Yes, even the cross as a symbol; a historical symbol of shame that has become a symbol of the blood shed, and sacrifice of Christ for our sins; has no place of prominence set by the Word of God.  The cross does, however within our hearts, remind of the sacrifice that facilitates our sanctification before God.

The prominence of God's banner of Love, without visual placement, stands alone in the highest, surpassing any prominence man could possibly attach to it.  God is God, above all on earth.  It is our submission and first allegiance to him that honors our Lord. Attempts to honor God by placing honor on any object, denies God the honor.  The placement of a "Christian flag" or the American flag in no way alters our responsibilities to Christ our Lord.  Our allegiance should foremost be to God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son, Jesus Christ.

The American Flag does not alone stand for simply a country, but also for the fortitude and sacrifices that facilitated the creation of the greatest country of liberty, allowing the greatest freedom of religion in all history. The American flag is unique for it does not represent a long historical existence nor any ethnicity but instead for a country of liberty for all.  The American Flag stands for a country created by men who put God above all to fight for their right to worship, as well as other reasons. The prominent placement of the American flag in itself recognizes God as the originator of American Liberty.

 Copyright - © 01-02-2006 - Roger W Hancock -

Links with pictures or information on the "Christian Flag"
The following sites may or may not express views shared by the PoetPatriot.

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American Flag Links -

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