Patty Murray Waisting our Money           - April 04, 2010

U.S. Senator Patty Murray is blatantly wasting our money. Murray has been sending mechanized phone messages from our nation's capitol. The message is either informational or political. I was unable to ascertain the meaning, as it appears the message had begun as soon as the call began ringing. Sending out messages where the recipient only hears a part is wasting taxpayer dollars. Murray's call may have been informational, however the timing, when many campaigns are just gearing up, gives the appearance of it being political. Either way, when the message is only a part with the Caller ID showing "Capitol, US" and the 202 area code, it has the obvious appearance of, although ineffective, an attempt to use tax dollars to send out Murray's propaganda.

Murray is splurging taxpayer dollars during a recession when many are out of work. Murray's ineffective attempt only adds to the increasing calls from "toll free" and other entities, whose messages have already began upon answering, or rings only twice, not allowing one to catch the call. Murray should be working on legislation to reduce phone spamming rather than wastefully spending our money adding to the growing number of nuisance calls.

© April 04, 2010 Roger W Hancock,

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Seattle PI, 02-14-2010   -    Lake Stevens Journal, 02-22-2010   -   Tacoma Weekly, 04-06-2010